The best colour to reflect??

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  1. hello all, what is the best type of paint to reflect light around the room. matt white or gloss???? thanks in advance :smoking:
  2. flat white is best choice for paint. Which is the same as matte
  3. Any white would would good, but if ya can get some mylar it works great!
  4. Mylar would be your best option but if you dont have that choice you want flat white paint deffinitelty.
  5. thanks for your help, my grow room is now finished, and my ak47 seeds are germinating as we speak. hopefully they are female :D

    thanks for the help again!
  6. For paint you want:
    1) flat
    2) bright
    3) white
  7. eh, I stumbled onto some research that a light placed into a flat white ceramic reflector only showed like a 5% increase in lumen output, whereas being placed into a brushed aluminum or polished aluminum showed above a 100% increase in output.

    If that 5% is really worth the time and effort of painting, then go ahead.
  8. Nothing "increases" lumen output of a light. White paint OR metallic finishes decrease light absorption on any given surface.

    White = Full-spectrum reflection (3rd grade science?)

    Flat = Omni-directional (reflects all over the place, instead of a focused reflection of the bulb... Which is okay for sloped light hoods, but bad for room/cabinet paint)

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