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The best is...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Nuttdriver, May 13, 2003.

  1. mmmm....let me about free weed!!! My brother get pissed when I come over and smoke his weed. I like it this way. I get high and still have money for munchies because I didn't have to buy smoke.
  2. ever heard of the unwriten laws of stoner etiquette?
  3. hehe, nope sounds like he has not. at the very least i hope you share your munchies.
    (if you dont you Should!)

  4. ive been in your situation before, but not because i didnt want to buy weed.. it was because i didnt have the money to buy weed. but my friends would smoke me up ALL the time, for like 3 months! i payed them back though once i got my job back again :). you should smoke up your bro though, or give him a couple bucks for all the times you smoked his weed. nobody likes a moocher.

  5. yeah same thing with me, when i didnt have a job my hommies were right there with fat sacks sayin its cool dude u need to be high just like the rest of us.. we dont want you goin insane... and for aboyut 3-4 months they did this. Then... when i got my job i started handin out weed, e pills, shrooms... im a very generous person when i can be. I say hook ur bro up while u can so maybe when you can't, he'll have no problem hookin u back up.. u know? And it really is an unwritten rule, same as whoever rolls up, lights up, or whoever packs the weed gets greens, or left is law (passing it left) or to some ppl dont go left cuz u know it aint right.
  6. I have a little money (even tho I don't have a job) and my friends still smoke me up for free. I would seriously give them money if they ever said anything about it, but when I'm smoking money is the last thing on my mind. I think they don't really mind because they smoke so much anyways and I don't really need much to get high so it's small in comparison. One of my friends got tested and somehow they figured he had been smoking well over an ounce every week for a couple months. He said the first thing he thought was he doesn't even smoke as much as some of our friends. I do kinda feel bad always mooching, but the little I smoke doesn't really even compare to what they're smoking.

  7. same here man, except for me it was like 1-2 months:)
  8. I pay for weed

    but thats okay, i like to get people high :)
    funer being high with people then all by urself
  9. i smoke other peoples weed all the time, and other people smoke my weed all the time. It all works out in the long run. It becomes a major problem though when someone smokes your weed like every day then only kicks in like once a week or somethin, thats not cool and bout 99% of the time it results in me not letting dude smoke with me until he chips in his fair share
  10. i love gettin my buds (and parents- early fifty's- still tokin!) rrrrrrriped. when we all gots we just smoke the best shit, hehe. i'd get a lot more people (ie- boss, heads of our government, cops, hehe) stoned if they'd just let me!

    i used to get my younger brother stoned all da time, never felt he owed me anything. btw, at that time i was in my early thirties and he was in his early twenties. not like i was giving pot to a juvie.
  11. ahhhh..... be nice, stoners should be nice to other stoners...

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