The best and the worst of dealers!

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  1. Well GC, I'd sure love to hear your stories about your most kick ass dealers who hold a special spot in your heart! Or those dealers you never even want to think about again!

    My worst dealer was this guy I went to school with. He rarely answered his phone and every time I got to meet up with him to pick up he was fucked up on something! It was the most painful process that normally took 2 days or more to just pick up :(

    Now my best dealer is my current guy, I actually met him through a buddy and we were blazing buddies before I started buying off him. He sells great weed and the bag always seems a bit more full than what I paid for :) This one time I called him to pick up and I told him to meet me at one of the local schools cause I was already there, and not 5 seconds after hanging up he came around the corner! I nearly shit myself!

    What are your dealers like, GC? :smoke:
  2. I had a cool ass dude. I hated goin to his crib sometimes cuz it was in the middle of a hood heavily watched by 5-0 but he was cool as hell. He had a fine ass girlfirend that would hook me up also when he wasnt around lol. He would usually smoke me up and put me on to the newest shyt he had. And sometimes we would just sit and chill and talk.One day I went to his crib and found out his crib was raided by the cops.Didnt see him for a good 2-3 months.One day had to go to court and him and his girlfriend was there.He didnt say anything at first and walked out.Later he came back with a piece of paper and his new phone number and address on it.Good times

  3. That is awesome man :D
  4. My worst dealer ever was this kid in Alabama. He would charge me like 100 bucks for a 1/4 of mids and call it the "presidential." At the time I had never smoked mids and didn't expect anything but a green-bud 1/4, which seemed a little steep (my home state dankity 1/4 are less than 100). He was mad gangster though so I never said a word, took the shitty bud and proceeded to smoke it. I have since vowed that I would never smoke mids again. I'll quit smoking before I smoke that shitty tasting, seedy bullshit again.
  5. Had a pot dealer once who totally reminded me of Saul Silver, he always had the biggest tvs and technology and shit lol. He always wanted to chill and play cod and always blazed me up hella, he was super chill.
  6. My dealer in my hometown was one of my best buds. We became good friends in high school, he got me into weed. He was a really bright kid with a fucked up family situation, on his own to pay for college... he worked 50 hours a week senior year and moved a pound a week.

    When he retired, he passed the torch to another one of my best friends. They are both amazing people and very generous too. :D
  7. My first regular dealer was my cousin, which was awesome because he would always smoke me up for free, and he never skimped.

    My current guy throws me huge nugs just to drive him places, as well as smokes me fat and if I bring a couple friends by he smokes them up too.
  8. My beat dealer is my current guy, best mutha fucka I know!! Today I met up with him to get a quarter, he doesn't sell alot mostly to friends and shit for pocket change, and he was getting a new stash yesterday so I gave him 20$ and he spot me 5$ cause I was short for a quarter an he met me today right after I got outa class at a gas station where I paid him the 5$ I owed and he fattened my sack alittle :) I love this guy
  9. Worst: Back in high school, some dipshit (Tyler) kept telling me his buddy (Jake) had "the dankest fuckin' dank around, no lie." Tyler was "that kid," the one who advertised the fact that he liked to smoke weed to anyone and everyone who might take notice, while pretending that he didn't "wanna be labeled a fuckin' stoner, man." :rolleyes:

    Anyway, one week I couldn't find ANYONE with weed, so I asked Tyler if Jake had anything to sell. He got all excited and said they'd meet up with me after school to sell me a bag and "maybe smoke a few, or something, you know, if you can handle smoking with real stoners." He was completely serious too :D

    We met in a park down the street from the school, and Jake showed me a small bag of shitty ditchweed full of stems and seeds. He claimed it was "diesel kush," and wanted $75 for the whole bag (the actual bud looked like it'd weigh in at between 2-3.5 grams). I just laughed and said, "naw, thanks though," and got up to leave. He offered to lower the price to $60, just because "pretty girls shouldn't have to pay full price." :p I thanked him for the compliment, told him I'd still pass on the weed, and wished the two of them a nice day.

    I was driving by the park a few hours later and saw both of them sprawled across a hill, apparently stoned as fuck on that shitty schwag they tried to sell me. "Real stoners" indeed :D

    Best: I've got a guy right now who literally always has "medical grade" weed, at least two different types of hash on hand, and an actual life/career outside of selling herb.

    Why is the latter important to me? One word: responsibility.

    He's always, ALWAYS cautious about where/when/to whom he's selling (since he has a wife/kid/job to protect), and it makes me feel safe when I deal with him. Aside from that, it's an "invitation only" kind of situation in regards to his customers, meaning that he only sells to people he knows really well. Home delivery is standard (he prefers it), and for no extra charge. And no matter how busy he might be on a given day, if he has time to deliver a bag, he has time to smoke a bowl with me.

    Yeah, he's my favorite :love:
  10. Best: A girl I used to fuck

    Worst: Some guy who mixed shitty bud in with good bud, I was new when I bought from him.

  11. These are the best type of of my dealers is 29 and this sounds exactly like the guy haha
  12. Shit, how can you NOT love someone like that? On top of it all, he's one of the nicest people I've met in my entire life. If he wasn't married/a coworker/14 years my senior, I think I'd be in love :p
  13. worst dealer is this one little wannabe hustler that always shorts people, yet we still continued to buy from him because when he doesnt feel like shorting people his buds are actually pretty good, he has actually gotten alot better than he was before. Best dealers were these 2 kids that went to the same school so their buds were very similar. The one kid always had dank buds and weighed it out for me 9 times out of 10. The second kid hooked me up the very first time i bought from him, i asked for 3gs of dank, and i weighed it out to 3.4 :hello:
  14. My best is a fellow student. He's given me a few jobs, on top of continual discounts.

    Worst was this pathological liar who would tell me he'd hit me back in an hour and it'd be six to nine.
  15. my worst dealer: this kid i went to grade school with, just like op's dealer, he was always fucked up. he would pinch bags to smoke, he would charge way over, he would make up fake names for his shitty middies.

    my best (current) dealer: she is smokin' hot. sells DANK weed. great sex. umm, cheap price. it's kinda like chillin' with my best friend, but getting the occasional blowjob and yeah, she's super chill. hopefully i'll date her :)
  16. When i first started smoking
    My worst dealer was a kid in school he would always sell me schwagg and now that i look back at it.. it was never the amount thought i got.

    Ive had sooo many good dealers but alot of them have been getting raided latley

    I had this mexican dealer ALWAYS HOOKED IT UP If i got a dub hed give me like a 40.
    and me and him were pretty tight. I never had to go to him too. He always went to me even tho he isnt even mobile. Hes on probation so hes taking a break.

    Then i had this one girl she was perfect.. She was mobile... She had dank ... She gave me more then i bought.. Just like the mexican guy but she was mobile..she got raided though.

    I had this kid we'll call "D" .. He has good shit hes always at this park so you just go up to him. He hooks it up thats my current dealer.
  17. worst "dealer": some kid i had high school with would come to class smelling like weed. i'd thought he was some hardcore smoker but ends up dude only slangs dimes and dubs and has no scale. i bought from him twice and said fuck it.

    best dealer: this guy is about 35 years old with a wife and a kid. he has no other job besides dealing so he's one of those guys that relies on weed for his income. he ALWAYS has weed and only sells to people that he knows/met. it's cool because i'm the only one that could go in his house to chill/pick up weed, and he always delivers if you buy more than a gram, so it's awesome!! plus, he keeps shit straight such as offering to scale, etc.
  18. Best: This dude who I used to buy from when I was pickin up Oz... Everytime I picked up off of him that summer it would weigh 30g... every time it was epic

    Worst: this dude from the hood would sell me some shitty shwag with a bag that was like a 1/3 seeds and shake it sucked but I was desparate at the time
  19. i don't have any "worst" dealers. i have two guys that always have something good. my main connect who i have been buying off of for over five years. the bag is always on point or a little over. he has some of the best dank and mids i've ever come across. his mids blows some peoples lower grade dank out of the water. He always has some mindblowing exotics on hand as well. every kind of kush you could think of he has had it. My other source is an older gentleman. He has quality dro and tons of mids. He usually never has anything exotic but his dank is always quality stuff. When it comes to mids I've never come across anyone who hooks it up fatter. If pay for a quarter of mids ($30) he will give you around 9-10 grams of good mids. Whenever my main guy is out of town or i'm low on cash i love hitting this guy up for rhe best bargain in town.

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