THE BEST BONG EVA!!!!!!!!! buwhahaha!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by blazedkiwi, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. haHahA whats up everybody!!!...i just made the best bong ever...its pretty simple and humble but it hits fucking sick! OH shit wait...MY DADS HERE!!!...brb...OK im back wow that was a while ago... i would tell u about my short adventure...but i forgot most of it...anyway this bong i made is ingenious and i shall describe it in the following text.

    first get a bottle of pure water or some type of shit like that... like arrowhead water...or something.
    Then you get some scissors and poke a hole about 1/3 way up from the bottom and try and make it nice and round.
    Next get a pen where u can unscrew the end and take out the guts easily... i think its like bic or something like that... then make a foil tube and fit it over the pen this should be snug...
    then get two bottle caps from the same bottle type and poke one big hole in the middle of one cap and fit it over the pen that should be snug also...then on the other cap poke a bunch of little holes in this cap and then tape it over the other cap so u got lil holes on top and big hole on bottome then wrap tape around all of the foil and the caps to make an air tight seal... there now should be a bunch of tape around the pen right now... since the tape is wider than the hole on the bong at this point u can just shove it thru and the tape will create an air tight seal due to the fact that it is wider than the hole... i hope i explained this pretty clear but i bet i didn't if u try it out ull get the hang of it and the point of the idea...i wish i could put pics but im poor so i cant...any questions or comments are appreciated... mind u all i am pretty baked...:~(
  2. ..are you on crack boy!?..... (that boys on dope!)....
  3. maybe u didn't pay that im sober...i was BAKED...BAKED ON WEED...if ur a stoner u should know that

  4. ...i rest my case.... Damn Dopers!!!... ;)....
  5. so waitwaitwait, kiwi is saqying that if you were a stoner you would know he was baked, (even though he portrays a GREAT crackhead)?
  6. To make holes for a ghetto bong, a cigarette works nicely. Cutting holes leaves a possibility of corners that can tear. Cigarette burns make a nice evenly rounded hole and the plastic around it is even stronger.

    Of course, I'd rather use "store bought", but sometimes, its just "whatever works". ;)
  7. I dunno man....macguyver smoking every once in a while can be fun!

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