The best autoflowering strains ?

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  1. am looking to buy some autoflowers
    and am hearing mixed reports about various strains
    would you the GC users care to share ?:wave:
  2. Shortrider from nirvana: Dr. Chronic has many. I am currently looking for strain called Ogre Auto Flower. Thanks for the help.
  3. thanks man
    dr cronic looks like he has sum good shit :smoke:

    ive seen many F1 generation hybrids
    will these still be autoflowering ?
    or will it be hit miss

    im also thinking about yeild
    i saw someones thread here on GC who was growing G13 poison dwarf
    looked like sum dank shit but only came to 7gs :eek:
  4. Just curious, but why the interest in autoflowering strains to begin with?

    Only reason I'm asking is that when I was trying to choose a strain for my first grow I considered the autoflowering strains and the only real advantage is that you don't have to switch out the lights and maybe shave 2-3 weeks off the growing process.

    Now to the disadvantage. Well the first thing is that you have to immediately sacrifice some potency, due to the fact that in order to obtain the autoflower characteristic you have to cross the plant with the Ruderalis sub-species of cannabis. Only problem is that the Ruderalis sub-species has VERY little to no potency at all. So for me, the decision was easy. I'd rather not limit my choices and pass over some incredible genetics in favor of a small benefit. IMVHO, it's worth it to change a light bulb.....
  5. so ur tryna tell me that in a 17x17x35 cab DxWxH i could still have a regular ??

  6. Well...yeah. In that space you could fit a 5 gal. bucket and grow a single plant, use the LST (low-stress-training) method and still get a great yield. Truth be told you should probably consider any feminized variety rather than regular seeds if you're only gonna have one plant. However, if you take the time to learn the training method, you'll still get a great yield in a small space and be able to grow any strain you long as it comes in a feminized form to better your chances of a femme with one plant. There is a great sticky on LSTing in the Absolute Beginners grow forum to get you started. I strongly advise not limiting yourself and learn how to do it so you can get what IMHO will be ultimately better results. However, the final choice is always yours. Good luck with the rest of your grow.

    Peace and :smoke:

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