The beauty of it all ...

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Love & Loyalty, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. The world is so beautiful, flowers, trees, birds, butterflies. Everything is so awesome, so colorful, so amazing ... just smell the air, the city to the country ... it is all so nice. From the burning scent of hotdogs on a Manhattan street to the crisp clean air in Colorado ... it's all so beautiful.

    Oh the beauty of Mary Jane is upon me at this moment.

  2. i feel ya
  3. woooord, enjoy...i love those manhattan highs..every weekend im there is the drive in from queens on the 59th st bridge with the windows open and the music blasting. SUch an amazing, relaxing feeling...ofcorse while high. thank god for MJ
  4. haha yeah i get the exact same feeling nowadays...even when i'm not high....:)
  5. You're right L&L, the only thing that can make this world ugly, unfortunately, are us humans.
  6. Hey Phish man, what part of Queens you in? I am in Brooklyn, not far at all, the Bushwick section. PM me sometime man, or IM me at "Goodfella in NYC" on AIM.

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