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The Beginning of Widow X

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by GambleSilver, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Hey :wave:, so I figured I would start this thread for a danty little type, White Widow x Big Bud (AKA: Widow X).

    Just starting out now with germination, to seedlings, to veg then eventually flower and harvest.
    For Germination, I just use a cup of distilled water, label the cup for the seeds, put in dark space with a room temperature (I stick to more of the warmer side), In 2-3 Days should be ready to plant.

    For planting I use regular seedling soil, peat moss, perlite, sand and such mix, good hold on water but good drainage.

    For veg I use same soil, soon to in cooperate nutes, and a T5.

    Flowering, currently using a 400w MH on my twins, Larry & Marry ( Larry OG Kush) but thinking to switch to a 400w HPS for the Widow X and the freebies along with it.

    The seeds I am using are 7 Widow X, White OG Kush, Auto Amnesia, NL, and 2 Skunks, and here are some pics to show the developing process up unto what I am currently at.
  2. here is the current

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  3. this was beginning

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  4. Those are gunna be some super frosty plants man, can't wait!
    I'm waitin for my plant to break soil! :p
  5. ya I hate waiting on that part, seems agonizing lol
  6. Hey so figured I'd bring in some more photos. PPl can share theres if they want, just a public journal, anyone can reply. About 2 weeks in veg. They are a little slow, So in 3 weeks when im done using my 400W MH for flowering my larry twins im setting them up under that.

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  7. So Sadly, some of the babies died, One Auto sonoma, one skunk, and a few widow X, I currently only have 3 Widow x, and one is being a little bitch about growing. They all sporuted mind you in the mix, but 2- 3 days later they looked like there roots were crushed under neath..... im thinking they burned,had a little specles of burnt leaves. But so far the others have adjusted to the soil and are thriving great. The look like they will be some strong ones. The Widow X i wont have to worry about, there femmed; however the one skunk, NL and auto amnesia I will have to figure out. Cross fingers and hope there female. That means 3 mothers, 3 strains, a variety of clones!!!!!!
  8. And I made a mistake looking at my calender. These babies are 1 week into veg not 2
  9. Here is WK3 of Veg for the Widow X, Skunk, NL and Auto Amnesia.
    Currently under the 400MH, introduced a basic balance of 20-20-20 seedling nutrient at half dose.

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  10. On the 6th they go into 3 gal buckets, a in soon time i can start taken clones. Mainly of the Skunk and NL, freebie reg seeds.
  11. i have got some w.w.x growing now and i can say these little ladies seem to be very finikie to start and when you get them going they seem to really take there time about growing .......only 1 good fem left our of the 4 i started with
  12. Mine about 3 weeks also

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  13. Looking good dude. So sorry to hear about losing one of your babies, I lost one as well a few weeks ago. Here are my children, 2 weeks into veg. The strain is called 4 Corners, from Rare Dankness Seeds. Feel free to sub to my grow.
  14. looking good, bro.
  15. thanks for the info. Ya i only have the 2 plus a little runt. We will see tho. Thanks for the consideration some good looking babies you got. Ill be uploading some new pics soon, the sure are some thick ones tho. Hope they are fem, the reg seeds i mean.....Same with the free amnesia auto

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