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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SpikeSpiegel, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. What's up everyone! Um, obviously I'm new here and stuff. My name's Anthony, but you peoples can call me Ant. My main interests are chiba tokin, watchin anime and writing a manga with MasterGecko. There's other stuff but I'm sure there'll be plenty of time to get to that later.
  2. Welcome to the site.
  3. welcome to the city!!! cool more anime fans, vatoloco will just love it, there's lots of of ppl here who love'll fit in just fine.
  4. LOL

    I haven't seen Cowboy Bebop yet, they don't have it at the Blockbuster near my house.

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  5. What's up Ant!!! Hey everybody, I know this guy and Master Gecko...I smoke with them all the time. Do you remember my post about my friend that I didnt talk to for a while and now we smoke again? This is welcome him! He kicks ass :) BTW Ant, welcome to the city!
  6. You guys are a hell of alot cooler than the people on a message board I used to post at.(wont mention the name but it begins with a G4tv and ends with .com..oops wait I mentioned the name.) They were always starting fights and shtuff.(yes, I said shtuff)
  7. Welcome friend. The city is a great place to be. :)

  8. Welcome to the City, Ant! Have fun!!!

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