The BEST DIY EZ walmart carbon filter for MICRO grows Zen style.

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by bubbling, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. A really nice DIY carbon filter i found. haven't seen it on the city yet so i thought i would share it. It's from the creative mind of "Wolfman Zen" from I posted a link to the original thread at the end.

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  2. Nice man, im def going to make one of these, how much was the activated carbon?
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  3. great tutorial
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  4. The activated carbon was at Walmart? How much and what section? This should be a sticky it is one of the most simple methods I have seen.
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  5. It's in the aquarium section next to the air pumps and filters and shit. i'm not sure on the cost, as this was a tutorial i just found while thumbing through rollitup
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  6. I read this DIY before, I forgot it was on rollitup I thought it was here...
    Anyways the thread was labeled something like diy carbon filter for less than $40, I'm not sure what the break down was but I'm sure the carbon is one of the more expensive things but everything was under 40 so its not too bad. I found the carbon in a pet store I think it was $25? And you get enough that your not going to use it all up on one filter.
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    honestly, that is beatiful. I use pretty much all walmart shiz too so I know where to look for it.
    took me about 10 minutes to make and cost 11.02 with plenty of act. carbon left to refill

    PrplHZ look in the pets section by the fish airstones and stuff.
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    carbon is in the aquarium section, 9oz of carbon for $5.99 if i remember right

    also, i haven't been able to find more than one pencil cup at my local walmart. i have yet to try office supply stores.
  9. iAMdela: I ran into the same problem so I bought 2 of the same pen holders and just cut one down to make it a smaller cylinder, worked great but some of the mesh edges caught on the p-hose.
  10. spoonyak: word, good call, i hadn't really thought of that. i changed my whole carbon filter idea now but that's a good thought. also, next time you're doing it, to keep from the pantyhose getting a run in them, a layer of duct tape around the edge of the cut cupholder. this will probably get used in a pc grow for me...
  11. If wal-mart happens to be out of things you can find the cups at staples or michaels. And around my area you can get a 20 oz plastic bucket of activated carbon at petco (aquarium section) for $10
  12. i was going to check office max/depot and other dept stores like target and kmart, but i made a completely different filter altogether that works better for my situation.

    also, guys, you should drill holes in the bottom for that extra airflow

  13. same here, i found a bigger one at staples.
  14. This has been posted before. But oh yes, it's a great concept.
  15. Has anyone used these enough to be able to comment on how long the filters last til they need to be re-placed with more carbon ???
  16. i'm curious about how this effects fan cfm ratings. one would have to assume it would slow down air flow a bit, right?
  17. also would like to come up with a better way of attaching it to the cab, so its not a hassle to remove all the tape to reup the carbon
  18. If you cant find two different cups, check out my coffee can carbon filter in my sig.
  19. This one is pro! Gotta give you the rep! ;)
  20. When it comes to air flow and a filter, it's better to "pull the air" rather than "push the air through".
    Ideally, your filter would be setup in front of your outtake fan to maximize the effectiveness of the fan, however many people don't have that option and go with what they got.
    For me? I just put together metal ducting on my back and top 120mm fans where both fans will blow out to a carbon filter outside the pc.
    Most people use pc's for stealth reasons, I'm using 1 because I don't have the space for a tent..... yet. So, having 2 90 deg elbows and a T connector hanging on the back of my pc isn't an issue for me. When I get a working cam I'll post my rig. Oh the filter is going to go on the inside of the duct piping for my exhaust.

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