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The Beginner's Guide to Marijuana

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mire, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I decided to make a thread for the newest of the noobs to smoking, the beginners. Hopefully I can answer all questions before choosing to smoke cannabis or not.

    What is Marijuana?

    Marijuana (also known as cannabis, weed, pot, grass, etc) is the part of the Cannabis plant which is used as a recreational drug, and also for spiritual/medicinal purposes. The buds, and sometimes the leaves and stems are consumed to get the effects the consumer desires. Marijuana should not be confused with Hemp.

    What is Hemp then?

    Hemp is a similar plant to Cannabis, except it doesn't have the "drug" chemicals in it. Hemp is used as an industrial plant, from fiber, to concrete, to food. Medicines can also be made from Hemp.

    You mentioned that this Marijuana plant is a drug, and drugs are bad. Right?

    It is true that marijuana is a drug. the main compounds in marijuana are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids. But unlike many drugs, marijuana has been proven to NOT have any long-term side affects. It has virtually no destructive properties, and it doesn't have a high addiction rate. Even when compared to caffeine, a common drug used in coffee, it seems quite tame. Also, overdosing is impossible, see for yourself. No one has died from marijuana use alone, either.

    Alright, so this Marijuana doesn't seem so nasty after all. But I've never felt a drug before. What does it feel like while on it?

    It can be hard to describe. But here are the common affects of consuming cannabis:

    - Hightened/distorted senses: Sense of taste will become greater, and foods will become tastier, almost like it was your first time tasting such food. Hearing music is amazing. You can hear each individual instrumental and the bass will feel like waves of energy. Often parts or all of your body will go numb. Colors will be more distinct, and in rare cases, depending on how high you are, you will see closed-eye visuals for brief moments.

    - Time distortion - You will more often then not lose track of time, as it slows down or speeds up. seconds can feel like minutes and minutes can feel like hours.

    - Hightened emotions: Peace and Love are common thoughts when you are high, like there are no issues in the world. Everything is calm.

    - Hunger: You will most likely get REALLY hungry and thirsty.

    - Paranoia/Anxiety: Will usually go away with experience. Also this doesn't happen to everyone.

    Sounds like a good time. So where do I begin?

    First, you will need some Marijuana (no shit). If you can't get it from a dispensary (for medical patients), then you will need to find a dealer. After aquiring such dealer, and some fine weed, you will need a way to consume it. You can mix it with edibles, or 'vaporize' it, but the most common way is to smoke it.

    Smoking seems pretty simple, but how?

    There are many ways to smoke marijuana.

    - Bowl: A simple pipe with a hole in it to use air to push the smoke into your lungs. Very compact and one of the most commons ways to smoke.

    - Joints/Blunts: basically a marijuana cigarette/cigar. An efficient way of smoking but can sometimes waste marijuana due to it continually burning.

    - Bong: A somewhat large piece with water filtration. These things can get pretty complicated and sometimes very expensive (a good bong will cut you a few hundred dollars).

    There are dozens of other ways to smoke, but these 3 are the most common. You will also need a lighter to combust the plant matter into smoke.

    Alright, I got everything. So how many marijuanas should I smoke?

    First timers won't need that much. A few puffs on a joint or a couple hits from a bowl/bong is all that will be necessary to be going sky-high. Leave time between hits to determine if you will need more.

    Umm.. I just took a few hits, and nothing is happening. Is this marijuana no good?

    It is more than likely your breathing technique. Make sure the smoke is going into your lungs, not just the mouth. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it. If all else fails, try a bong.

    Holy shit, it's working. Oh fuck I'm high... oh shit... now what duuude?

    Chill bro. Just relaxe, have fun, and let the marijuana take you.

    Is there anything else I should know about this wonderful plant?

    Cannabis, as great as it may seem, is still ILLEGAL. In most countries, you will be considered a criminal and breaking the law. Cops WILL arrest you, so beware. Hopefully that will change in the future, but for now, it is still like every other illegal substance.

    Also, if you are going to smoke with friends, make sure you learn proper Cannabis etiquette. Be careful with other peoples pieces, especially glass. Don't be a mooch, if you don't have any weed to offer, bring some money, or pay for food.

    And most important of all, don't slobber on dat joint!


    Hopefully this thread will help 1 or more persons. Suggestions / edits are welcomed. I'm not perfect, so the feedback is great.

    Peace and Love. -Mire :cool:
  2. How many people come to this site not knowing what marijuana is?

  3. People going to a marijuana site to find out what marijuana is?
  4. Most People would not come to this site if they have never heard, seen or smoked it before.

    Some of the guide is good towards new tokers, but there really isn't a need to give a definition of what it is. Odds are if you don't know what marijuana is, you wont be on this site.
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    this site comes up first a lot on Google for any kind of cannabis related question. I knew next to nothin about cannabis until I googled it and grasscity came up number one. haven't left since :)

    nice faq OP, pissed myself at 'how many marijuanas should I smoke?' haha

    +rep :bongin:

  6. Thanks. When I first began to get into weed, I had to go to like 10 different sites just to get all of this info. Now it's all in one. :)

  7. yeah man grasscity is one of the best cannabis educational resources one can ever find

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