The best feeling in the world is?

Discussion in 'General' started by R0LLED1, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. coming home from work and getting in you boxers and t shirt and lighting up a nice fatty on the front proch.

    whats your best feeling?
  2. Taking the bong out back to the hot tub and just baking in the 104 degree heat while getting baked off some dank weed.

    It's been too cold for that lately tho, no way I'm getting out of 104 degree heat just to jump into 0 degree weather, no way jose.
  3. Smoking a bowl or two before bed, putting on over-the-ear headphones, and blasting your favorite music for a bit in the dark. Soooo gooooood.
  4. Orgasms while high.
  5. Sleep! Nothing is sweeter than my day off, usually I'll be in bed by midnight, sleep til 7 or 8 in the am, flip channels, smoke a bowl while still under the covers, and then go right back to sleep for a few more hours. I wake up feelin refreshed beyond belief, like a shit ton of weights been taken off my shoulders.
  6. I can provide you with both. :smoke:
  7. I got a prof. massage the other day and decided to smoke a few bowls before, honestly I'm surprised I wasn't making noises or something. It was that good.
  8. taking a poop
  9. Best feeling in the world? Some fine china babaloo :hello:
  10. Cumming in a females mouth.

    Winning the lottery.
  11. Anything that's not too unbearable + weed. Just makes things in life that much better. if i were to pinpoint to one thing, then i'd say weed and being with your significant other with no other care in the world. if you got a nice girl you can do just about anything with them, and im not talking about strictly intimacy here
  12. building up an orgasm for an hour, then letting it explode like the 4th of july..
  13. sex while taking a shit and eating a banana
  14. silk pajama pants, marijuana, and spaghetti, amd chocolate milk, and donut holes, and a nap
  15. When I wake up on my couch and realize that I inadvertently got a good night's sleep.

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