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the best ghost inhaler

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. don't know about the best.

    but nice clean ghost.

    is that you bubbles?
  2. no thats my bestest good friend
  3. lol everyone is black now. "*****"

    Cool Vid.:D
  4. hmm definately not the best ghost, nor the best blunt rolling skills... but good shit none the less..
  5. I call those Kill hits.
  6. yeah no i said he is the best at it...ok now for the blunt..look at my other thread..very good blunt..
  7. we call them ghosts here, first time i heard kill hit was on here.
  8. i always heard em kill hits, but w/e

    i think the hit coulda been a little better, he missed SOME smoke :p but it was still cool.

    btw, if you called me *****, i'd smack you
  9. the link aint working for me:

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  10. that black kid looks like he's 12
  11. We call me kill hits. Most of my friends and I do them after every blunt/joint/spoon hit, out of habit mainly. I have a friend that does AMAZING ones, like puffs out a perfect ball of smoke and sucks it back in perfectly, and he does it after every hit he takes. I even do it with cigs if I'm inside, lol.
  12. yeah dxm kicks ass
  13. damn man no disrespect but someone needs to get ontop of that blunt rolling, if you had that thing around my area you'd catch a ton of shit for it.
  14. fo real...thankls for the info man but i think were good on the blunt rollin it wasnt the first one of the day
  15. Man, I really couldn't care less what the blunt looked like. Obviously he is getting mass hits out of them so it dosn't really matter. But yea, tell your friend to try to keep his head and neck straight snd not move them the whole time. That is how i leaned to do them best. And We have always called them kill hits, and ghost hit are where you hold the smoke in so long that you dont blow any out.
  16. yeah it was a wicked blunt hit sweet

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