the best 7-11 robbery fail EVER. robber gets his ass wooped! instant karma

Discussion in 'General' started by highinhouston, Jul 25, 2007.

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  2. that is the best video i've seen in a while, that guy jump kicked him in the chest... lol
  3. Damn he got fucked up
  4. dude, I would have the gnarliest adrenaline rush and I would be so pissed if some stupid wanksta meth-head tried to rob my 7-11.. I probably beat there face in.. but I would restrain my self.
  5. yeah, do you guys think the guy that did the ass kicking could get in trouble legaly for that ass wooping? i mean shit, no mercy came to mind around the facekick and body slams on the tile eh

    but the dumbass deserved it imo :D
  6. hahahahahahahahaha He got his ass KICKED... Did he not have a knife or a gun or anything?? What a dumbass for even robing anyplace and didn't bring a gun...

  7. yeah i dont know whats more pathetic, the fact he tried to rob 7-11, and got his ass whooped, or the fact that he didnt bring a weapon to a robbery...i mean...c'mon, who the hell is afraid of some punk like that with no gat?
  8. Alright Hamilton!
  9. Hahahahahaha thats fucking hilarious. I cant believe he didnt bring a gun to ROB a 7-11.......but that ass beating was wwwaaayyyy out of hand, he should have gotten him down and stopped.

    Thanks for the entertainment lol
  10. haha that was awesome, i love how he took him off camera to beat his ass, he should have done that earlier, very smart but he thought up the idea a bit too late :p
  11. Hahahaha, he just got his ass handed to him.
  12. I was loving how this reminded me of mortal combat and you cant line the music up with this video i bet.. Then the finisher is the kick in the mouth and after that is all the exsessive force afterwards to make sure he was punished... I wonder why he dragged the body in the back room.. Was that kid ever found?
  14. Holy shit, that was fucking dope!

    Dude came flying at the motherfucker.

    I liked when the store owner/manager/clerk dragged the would-be thief off screen, and then proceeds to begin tidying up.
  15. Who is Hamilton?
  16. Hahahahaha awesome.
  17. That was some Liu Kang bicycle kick shit right there haha, you could tell he didn't have a gun from the start
  18. Haha good video. I love that ninja kick the store employee gave that guy. That fool wanted to rob a 7-11 and can't even fight? What the fuck?
  19. that slam was fucking awesome.

    i need to go pick a fight or something

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