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The Beginners Guide To: Smoking in a Bathroom (Pics)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 208013, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Hi all-

    Sometimes we're pressed for places to smoke, lets face it. It's raining outside and it has been for the past two weeks- any number of reasons could account for your need of a quick blaze.

    Who would have thought the perfect location is right in your own house?

    Yes, the bathroom, has become a glorious respite of smokers in need. A paragon of hope to all innocent smokers looking to sneak a toke.

    I've been a fan of the practice for a long time now, and several people I know follow these methods as well. Bathrooms are useful for a number of reasons- the tile and walls are usually designed to keep out odors (obviously) so it's harder for the marijuana smell to linger or even "stick" to surfaces, waiting to be released later.

    You need to be sure to have a lock on your door. Most bathrooms do but if it doesn't work or something don't push your luck.

    Second, most (but not all!) bathrooms have some form of intake/ exhaust system which aids in the quick removal of odors... Don't forget to find out where it empties! I'll never forget the stories of people blowing their hits into a vent and then have it billowing into the garage, so watch out.

    A good example of an intake (ac) vent:


    A good example of an exhaust vent should look something like this:


    These usually have a fan inside which can be switched on or off, and are usually located directly above the toilet- for obvious reasons, which lends itself to another nice luxury of bathroom blazing- your ivory throne to sit upon:

    (Reading Material Optional)

    Anyways, back to methods for decreasing the smell.

    Other good things to have would be:

    A shower- the warm water tends to mix with any shampoos or soaps you have to create a strong smell that isn't suspicious- it is a BATHroom after all


    And shampoo- when it comes to types- it doesn't matter. Anything with a strong smell that also works for you will work, even if its just shitty hotel shampoo, it'll work better than nothing.

    If you're afraid that a shower might sober you up, you can always just put some shampoo on the ground and the walls and spray it with water.. usually has just about the same effect.


    Anything else that is scented will fit in great, too. Some people have candles or other "pleasant" odor cover-uppers, just make them pay for their self-consciousness about their bodily functions :devious:


    Basically, if its made to smell good, it can be used.

    Now, for some of the finer points of smoking in the bathroom. First of all, the things shown above are all FACTORS in determining how adequately a bathroom can be made to cover up an odor, the more of these factors you have, the more likely you are to be okay, but keep in mind that only you can really get the feel for a bathroom. Don't push your luck the first time through, reign in the urge to spark four blunts and box the fuckin' thing.

    Also important, for those of you who do have an exhaust system (just an exhaust will do, but both are preferable) One this you'll want to do is the ol' "towel at bottom of door" trick.


    Some people say that you do this because it prevents the smell from coming out of the room under the door. However this usually isn't the case, as smoke rises and is very unlikely to be anywhere near that low to the ground unless you're blowing your hits there.

    Really what this does is creates a nice suction for the exhaust system to work from. Before that the fan was pulling from all the air that was under and outside of the door as well. By sealing this large slit the fan now has much less air to pull from, and so pulls the room's air you were smoking in with much more efficiency.

    If you are smoking, be sure to blow your hits into whatever your primary means of scent reduction is... whether its your running shower or your exhaust vent, don't just assume you can blow your hits wherever you please.

    Finally, and probably most important of all, is respect whoever's bathroom it is you're smoking in. If you live with your parents, don't do it if they'd severely disapprove, be sure to be reasonable and don't blaze too much, otherwise smoke damage could occur to the room, and imagine having to explain that. Other than that this strategy will work in hotel bathrooms, college dorm bathrooms, anything.

    I hope some people find this useful, sorry it's long! :wave:
  2. +rep for having the onion in your bathroom :p
  3. im glad i dont have to smoke like way to clumsy and un sneaky lmfao idk

    but rep bro for this
  4. hahahah nice man
  5. good guide man i'm going to bump this for you
  6. Depending on how strong the exhaust fan is it might actually work better if there is no towel under the door. It's designed to keep the bathroom at negative pressure, which constantly keeps air flowing into the bathroom (except for the fan obviously). Therefore no air can get out. It might evacuate faster if there is more space for air to flow under the door.

    To check just turn on the fan and use some incense or something to see how strong the air current is under the door.
  7. Dont forget to use a sploof!
  8. TAPE THE TOP OF DOOR. Alot of people dont realize that there is usually a space between the top of the door and the wall above it which is really bad. The smoke which rises now just escapes through that crack pushing the smell out that door, and usually the smell just pools right outside the door.

    Now this happens more if you have a window, but the window is lower than the top of the door.
  9. ugh...sploof covers up the smell and if you have a window, blow it out of that?

  10. ^this

    & i dont like getting high in the bathroom. its boring and small
  11. at parties the bathroom is the pot smoking head quarters...we used to always hot box the bathroom lol...

    pretty nice guide...ive never had to smoke anywhere and hide it but ive used like all those techniques

    and +1 you have Axe Chocolate...i use that
  12. Thanks for all the good feedback guys! :wave:

    HerbHunt- I guess I've never thought to tape the top of the door- thats funny because when you think about it its a more prevalent problem than the bottom of the door... yet so many people leave the top part open- which is where the smoke will be first... hahah

    Anyways I usually hang a bathrobe or something else over the points of the door to cover the top and most of the sides, but only when I'm really worried about the smell, which isn't often.

    I know about sploofs... I just hate them so much. They're uncomfortable, gross to share, smell funny, and just sort of ruin the smoking experience for me, but thats all personal issues. If you want to use a sploof, by all means, sploof away, but I won't be sploofing with you.

    And for those who say that smoking in the bathroom is unpleasant- I beg to differ. I think its very comfortable and relaxing.. although I don't like to spend too much time in there because you're right it is small and confining and I want to be out an about.

    Finally, don't think that this can't be applied everywhere- hotels, motels, roachtels, and any other bathroom with enough ventilation, they all work just fine

    Are girls who use sploofs called "sploofettes"?

  13. +rep for coming up with such pot-headedness.
  14. lol has anyone ever tried smoking in the bathtub?

    it is AWESOME lol

  15. Damn... I gotta try that some time
  16. with the water in there or not?
  17. dude i've never smoked in a bathtub...

    That would be mad relaxing. I have one of those bigass tubs with jets in it an shit, like a mini jacuzzi...

    The next time my rents go out of town I will definitely blaze in the tub... get some incense, candles, relaxing music.... warm ass water haha

    Fuck.... Im doing that RIGHT NOW!!
  18. dude that sounds FUCKING SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM so jealous man. burn one for me in there, no homo
  19. Rolling a J as we speak! Bath tub here I come!

  20. I honestly feel like I waste to much weed smoking in the bathroom as night. I smoke and smoke.... But i never feel that high until I get up and hear music or tv... no stimuli in the bathroom. Before I realize it I've wasted an hour sitting there smoking... lol

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