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The beginners guide to rolling a joint.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr.Banner, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Here are a few steps to rolling a few different types of joints.

    The everyday cigarette looking joint
    • Papers
    • Weed
    • Tobacco(optional)
    • flat hard surface(book, desk, ur lap if need be)
    • time and patience
    • something to chop or grind up the weed
    First gather your mix, whether the case may be tobacco and weed or straight weed. Chop or crumble the weed to a nice consistency, i personally use an electric coffee grinder. (I also recommend using tobacco and weed especially if you choose to sell pre-rolled joints($3-$5 as tobacco is much cheaper) but also to ensure an even burn and continual burning, no smoldering out, and tobacco helps to cover up the smell of weed)

    Second scrape together a pile of mix and then pull 1 paper from a pack and roll a pencil or a cigarette inside of it just to get the nice rounded shape.
    Take the paper in your hand and fold up the bend line in the halfway point of the rolling paper. this makes a quarter fold and gives you a nice little pocket. Fold the bottom left and right corners (away from the sticky side, the side you just made into a quarter fold) to the back of the papers thus creating a neat and tidy little pocket. pack your mix into this pocket and, starting at the middle roll outwards, making sure your thumbs do most of the work.

    The Coner

    • Papers( i use 1point25's)
    • your mix (i use weed and [optional:tobacco])
    • rolling surface
    • something to chop or grind or break apart the nugs
    • dollar bill or anything of the same texture.
    get your mix ready and put it into the middle of the dollar bill (right over the face) and pinch both sides of the bill together and roll back and forth to achieve the right consistency of the mix. when you feel that you have achieved this then fold back the flaps of the dollar bill and insert your paper sticky side up and facing you. then simply continue rolling paying close attention to the edges sticking out from either side of the bill, be wary to fold these down if need be. continue rolling until the only thing showing is the sticky side and lick it to seal IMPORTANT: DO NOT DROWN IT thats bad. lick it seal it and roll once or twice more to continue the seal

    I hope this helps and sorry for the very long post, i will try to make a pictorial of this guide but for now i just simply can not. and thank you for taking the time to read it and i hope this helped someone
  2. Thanks bro I hope you don't mind me linking this on my New Smoker's Thread? I'm tryna keep everything inside the city(tutorials, pics etc)
  3. alright go ahead, thats kool as long as it helps someone then it was worth it.
  4. Great guide, Probably gonna link it when I do my picture guide to easy-rolling ;-)

  5. Man I know how to roll but as an Idea...

    you might add pictures or a video becuase no matter how well you add details

    people need pictures ;).
  6. I second pictures or video. It's not very descriptive.

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