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The best job you ever had ?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mutant Monkey, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. I've travelled a lot and done lots of different jobs and I was just reminded of when I worked for Heineken in Holland.

    I was a forklift driver and a stoner so my day went sort of like this:

    Get to work about 10 pm and collect my nice big shiny red forklift and roll up a joint.
    Drive to my station for that night and collect a beer from the millions that surrounded me.
    Slot a tape (mostly Alice Cooper in to the tape deck and take a swig of beer, light up my J and start work.
    These steps of beer,joint,work were repeated till it was time to go home by which time I was blotto.

    Thats one helluva job to be getting paid for, it almost beat international drug smuggler into second place. lol

    So what I want to know is has anyone else out there managed to take the piss in a job to this sort of extent??
  2. I'm at it right now.. It's a job where I'm working by myself, answering the phone 3 times an hour. The rest of the time, sitting back, watching TV and surfing the internet... I do less at work than I do at home..haha... I find this funny because it's so true.. :D I came to work a couple hours early today because I was bored..
  3. i work for my best friend. he doesnt really work. i dont work really. no one works. i get paid to sleep in, go to the mall, headshop, kennywood, mini golf, hell anything i want to do i can. but i gotta do about 30 mins of work a day.
  4. i once worked at a pool store as the helper monkey
    i had to lift stuff into peoples cars and organize the back room
    usually there was no one there so i could just sit there and do nothing
    there was also smoking breaks every time there was no customer and we usually got only like 10 customers a day
    one time i was organizing the back room and fell asleep on some boxes for 2 hours and they didnt notice
  5. Job I'm at now is damn sweet (rug factory). It sucked at first because I couldn't go in stoned and I was expected to be constantly working. After 2 weeks I got transferred to afternoons, now the job kicks ass.

    Anytime I ask what I'm sposed to be doing I'm told to sit down until the day's over. I'm stoned all day and I can go out for another toke whenever I feel like it. Technically my job involves putting yarn onto the looms but that's about 30min work for an 8 hour shift.

    I'm glad I stayed past the first two weeks of absolute hell.
  6. I worked in a pizza shop that wa awseome. :) A typical day would be get there, smoke a bowl/joint, make a pizza, eat it, smoke a cig, do about an 1-2 hrs of work, smoke more, and then like an hour and half before we closed we would all start drinking. shifts normally lasted 6-7hrs.

    It was a great job, the manager smoked bud and drank with us everynight.

    We also got as much free food and drinks as we wanted!!! :)

    My friends would come in and i would hook them up with free food for bud!!

    Then i got a job as a busser, it was fun because we drank for free all night long, but i couldn't do that job stoned. Too much customer interaction. Then i became a waiter and i could never be stoned at work, but overall it was better becuase it kept my tolerance at a managable level.

    I worked at target too, their really against drugs. They have a "drug free" workplace, but i worked in the backroom. I had no manager so it worked out because i would just blaze all the time. But i had to keep it on the d/l because the other employs would rat on you for doing drugs. :(

    But now i am jobless, but i am getting a job in a pretzel shop part-time were i can smoke as much as i want and a new job as a waiter at a less intense restuarant. (i was working in fine dining before)
  7. My last job was a mix of a fryer and a delivery boy at a pizza shop. Best job ever.

    I'd usually come in on time, or early, or late. Didn't really matter. If I was bored and hungry, I'd come in early. Smoke a few bowls, bongs, whatever. Some college kids lived upstairs, so I'd stroll up there and just kick back on the couch.

    We had all the free food we could eat, and we definately took advantage of it. The owner was never there, so we were in charge 90% of the time. Out of six or seven employees, all but one or two smoked on a regular basis. And the one or two who didn't, smoked occasionally.

    We could smoke out back, in the basement, the walk in cooler, upstairs, if we were closed and cleaning up, we'd just puff away in the kitchen.

    Delivering pizzas was awesome too. You drove around in your car getting high, and you got paid for it. I used to do it anyways without getting paid. And you made good money. Some nights I'd work like a six hour shift, and pocket $150 cash, under the table.

    One of the kids I worked with sold, another worked at a headshop and always carried tons of pieces to sell on him. So I could score weed and pipes after a good days work without even having to leave my job.

    But unfortunately, they closed, then reopened under new management. Some of the kids work there still, and I stop in, but it definately isn't the same anymore.

    Sucks knowing that I'll probably never have a job that laid back again.
  8. The job I work at now is pretty sweet. I'm a network admin for an engineering firm.

    I was hired because they badly need an admin, and my dad is friends with the big boss guy.

    I usually come into work in jeans and a hoodie, stroll to my own office (inside the server room, so it's air conditioned, and has VERY good ventilation) smoke a joint, do my routine 30 mins of work (mostly upkeep, making sure everything is patched, reading about all the new viruses and shit.) then I just chill on the internet for the remaining 7.5 hours of my day.

    most of the interns that work here are my age and we all get along quite well (most are regular smokers). When I commisioned to build and give them computers to use I made sure that they were heafty gaming rigs so all we do is play battlefield, or something. Once a month I'm supposed to do a major server overhaul. So I always enlist their help, and we just blaze a huge session in my office.

    yeah, my job is pretty cool.
  9. ^^^

    You hiring? Sounds like fun, haha.
  10. sure. come to Canada.
  11. HIGH All, well I sweat like it's raining and it's been sitting in the 30 to 32c...that's 86 to when playing with the bar.

    MMMMM Best job....shit the one i have right now is primo...but the one I liked most was "Slash Burning" ever see 500 acres of logged land go up in smoke....ya Slash Burning for me!!!!
  12. ^ haha a pyro's dream job
  13. I prefer having a job, it gives me something to do during the day. Plus I get money!.
  14. EuropeanVW, that sounds like a fuckin sweet job.

    i've only worked at a few places, but never were toke-friendly environments.
  15. Best job I've had is the one I'm at now.
    I work at a small pizza place in my small town.
    They get busy sometimes, and then I have to work nonstop for say, like half an hour, and that happens sometimes twice a night, i usually work 6 hour shifts, so when I'm not making pizza or delievering it, I'm sitting around watching TV. The two other people that work there are ladies in there 40's and 50's, so they do all the work besides making pizza because they think I'm incompetent (sometimes I need clarification when I'm baked :D) so I get it pretty easy.

    And I live in a town with like 50% of the population is senior citzens (we just turned our old walmart into a bingo center basically, and its full constantly) so whenever I deliever, I get ass loads of tips, and when its not old people, its drunk people, and they give more tips then the old people!

    I'd say I average like 8 deliveries a night and I get $1.50 for everyone from my work, and at least $25 in tips, sometimes up to $50, so I'm pretty content with my job

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