The best idea Ive ever had.

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by sashastoned, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. I suggested that I make a blog, about smoking. Then get zillions of followers. And then I'll have people pay me to advertise their smoke shops,eye drops, pizza delivery, etc on my blog. boom. Paid to smoke. Problem? My blog has 2 followers. Haha!

    Happy to be high 😤
  2. well post your blog link here!!!
  3. What you need to think of now is something that would separate your blog from the rest. Think up something that would make it unique, something that would give someone a reason to give a shit about what you have to say. 
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    Yeah okay, good luck getting jobs and shit with your weed smoking all on blast like that, they actually look at stuff like that. Stupid ass idea in my opinion.
    If they didn't use their real name on the blog and didn't make it obvious they owned that blog I don't know how a company would know it was them... 
    Nothing is a secret on the internet, just remember that. Also I doubt people will send you stuff just because you smoke weed, people that get stuff like R3DBAND have thousands of views on youtube. To get to a point where you have a huge following isn't as easy as you think man.
    I assume everything after the first sentence wasn't directed towards me, because I didn't mention anything about that. Anyways, if one were to create a blog account with an email they didn't use for anything personal, didn't link to the blog from anything personal, and didn't mention personal details within the blog I seriously doubt any company would even be able to find out. If you're super paranoid about it just use a VPN, proxy, Tor, TAILS, etc... depending on how paranoid you are lol.
  8. I actually have a pretty great job, i for sure don't use a real name, email address, or any pics of my face. I'm not stupid haha. It was just a random idea while I was high. But I was still smart enough to contain that shit.

    Happy to be high 😤
  9. Ps I know, that's why I said that's the issue with my blog haha.

    Happy to be high 😤
  10. Im so Hungary, we should fry Turkey in Greece!

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