the Beastie Boys are still rockin' it big time

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  1. I saw the Beastie Boys concert this week, the special gala event they are touring about and not the stadium concert. OMG, the Beastie Boys can still bring it. The concert started mellow as expected, but quickly turned into an all out rager, with kids moshing in the orchestra pit (much to the dismay of the fans who showed up early for a good spot in their fancy threads).

    Mix Master Mike was in fine form, and the 'Boys', can still rap with the best of them. It was supposed to be an instrumental show, but there was plenty of singing. I think what they meant was that the Beastie Boys would be playing the instruments, not a backup band.

    All of their gear and cases were made out of clear lucite, even the amps. It was really cool. There was an Alexander Calder 'inspired' mobile above the stage with a psychedelic led light show. So rad.

    They played for a couple of hours, a lot of my favorite songs. The place was jammed, although it wasn't the stoniest concert I have ever been to, most of the people were taking breaks to go outside to smoke cigs. The smoking are was PACKED.

    It was tough to get to the bars all night long, there were long lines for each station.

    Makes me want to listen to some more bboys albums, now. They're still contemporary.
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  2. Yup, The Beastie Boys are still legit. I remember seeing them back in like 2nd grade. :hello:
  3. I saw the beastie boys a year or 2 back....they were kick ass!! The mosh pits to sabotage were insane!!
  4. nice

    is there a setlist available anywhere?

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