The Beginning Of The End

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    I decided to make this post a new thread, because this turned out really long, and I wanted as many people to see this as possible. This is also why I put it in the "General" section of the chill zone. If there is a better place, move it, but please keep it where people will see it. It all started with me reading this pretty scary thread, you guys think these 30 things are bad, you should go look up what George Bush Sr. signed us up for at a U.N. summit in 1992. It's called "agenda 21". GLOBALIZATION. NEW WORLD ORDER. A lot of you will write this off as extremist and skim the rest, jumping to conclusions and down my throat with insults or try to make jokes because I care and believe enough about these issues to type for 2hrs like I'm writing a college essay due tomorrow. And all you naive people who hear phrases like those in capitals above and automatically label it as "here-say" or "extremist" or "conspiracy" comments will be the least prepared and the first to go. Just PLEASE put your ego in a drawer for 10 minutes and read this, if not for yourself, for your kids, for the sake of future generations and maybe even the human race itself. It's happening RIGHT NOW, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, BUT ALOT OF YOU ARE TOO STUBBORN TO EVEN SIT DOWN AND CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY just because it seems so unbelievable that such evil has taken root for hundreds of years and RIGHT NOW is the time they've been working for. When the last constitutional republic is on it's knees begging for mercy....90% of you will brush this off as if it's nothing, and keep living in LaLa Land and think that the way we live will continue to work. Well, I really hate to be the bearer of bad news but, it won't people. It's as simple as that, it just won't work if we keep doing some of the things that are socially accepted as normal or okay today.Our economy is literally a few documents away from being third-world. And without an economy, we are nothing. We have nothing. Without an economy we would dissolve to dust. People are confused in believing we need the government, when it's the other way around. THEY need US. Without all the money they generate from taxing us, they wouldn't have anything. The government needs us, but we ALL need the economy. Without it we would be no better off than Ethiopia.Our dollar is 1000x more inflated than it's ever been, and nobody is doing a damn thing about it. The general consensus is the more money the better "I just got minimum wage bumped from $7.25 to $8.15 yea I'm getting a raise! Woo hoooooo" WRONG. That's just the government saying "ok, they are starting to struggle just a little too much, don't want them getting too mad at us because we need them. We'll just give them more money that's really worth the same as before, so they think they have more. Then we will gradually raise the price of things like gas and groceries until they are just on the verge of struggling too much again, then we will raise the minimum wage again"Lather, rinse, repeat. This trend of inflation is a viscous cycle, and nobody is doing anything to prevent or even reverse it because this is what they want people! They want our money watered down and their money 99.999% pure.Anybody know why it's socially accepted that the dollar is on a huge inflation trend? Because we are greedy. We think more is better, but in this case it's just watering down the tea and trying making up for it in sugar, but it's not even real sugar, it's some shitty tasting lab made synthetic sugar. Anybody know why the dollar is even inflating like this? Because we abandoned the gold standard, and started printing it without having the gold (or ANYTHING for that matter) to back it up. People, you really think it's ok that the price of gold is going up? Everyone I talk to thinks that's just great that gold is worth more now than it ever has been before because that means anything they have that's gold they can sell for more money. Well that's looking at it absolutely backwards people.. The higher it goes, the bigger the gap between what gold is worth in dollars, the more worthless our dollar is.What you should be doing is buying gold with your money, and don't keep that shit in the bank I don't care what the law says. Buy bouillon and bury that shit. Because one day we are gonna wake up, and all the money in all the banks will be *POOF * gone.Remember, the price of gold used to be $1 an ounce. This was back in the early 1800's. And if our dollar was worth anything at all, it would still be relatively close to that, but no, these days it's $1 a cheeseburger and that's the cheap ones. All this "cash for gold" is just a scheme because they don't want you to have anything worth a anything when they decide enough is enough. They want you to be fully dependent on them. Nobody said they were stupid. This is a very complex perversion of our original intents. The intents that were written in the Declaration of Independence and instilled in the constitution and bill of rights. And the sad thing is, most people don't see that they use the things we hold high to hide their evil doings. It makes me sick to type this because it couldn't be more true but some will refuse to believe it. Some may say "Well what about all the gold in the federal reserve?" HA! Fort Knox has been empty for 40 years people. And the gold that was there didn't belong to us anyways. It belonged to the group of individuals who started this perversion of the original good intent this country was founded on, this grand scheme to make a handful of people mega wealthy, GOLD wealthy, while the rest of us trade toilet paper around. It started In 1871, when they silently took over our government, formed the "United States" corporation.KEY WORD: CORPORATION. It's a business people, the government isn't worried about us, they use us to rake in the real dough (GOLD), constantly inflating our money (DOLLARS) until it's not worth anything. Their idea of a perfect world is one were they have everything we have nothing. Nothing is a coincidence people, quit being so naive. Can anyone here tell me why Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865? Well no one truly knows, some say because he freed slaves but I don't think so. I think he knew about what was coming and was trying to prevent it. Hmm... Just 6 years before they silently took over? Not a coincidence people.What about all the industrial monopolies that followed? Government loves big business. They tax the shit out of them, and a lot of money under the table especially back then. The sad thing is Tim Cook CEO of Apple publicly stated that they use loopholes to get around taxes and they could do it worse than they do it but they wanted to give atleast stone to government. They are not the only company that does this, they all do it. The working class picks up the slack, just like we always have.YES, ALL of this started 143 years ago. There's no going back now, it's done, OVER, FINITO, we are in their pockets now and we won't ever be able to get out. When people almost overnight started thinking it's acceptable to get enormous long term loans and buy brand new vehicles on credit just because a bank said you could do it doesn't mean that it's ok to live outside your means. This is coming from someone who has paid cash for everything he owns, built my house without a single dollar from anybody else, if I tried to get a loan tomorrow I would get denied, not because I've fucked my credit up, because I don't have any. I don't want any. I don't need any. And this is the way it's supposed to to be. I get fucked because of it too, most recently starting a new phone plan for me and my wife, they made me pay $1000 deposit because "my credit wasn't good enough. The only paper trail they have on me is bills and the occasional vacation. And that is how I like it.For those who think that they are our friends and they look out for our best interest, that the government will pick up the slack, and everything will be alright in the end, NO IT WON'T people! Food stamps, unemployment, welfare, universal healthcare, these are all examples of them ensuring that we are fully dependant on them! And most of us sadly are! But that's what they want. They want us to feel like we need them so we won't do what we constitutionally have the right to do and that's tell them to go suck a fat one, that they aren't the boss anymore. It sickens me to think of the day that a group of people finally get the balls to stand up to this crap, and really attempt to remove the government from its power, and get annihilated by predator drones and ground troops. Don't think they won't use our own military on us, similar to Libya, if anything it would be worse. The only hope I have for that day is that the soldiers won't fight because they don't want to kill their own people.HONESTLY, I try to live simple, I grow a lot of my own food when it's warm, I hunt deer, ducks, squirrel, doves, etc. I even have a pond I keep stocked with fish I catch in nets in rivers and a lake nearby. I try to live and love, enjoy every day with the help of cannabis, and look for the good things as a child would. Please don't read this and assume I'm a pessimist or cynical in the least way. Because that's not me, this is just a very gloomy situation indeed and some things need to be told like it really is. I grow my own herb even though big brother says it's illegal. This is the risk I take to live a happy life. If I didn't have Mary Jane I would stress myself to death constantly overthinking everything and worrying about tomorrow.I'm not saying I'm better than any of you by the way I live! If anything worse than you because I don't really have nice things, or shiny bling bling big wheels on my car, I'm just a half hippie half redneck That likes to toke and that's what brought me here!! And I love this place, this is why I'm typing all of this, because i Or that I'm gonna make it and you're not! I love each and every one of you, you are all my fellow blades, my brothers, even the ones that will hate me for every word of this, try to ridicule me, laugh me out of here, maybe even ban me from GC forums like someone threatened me with once this week for asking honest, legitimate questions about our privacy here on grasscity. I won't say anything else about that:BUT HONESTLY, even though I try to live a simple life, if I woke up tomorrow and simply didn't have electricity, like it's gone and never coming back, I don't know if I would make it. This would effectively throw us 200 years backwards and we all know how people did things before electricity. The hard way. All they would have to do to kill most of us is take away our electricity and running water, and the other half that had the means but lacked the knowledge, then the lesser percent like me who try to prepare themselves for times that are coming even though it gets them nowhere in society. THIS WORRIES ME! Sure, if we all had guns we could fight for our freedom like someone said on here before me this is our country, but what it's gonna come down to is people like me in hiding because they are hunting us, while the rest of you are imprisoned for not tying your shoes right, or starved, homeless, dead.If I'm not sure I can make it, even with a house that was built on a solid foundation, access to water nearby, food, even though sustainability is possible, I just worry about other people. I worry about the ones that live more dependent on big brother. The ones that don't have the skills to survive even if they had the means to. The ones that are thugs and will be quick to kill someone over $100, but couldn't even find and kill a rabbit if someone handed them a trap, bait, even a rifle. AGAIN I DONT think I'm better than any of you, we are all equal, if you feel like I'm speaking to you, then maybe it's time you reevaluate the way you live, because it's not always gonna be this "good".PLEASE don't call me an extremist, I'm the most pacifistic person you will ever meet unless you were trying to harm me or my family, then you would surely be toast lol. It just really freaks me out that the information is right here in front of our faces and we turn a blind eye to it, put it on the back burner, pretend it isn't happening, and go about our lives. Or even shun the people like me who really care about the fate of humanity as a whole more than they do about themselves and try to share these thoughts and ideas, sit in front of a computer typing all this for a long ass time, just to be called a conspiracy theorist and laughed at by most but if JUST ONE person reads this and it makes them think about things differently, then I will have done my job as a fellow human being, and for just about all of you, this is all I can do for you.This way of living that is so socially accepted now is why we are where we are right now. BEYOND broke this country is screwed! Our dollar is worth it's weight in chicken shit! But our government keeps printing it like it's all good and they won't even balance the budget for Christ's sake. Every year that passes we slip farther and farther into the abyss. The deficit just topped 17 trillion dollars! How in the hell does anybody think we can recover from this? WE CAN'T! It's as simple as that, it's not possible, we don't have the assets or the means. There is literally nothing we have that is worth that much not even every square mile of land we own, not even all the skyscrapers and industrial shit is worth 17 trillion and that's why it's about to get real! And when the shit hits the fan, when someone this country owes money to says "pay up", who will have to pay? The people. If it ends up like china we will work our hands to the bone every single day 16 hours a day for the rest of out lives for a little rice and chicken and nothing to look forward to, everything blue and gray. Meanwhile, they people who's fault this REALLY is, the government, will be laid up on a beach getting fanned with Palm leaves and fed grapes. This is not a joke people. This is real life it's time to wake up and realize that there MAY BE a small chance to turn this thing around but we cannot wait, days are becoming precious time. Time we may never get back.The U.N. is pushing for the globalization of every country, (they water down cultures with tv and music, have you listened to the lyrics in most POP songs these days?) where our sovereignty and freedom as a nation is threatened by a council of people (U.N.) who wish to limit our power on our own soil, albeit the soil out forefathers fought and died for multiple times, and make it so we only have one ruling power in the whole world and everyone lives the same shitty lives and make the same amount of money, where freedom is just dust in the wind, literally. Like communist china, but on a global scale. They want that. That's agenda 21 people! Don't go to Wikipedia and read about agenda 21 and assume you know what it says! If you really want to know what a government document says, you have to read it cover to cover, every single word, the whole time looking for lawyer tricks and loopholes. Any instance where they can go back and say "well I'm sorry that's what you thought we meant when we said that, but that's not what we meant" this is the most used tactic of the government, it's called double talk and if you don't know it, can't spot it in a paragraph or even a speech, you should really take some time to learn. I mean,really??? This is so perverted that they are even twisting our language, the most basic of things, and some people don't even see it. Just open your eyes, take a good look, open your ears and really hear what they are saying because it's not as good as they make it seem!The big cover up in Agenda 21 is a set of ideas called "sustainable development". Sustainable development is a set of ideals they wish to establish a "one world culture" with. They make it seem so appealing, even to me the first time I read it I honestly thought it wasn't so bad. But once you can step back and take a look at all the pieces of the puzzle and how they fit together, it becomes pretty clear. They are so good at this people! They can make a dog terd seem like filet mignon, I'm not joking. They are out for the good people first, the ones that actually care. Especially patriots, the purists and naturalists, the environmentalists and all of us who are just good natured and kind loving souls who want nothing but good for fellow man. They know if they can convince us first, the rest will just follow like sheep. But PLEASE do not be fooled, it is much much darker and more perverse than it seems. They want one culture, because if we all think, act, talk, dress the same we will be easier to rule. Don't get sucked in just because everyone around you is too ignorant to realize that this is really really bad stuff.THIS IS JUST STEP ONE of the master scheme people. Steps 2-5 are gonna be the kickers, and when you're all walking around looking confused saying "yesterday you said what I had was worth this much, and today you say it's worth nothing? What the hell??" When they tell you all that money you've got saved in the bank ain't worth wipin your ass with, or it all just disappears, don't say I didn't warn you.Don't hate me. Don't crucify me. I just typed all this for you guys to read and maybe understand that it "ain't all good in the neighborhood" and that its about to get a lot worse if we don't come together as a nation and do something about it. I'm not trying to scare anybody, even though it is very scary. I'm not trying to look down on someone by saying I could survive because I know how to hunt and make a fire from nothing. It's not my fault if you are ill prepared to provide for yourself and depend on absolutely nothing or no one.All I'm saying is, you may not be able to just go to walmart to get things you need in the NEAR FUTURE. I think we are all in for a hard time and the more we individualize ourselves and bicker amongst each other about stupid things, the weaker we are. There's strength in numbers! Blades! We gotta stick together! I've got your back! Do you have mine???FOR THE RECORD: I am nothing more than a concerned citizen, who can see through the veil of good straight to the heart of evil. I am not republican, democratic, tea party, whatever. They are all perverted from what they were originally intended to be as well. I'm registered independent. Just remember that money is the root of all evil, and that applies to every human, white, black, green or purple it doesn't matter. Money is the reason all this happens. Even wars. They just like to use more morally upright things to say they are fighting for.Good luck out there fellow blades, stay sharp!
  2. did you type that or use voice recognition software?
  3. I couldn't find it on google. 
  4. im with you most of the way man. i dont agree with you 100% but we have the same basic ideas. the government is evil and has been since it was established. so everyday people like us have to watch our backs cuz our government sure as hell isnt going to. and we pretty much belong to other countries (mostly china). but together we have a voice. so lets hope people wake up soon so we can change the goverment before its too late.
  5. Is this the end of the beginning? or the beginning of the end? - Black Sabbath, End Of The Beginning.
    Some age old but little followed advice: There is no point to worry about something. But it doesn't mean you can't care.
  6. We all know this world is not picture perfect. 
    Shit, when I was a kid I thought so much about things like life, death, power and corruption that I told my mom I wanted to kill myself at age 6. My family was upper middle class.
    My question for you is: If you were president, would everything be rainbows and butterflies? 
    Things could be a lot worse. You need to accept that given power, most people use it to their advantage. 
  7. ok . I think a lot of people understand this. hell it drives me kind of crazy when thinking about it. but what can you do? I mean yeah you gave a lot of good info, but what to do about it?
  8. I haven't given up yet though man. just not sure what to do. thanks for the read
  9. If you read that whole thing I applaud you,
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    [quote name="fruitality" post="19419162" timestamp="1390875331"]did you type that or use voice recognition software?[/quote]Totally typed man. It would look all generic and perfectly punctuated if a computer did it all for me. Smoked some liberty haze and my brain lit up like the 4th of July lol kept it patriotic today.It's a really heady, creative sativa so sorry if it's a little scattered. I tried to keep it together best I could. By the way, even that dragon voice recognition crap had problems with my accent. So does Siri. I'm typing ~60 words a minute last time I checked but it still isn't as fast as talking lol.
    Straight from the Mary Jane-membrane man. Not even a sentence is plagiarized. True feelings and opinions.
    Actually, the government in it's original form was just about as pure as it gets. I will touch on this later.
    Thats a great song that I had forgotten about, thanks for that. There's a very thin line between worrying and caring though. Sometimes when you really care about something, especially when it's out of your control, you worry about it. Good advice though, although hard to follow. Mom was a worry wart, guess it's in my genes lol
    Man, did you really just suggest I accept that when a person is given power they most likely abuse it? While this is true, it's just wrong. This is one of the reasons it keeps getting worse, I understand it's human nature to do all the things that are wrong with the world today, but we are at the top of the food chain because we figured out how to suppress our insticts, listen to our hearts, and do the right thing. Some people just lose control of themselves when they have power, but that doesn't mean it's ok.Great question, though. This will be fun.If I were president, I would start by#1- telling the absolute truth, no matter who's feelings it hurt#2- encourage people to talk to their congressmen and senators about legalization of marijuana, because if it made it through the house and senate I would gladly sign that. Then I'd have an announcement about it, and give the speech while smoking oil out of a vape cig LOL #3- I would also balance the damn budget #4- bring jobs home from overseas, maybe even pass a tax on factories that use robots instead of humans, so maybe we can get some of that crap out of there and get our skilled workers back up. We used to make the BEST everything. That's because we had masters and apprentices and they really knew their shit. But now everything is massed produced. So much is wasted this way. Especially food. And potential talent, passion, new discoveries.#5- Quit blowing money on stupid shit that we don't need. That's rule #2 of having a budget, I'm not sure why they don't understand that. Rule #1 of budgeting is don't overspend. But that's a complicated subject when you're talking about an economical budget. It really hurts us more to overspend I think, because look at the situation we are in now. But I think if you don't overspend a little in the economy, and really strive towards making it up the next year plus a little overspending again, it can't grow, or something like that. Economics isn't my best subject. But I definitely wouldn't let my debt pile up till is is unmanageable and expect to be able to borrow it from a friend when the debt collector comes. Don't people know you're not supposed to ask family or friends for money? It causes resentment. We are gonna end up without any real allies, you know the good friends you can depend on, if we keep fucking them over (and spying on them)#6- {THIS IS MY COOL STONED IDEA OF DAY, thanks goes to master kush this evening, she let's me slow down and some connections get made that would be otherwise overlooked} I would like to work it out like it is in Kuwait, if you are a citizen there you get a check every month just for living there. It's the excess money aka profit and, while our gov hasn't had any of that lately, they used to keep it. It seems these days they are dead set on running this country face first into the ground though. If that is truly their goal, I would say they are doing one hell of a job.#6 I would bring the pay for government officials back down to a real world level, honestly I would probably make it the median income of households in America, which was ~$50,000 in 2011. I mean honestly, who really needs $200-400,000 a year to do a job that should be an honor, a privilege per-say, and done for next to nothing? Instead of actually caring, most senators and congressman just show up, don't even read the bills, vote yay or nay and collect their check, go home, and drink a bunch of bourbon because their job is "stressful". They are doing it all wrong. #7- do what I could in a 4 year term to reverse this inflation. Starting with going back to the gold standard, and slowly getting the value of the dollar back equal with the value of gold. Slowly bringing the cost of things back down like when you could get a burger for a nickel or a Hershey kiss for a penny. I think it's a little ridiculous that pennies are as useless as they are today, and just change in general usually ends up in a collection or forgotten about. I also think it's ridiculous that 30 years ago you could get a really nice car for $5000 brand new, and now it's so inflated, that even though they use cheaper metal and plastics, the cost of a nice vehicle is usually over $30,000. That's just a clue as to how out of control this has gotten, and how fast it has happened. Getting back to gold is probably the most important thing on this list if we want to make it as a nation. We may only have 20 years left or less before the shit hits the fan, has anybody thought of that? History shows that every country that has existed that abandoned the gold standard failed miserably. Look it up. Reversing this much inflation would be really hard to even make a dent in it in just 4 years because it's gotten so out of hand that people don't even realize that inflation is bad, and that 17 trillion dollars is more money than we have even if the collector took every asset we have we would still essentially be their slave labor, and if it's china that comes to collect and all this really happens, we will be enslaved FOREVER, because they will only pay us $3 a day. But I would definitely get the ball rolling first term. I would also lock some prices for certain things maybe for a .5-1yr at a time, necessities mostly, like petro fuels, and some food products like milk and eggs. This one requires a lot more thought.#8- get rid of GMO's. Or atleast label them so people can choose whether they want to be a test subject or not. Encourage individual farmers to grow and sell crops of their own. Instead of leaving food production in the hands of companies that care about nothing but profits. Really focus on our infrastructure because it could be a lot better. And our infrastructure is what made this place great to begin with. Cancer is becoming more and more prominent, nobody seems understand why, i think it's because of all the synthetic things we introduce, whether it be in medicine, or food, or in the water supply. But I know for a fact something is wrong when they can make a molecularly perfect copy of THC and it kills something like 7 people in the first 10 years of use, while natural THC has been used for millenniums with virtually no ill effects and 0 deaths. Prescription drugs cause a lot of cancer. It's just a part of population control, along with tobacco. But I think the cancer problem is so prominent because it's a combination of poisons. IE: Fluoride was used in world war 1 as mustard gas IIRC, but they put that in our water and our toothpaste. Now I'm hearing it shaves potentially 20 iq points off throughout a lifetime and that they are putting it in the water to dumb us down. Where I live now the tap water isn't chlorinated anymore, it's disinfected with freakin ARSENIC, it's only about 20PPB I believe (yes, parts per billion) but it's still there. Technically you can take even the smallest amount of water and split it into a billion parts, so just knowing it's there everytime I take a shower or brush my teeth makes me feel a little uncomfortable#9- get rid of the NSA and rewrite the patriot act. It's backwards as hell that We The People don't have any privacy, but big government can keep secrets from us just by saying it's "classified" I don't think anything should be classified as far as the government goes. Plus the NSA is really pissing off a lot of people in this world, most recently here-> start teaching kids in school some morals and values for Pete's sake, morals are usually culturally universal, generally non-religious so no conflictions, and there's normally a percentage of parents who suck at teaching their kids manners and respect. It's the southern hospitality I was raised by. Went to a big city up north (not going to say which one) and people were really rude. I wondered why and it all made sense after I was taken advantage of by a cab driver because he saw I was a nice guy that wasn't from there. Pretty sure he charged me triple. I payed like $80 for a 20 minute ride. That's just not how you treat guests where I'm from. I gave him the money, figured he needed it more than I did if he wanted it bad enough to lie about it. I'm not stupid but I do believe people reap what they sow. For all I know, that cab driver could've gotten mugged for that money. Morals in society are just as important as education really. It bothers me to see kids trying to be "cool" and getting in a lot of trouble. My brother-in law is locked up for 3-5 at age 17 for trying to be "cool" and always worrying about what somebody else thought of him or had to say about him behind his back. Yea, he's cool now in a pink jumpsuit picking up trash on the sides of the road everyday. What a waste of the best years of your life.Everything is so backwards. And people just generally accept the way things are and say something like "that's just the way things are" well this is simply untrue. Things were better once, when we were actually private and free and we didn't have regulations on ridiculous things like how big of a soda we can have. Things were better once and they can be that way again, but unity as a nation has got to be emphasized. It just seems scattered these days.I guess I should run for president, because all that just flowed. Didn't even have to think about it really. GC Potential voters? Yay or nay? Hypothetically of course. Money wins elections these days and that I don't have lol
    There's lots to be done. It can be something as simple as sharing an idea or information with a neighbor or friend, or hanging up public awareness fliers with info on issues that all these yellow journalists refuse to report on. You'd be shocked at how many people are misinformed just because republicans watch Fox News and democrats watch cnn. It's bullshit I think we should have one news channel, and make the penalties for lying about real world subjects just to fill in gaps and then broadcasting to a nationwide audience a federal offense. I've experienced this firsthand, but it would surely tell my location if I told you, so I can't, but trust me, they either suck at putting a legit factual timeline together or they just made up the shit as they went along. I can tell you that was CNN that really twisted the story though. ESPN did a better job as far as getting it right, and that's sad. CNN won in the theatrics I guess, but the story was all wrong not even close to half true. I'm not shitting you, this was a local story covered by national news. They crucified us just because they could. Atleast ESPN was honest, but still very biased.Let's lock up the people who are really doing wrong instead of kids with grass. A penitentiary is no place for non-violent offenders. You shouldn't try to reform someone who smoked a plant that grows naturally and got "caught" driving home from a smoke session at a friends house the same way as you would a murderer or rapist. We are more complex to be labelled like that anyways. Penn was just the guy that figured out how to make money off putting people in jail (privatization of jails in America is another issue worth discussing, saved for rainy day)Penitentiary= Violent or serious drug offenders only, while sex offenders get max security solitary confinement. I would say just shoot them because I have no sympathy for a rapist or child molester, but that's imhumane.There's a way things should be, and way things are. We need to get back to the way thjngs should be instead of just rolling over and accepting things are the way they are and saying nothing can be done. Never give up. There's always plenty to do to help your community. Thanks for reading my novel man lolIM SO GLAD WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME PAGE ATLEAST A LITTLE BIT. That is really good. And it's encouraging to know you're not alone. It gives me hope that maybe people can stand up to big government and say f*** off! Thanks for reading my first huge post guys! If anything is going to change, it has to start with the people. We need to get our shit together and stand up for ourselves for one. But you can't keep electing dirty politicians and expect a clean government. It doesn't work like that. But that's not entirely our fault, a lot of politicians run squeaky clean campaigns and promise a lot of things, only to be elected and sit around for 4 years collecting a check. Maybe it's a good idea that all candidates should be hooked up to lie detectors during debates, so everyone watching knows immediately when a candidate is lying, right there on the spot. Politics is this complicated because we made it this way. If politicians would just tell the truth and atleast TRY to do what they feel is the right thing, this wouldn't be near as bad. Evil is so rooted in our culture I honestly don't know if there's still hope for some issues. Off subject but a good example.Miley Cyrus is a perfect example, 5 years ago she was Hanna Montana, role model for millions for teenage girls, good girl. Now she's twerking on robin thicke during the vma's and humping the air like she's practicing for the hula hooping world record in hula hoop RPM. It's things like that that get people confused on what's socially acceptable and it makes me glad I don't have a daughter. She went from being on the Disney channel, to being just about one of the worst influences of the past 30 years for young women in a matter of a year or two. And that's not long enough to be forgotten, so there's girls out there that were just 8 or whatever watching Hannah Montana and now they are 12 and they see the same girl shaking her ass like a little slut on stage in front of millions of people. I feel sorry for her dad though Billy Ray he's a good guy.I was taught there is very distinct line between right and wrong, but in the real world those lines are so blurred. We should work towards re-establishing those lines, and moral values in our people, and quit giving the same punishment to people who have did something that isn't necessarily wrong as someone who drove drunk and killed 2 people in a car accident. Also I think teaching real skills is a necessity. When kids these days do nothing but watch mtv and play video games, and haven't even been taught atleast the basics of any real world skills by the age of 15, and then when they get out of high school and don't go to college and the real world hits them like a ton of bricks because nobody told you to get your head on straight and be prepared and then they are stuck working at fast food joints, etc. this is just setting them up I be criminals it seems. I've got a cousin who was 4 years old when his parents started letting him play Call of Duty, he's 10 now and shows no sign of being a murderer but I'm watching this kid for sure. Just for the record. I think in jr high through high school you should be able to choose a skill, one that you are really interested in so you will be happy with your job and focus your studies on that would be a good idea. Not saying you wouldn't have other curriculum, but instead of wasting a kid's time trying to teach him calculus, when he really just wants to be a novelist (something opposite of math) we should encourage and motivate kids to pick a skill they like early and focus on it, and with that go on and do great things. I really wish I would've had someone motivate me in college, I should've took more classes, my brain is still so thirsty for knowledge. It's almost unquenchable.There's corruption everywhere people. I live in a small town, county seat, ~2000 people, in one of the most politically corrupt states (always has been) and if it's as prominent in other places as it is here, well we've surely got our work cut out for us.I was really inspired to write that by this, dad showed me that the other day and it really blew my mind. We are living under a de-facto government, and have been since 1871. Please tell me why that's not in kids schoolbooks? I had no idea.It really made me understand that we, as a people, have more power here than we realize. That is, if we choose to use it or not, most people kind of just agree to disagree and move on, well let your voice be heard! Whether it be here, or on a street corner. People need to know things like this! Keeping us ill informed is a tactic! Informing people of what's really going on could be the difference between us playing sheep or playing Shepard! And that's why I'm spending all this time typing this. Ultimately, if I decide to do something else with it, I can copy & paste into word and edit it. Probably won't happen but just throwing that out there for the people that think it's pointless to debate such things online.They are taking our rights, slowly as not to cause alarm, but it's very clear the direction this country is headed if We The People don't put our foot down and let them know that they don't run us! We run them! We have to stand together! United we stand, divided we fall.What would they be able to do if an overwhelming majority of the population put our egos and differences and opinions about small things aside, and stood together for a common cause, to get this shit pile we call a government fixed, what would/could they do? Arrest everybody? Put us in FEMA camps? That would be shooting themselves in the foot because then they would have to feed us. There would be no income for big government with no people to tax because they are all incarcerated. Sure, they could potentially just kill us all, or make you choose between living here the way it is or dying, I'm sure most would abandon post then but I say GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH. The place I'm going to when I leave this world behind is much better anyways.If I don't post again, it's because I set off the google analytics terrorist alarms for talking about all this on a public forum based In a European country, and they came and arrested me for no reason and are holding me without bond, charges or any justifiable reason just because they labelled me a terrorist. Possibly sending me to Guantanamo where I will forcefully refuse big bobs cockmeat sandwich and probably get shanked. LOLIt's funny to think about now, but I can honestly mentally picture a little red light bleeping on a map in an office building in Maryland, where it's somebody's job to say "somebody's making 'extremist comments' let's go get them taken care of."But seriously, if that happens to me you will definitely get to find out who I am because I will be on the news, online, etc or someone will for me if I'm locked up. They can try to do me that way, but they won't get very far with me.I know my rights, do you know your's? If things aren't exactly going your way, try taking just a few minutes find a nice quiet place with preferably a scenic view, and just sit down and think about how blessed you really are, all bad aside for a second, you're alive, your not in jail, you're still free technically. It's not all lost yet. Again, sorry if I come off as cynical, I'm really actually an optimist, this is just not good stuff we are dealing with.Enjoy the day, don't let little things ruin it, look at the brightside, just don't forget that there is definitely a darkside and something really needs to be done about it.Carpe diem, we don't exactly know how many we've got left where we get to live this way. The shit could hit the fan tomorrow for all we know. Pray it doesn't if you aren't stocked up on things or prepared for life without electricity.I'm ready for it.Are you??Good day fellow blades, toke on and don't forget to share the knowledge.
  11. Im going to come back and reread all this again when it isnt 4am, but ill start with these questions.

    1) if the value of the dollar is devalued, the wealthy elites dollars are also devalued. Why would devaluing the dollar benefit them?

    2) whats wrong with a one government world? Aside from the fact its one too many. A one world government could be a good thing in many ways imo
  12. Yea it's late man lolTo try and answer you're questions, the value of the dollar is greatly diminished from where it once stood on top. Many rich people or corporations simply put their money in foreign banks for this exact reason. I suggested actually buying gold with it, which is probably the best idea for longevity and value over time if you can keep it a safe secret. I'm sure plenty of rich folks do this too. Since we don't back the dollar with gold anymore, our dollar is pretty much just based on faith. It's only worth what it's worth because we believe it is. Other countries are starting to figure this out and reject USD. Oh I forgot that people are swapping to bitcoins now, yea those things you used to get hacked over, if you've ever had a computer virus that made your PC run terribly terribly slow, it was most likely a bitcoin generator. I'm not too keen on this but I think a bitcoin is a really complex coded thing, but it takes a while to make even with a good computer and that's how they used to value them (not sure how they value them now). Also they are untraceable. No paper trail whatsoever for bitcoins. This is why they were invented really, if I would have known what I know now 5 years ago I would have kept mine, because the value jumped up over $1500 recently. I gave about 100 away one Halloween cause I forgot to buy candy lol. The kids hated me. I wouldn't be surprised to hear my doorbell ring one day soon and a kid thanks me for giving him a bitcoin 5 years ago cause he just sold it for $1500 lol. I'd probably slam it in his face.A one world government is BAD bananas dude!!!!! They could do whatever they wanted with us. It would be the ultimate form of tyranny. A dictator's dream. If we weren't protected by a constitution I would say we were fucked already but there is still hope. Dude one world government is so bad.
  13. HISTORICALLY, GOLD HASNT BEEN AS LOW AS 1$ AN OZ EVER, THAT I CAN  RECALL, AND BACK IN THE 1800'S IT WAS LIKE NEARLY 20 AN OZ....HENCE THE OLD 20$ 1 OZ GOLD "DOLLARS". .......................................................................................................​
  14. [quote name="ThreeNinesFine" post="19423233" timestamp="1390935527"]
    HISTORICALLY, GOLD HASNT BEEN AS LOW AS 1$ AN OZ EVER, THAT I CAN RECALL, AND BACK IN THE 1800'S IT WAS LIKE NEARLY 20 AN OZ....HENCE THE OLD 20$ 1 OZ GOLD "DOLLARS". .......................................................................................................​
    [/quote]You are absolutely right brother, I'm sorry I really goofed that one up. Wow can't believe I did that. I totally knew that. Thanks for correcting me.
  15. Why? Tbh i think the only way a one government world would operate would be a utopian collective style. Nobody is going to give one single person/body world power.

    And governments are only as strong as their constituents. If nobody buys into the system it ceases to have power.

    And the constitution is really irrelevant. Suggestions and guidelines. The piece of paper isnt going to stop the world from changing.
  16. When everything goes to shit I'm going to fight and try to save everyone I can along the way. And when I die I'll live in peace. This world is shit.
  17. i think more people like you need to wake up these zombies. im from southern cali where the grass is hella greener but its filled with the dumbest motherfuccas youve ever met. most of us havent even read the declaration of independence. that works in the governments favor because if we dont know our rights than its no problem for them to take them away. im a young blk dude so i turn up almost every damn day but i still know that this shit is waaaaaay bigger than me. being blk automatically makes me distrust this government.. i mean come on now, they lynched my fathers, and rapped my mothers.. thats why im light skinned lol.. i've done a lot of research on this country and who really runs it, and i've always been disappointed. i make pretty good money, my girl bad, i buy my weed from a shop, and all the screens in my spot are flat. but NONE of that shit is gonna matter when these evil motherfuccas carry out the agenda theyve got planned. the dollar IS going to die, its inevitable. you mothafuccas betta get hip to some shit thats greater than you, or get turned into fuccin slaves. the government doesnt run a damn thang but there lie'n ass mouths, money run this dumb ass bitch called USA. if these other countries said they want there doe right fuccin now we wouldn't be able to pay them and they'll have the right to seize land, our land. to stop that from happening a NWO must be inputted. or a global war declared upon the us. either way, its about be craccin!
    yall ready? i know i got my chopper. my baby k up under my bed and he been waitin for some action!
    GET MONEY(the REAL kind) GET HEALTHY, and GET SMART brothers and sisters.. time for US to stand up like Martin and them mothafuccas did for civil rights. this time its for our REAL FREEDOM.. 
    1 love
  18. At first i thought you meant Trayvon martin and not MLK and lost it :p

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