The Best GrowRoom Setups are?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by snpny, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. what are the best grow room setups for newbies to start out with in a large closet for like 6-10 plants. Also how many lights per plant adn best wattage also what are the best ways to create co2, ventalate and hide the smell. I read alot of the forums and some of the people answers sound ife? only the true herbthumbs i need responds from. serious newbie need serious answers
  2. The best newbie set-up is a closet with fluor lights and and exhaust fan. About 2 plants so at a minimum, 250 watts of fluoros. Newbies don't need a CO2 set-up, they need to worry about not overwatering and overfert.
  3. what if my newbie set up contain 6-8 plants and a 400 watt high pressure light bulb set from in side sun. does that vinegar drip into baking soda trick for co2 really work. what type of fert should i use all those numbers are confusing the shit outof me what number combo is good for a fert. any other tips please do tell...

  4. tried it and not worth it, esp if you have fans going. For veg, something high in N (NPK). Alot of people recommend Shultz or Peter's 20-20-20. Don't do dirt so I don't know

  5. 400 watts doesn't seem to me to be enough light for 6-8 plants. But if you haven't sexed out the 6-8 plants, you should wind up with 3-4 females and that will be sorta OK with a 400 watt light. The CO2, I still have doubts for a newbie. Its a lot of work and effort that may not pay off in yield. If you are going to go to that much extra trouble in growing I would recommend goint to a bubble bucket hydro method. It will pay off for the time and expense you put into it rather than a CO2 system. As far a ferts a 20-20-20 will be fine in the veg state but go to a super bloom 10-60-10 (or something along those lines) during flowering.

    In order of importance for any newbie listening is:

    Lights,seed strain, grow method! these are IMHO the three key ingrediants in producing a good yield
  6. this book i brought about growing is talking about not handling the gremed seeds not good. what is all that about a few heads have said that else where also. what is the bubble thing and where can I get it. Seen some on some sites but didnt know which was better. what if i split th epackage and have half bubblin and half organic
  7. if you look at overgrow site ad go to the sub cat of bubblin gardens they show a picture of a grow room with silver tubes connected to the lights what is that for.
  8. Yes..those tubes are there to allow an exhaust fan to remove excess heat from the light/hood...

  9. okay what if have the tubes one on top as an air flow port and one on the bottom as an exhaust for the smell with fans attached would that work. also where do you find the 400 watt hps with ballast with white batwing reflector kit I found it on the net but I dont want to use my card for tracking purposes. I found the bulbs at home depot on the net.
  10. is there a benefit to have a high pressure bulb and a metal halide bulb working at the same time or just the same results. Which one has the blue spectrum in it
  11. or goto ebay and buy a 400w HPS

    Don't go overboard, keep it simple and gain some experience in your first grow. MH has the most blue/violet spectrum, which plants use my efficiently for photosynthesis, but at the same time HPS (orange,red spectrum) puts out like 20,000 more lumens. Just go with one HPS dude, figure out which method of growth and get some seeds
  12. okay I ordered some seeds. Are the one I got good for newbies and how strong are their smells, and yeild. Albinw Rhino ,white widow, c99 ,sweet tooth, bcbigbud, ak47, bc choronic, bc haze or something like that

  13. damn u had money to spend.. c99 supposted to be the "in" strain right now, but not high on yield but a low fruity smell. Haven't grown it, to expensive for my budget. Ive never heard anyone ever say anything bad about white widow, ak47 and sweettooth#3, good on yield and potency. I know the white widow and ak47 stink though, don't know about sweettooth. Don't bother with the haze, I've never grown a pure sativa, but they are supposed to take 14+ weeks to flower.
  14. see I am still in college and I go to private one. So all the kids that are not on scholarships to play ball are beyonad rich, so if I give them a variety they will come and they will play. plus I found a way to get little glass values instead of baggys and shit. tryna be like a grocery store and shit when it is time. It is hard to get the good shit with out getting over priced so Ill just make it a little more convenit for them and me. Since I cant smoke for a few months cuz of drug test for ball Ill make money on the side until it is time. Is it cool to have differnt strains grwoing next to each other or not.

  15. same boat as you man. If you get caught theyre gonna take away your financial aid; I would seriously be fucked without my fed grants. Just tell me your not in the dorms, cuz you will be caught. You better watch it, if your playing ball and dealing, everyone's gonna know, cuz you know people love to talk about that shit. I told my girlfriend and told her to keep it a secret, next fucking thing I know, I had freshmen in my building that I didn't know coming up asking me about it. You can't tell anybody, even your boys, that your growing. If your in apt building, your gonna have to figure out something to mask the smell. I would suggest getting NL#5, they have almost no smell and they grow pretty short. Growing different strains next to each other is a headache, because of the different heights, flowering/veg times, size, etc
  16. yeah I know,

    When heads ask for chronic and shit I front like I gotta go pick it up and shit from my mans crib so heads give me the money I bounce for like 20 minutes when it only takes me like 5 to get a cross campus. Where I stay chill for a minute then come back. Yeah I know how heads talk. BUt I have all that covered, I dont just jump into shit, I plan things out for like months then observe then open up show. JUst in case someone gets an idea I out a second lock on my door with the standard lock all the RA have. A deadbolt turns away the noziest of them. Plus I have like those tiny survillance cameras I found on the net that records any movement outside the door inside the apt and in front of my door. They been up for a year and no one ever saw them. When I get back to the spot just watch the tape for snakes. Yeah I know about the aide thing and shit. It is kinda good playin ball cuz your coaches alwasy put you on before anything happens. I'm not telling a soul not even my ladies

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