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The Bear's Guide To Smoking Etiquette For Newer Smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BrizzlyBear, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. #1 BrizzlyBear, Apr 6, 2009
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    I know some people have touched on this subject before but I thought that I should lay it out a little more clearly for the newer smokers. Some of these tips are common sense but are often overlooked.

    As weed smokers we are looked down upon by some members of society. I personally believe that if we are courteous and kind to everyone, smoker or non-smoker, that we can gain a better reputation and push the legalization movement further ahead. So here are some of my own tips on how to "smoke with a little more class". (Hopefully even the more experienced smokers can appreciate this guide also)

    BrizzlyBear's Guide To Smoking Etiquette For Newer Smokers

    1) "Don't bogart that joint" - If you're smoking with a group of friends, don't hold onto the piece/joint for an hour or five. It's pretty rude, especially when there are other people in the circle who want to get high too. A good rule of thumb here is "puff, puff, pass".

    2) Don't torch the entire bowl - This isn't only annoying it's also mean to the person who owns the bud. Learn to corner the green hit so everyone at the session can get a fair chance to smoke greens.

    3) Respect a non-smoker's right to not smoke - Peer pressure is no fun. If you hang with a person who chooses not to smoke bud then don't hound them into doing it, it's very disrespectful. But, it may be polite to offer them a hit every once in awhile if they hang with you and your friends during a session. Just remember to offer and not pressure.

    4) Don't Exaggerate - If you're smoking mids and someone asks what you've got, say you're smoking mids. No one likes to be invited over to a session that they thought they were going to be smoking dank at and then someone pulls out a bag of shwag to burn. It's like being told you're taking an expensive limo to prom only to find out you're picked up by an old school bus. The same goes for sizing up bags, if you're giving someone an 1/8 make sure you're giving them an 1/8, not a single nug with some shake at the bottom.

    5) If a friend smokes you up, remember to smoke them up in the near future - This one is pretty self explanitory. Try to remember to say thanks. No one likes a mooch.

    6) Don't be obnoxious - We've all met the smoker who blames acting like a complete idiot on being high. It's annoying and it's no way to make friends. Just because you're high doesn't make it alright to be a dick to everyone and act stupid.

    7) Try to not steal another's lighter - Everyone has probably pocketed a friend's lighter on accident once or twice, just give it back and say it was an accident. Don't take someone's lighter just because you need one.

    8) Don't pass a cashed/kicked bowl - This happens on accident sometimes too when you're not paying attention. But try to tell the next person in the circle that you think it's kicked so they don't get a mouthful of ash.

    9) Respect the rules of the home-owner - If the person who owns the house doesn't want people smoking there, then don't smoke there. Be polite and either smoke outside, or wait until you get somewhere that you can smoke.

    10) Don't criticize someone else's bud - If they offered to catch you a buzz then don't rag on the quality of their weed if it's not what you're used to smoking, it's the thought that counts.

    Updated Tips:

    11) When going in half/half on a bag with someone, be fair - If you've gone in on a bag with a friend or relative, make sure the bag is only smoked between the two of you, and neither of you gets more than the other. It's like joint custody, just because Stoner A thinks Stoner B is a "cheating whore" doesn't mean that they can take the rest of the bag for themselves.

    12) One Puff, Pass on Glass / Puff, Puff, Pass on Joints and Blunts - It's the unwritten law.

    13) In case of broken glass - Please, don't break a buddies piece. Everyone knows that accidents happen, but if you break someone's glass then offer up some cash or offer to buy them a new piece.

    14) Never, ever, spill the bong water - Not only will it smell like something ancient died on your carpet, but it makes a big mess. To avoid this you should try to change your bong's water after each session. There's nothing like a nice clean bong rip.

    15) Being baked is no excuse to eat all the food at a friends house - This is just ridiculous, just because you're high doesn't mean you have the right to eat someone's food. It's just like a drunk driver that blames driving his car into a tree on the alcohol he drank.

    16) Passing to the left - Always pass to the left. It's a "rule" that is strictly enforced in some circles, breaking the rule is punishable by death by stoning in others (terrible pun). Really though, it's up to you as to which direction you pass your smoking tool. Passing to the left is sort of just a pot smoking tradition.

    (Thanks to: IglooBuds, JuanRing, rr518, Snazzers, Florida420bud)

    Any suggestions? Feel free to say something. I'll add it to the guide.

    Have Fun. Stay High.
  2. Lol thank you, Mr. Bear.
  3. You're welcome lol
  4. For real, a friend of mine was nice enough to buy a sack to smoke out like 7 people, and there was a girl there, that doesn't even smoke often, and she said she was about to leave, so we're all taking bong rips, and we all take one an pass, it gets to her, and she takes like 3 rips without even caring, I was about to backhand the bitch.
  5. This is the best ettiqute threadni have seen in my short time here on the city. Great set of guidelines and thanks for actually explaining them.
  6. Seems like you've got all the basics, it would be helpful to others if this was stickied.
  7. I agree, this would male a valuable sticky.

  8. so very true
  9. Puff, Pass on glass bongs/spoons/chillums
    Puff, Puff, Pass on joints/blunts
  10. That's my basic rule of thumb as well.

    Good guide though, man. I vote for it to be stickied.
  11. Very nice bro!

    You got all the basics, but i have one pet peeve that drives me insane that i'd like to contribute.

    I used to pitch on sacks with my brother, who's my age, especially when i was younger, like 15-16, because i was always tight on cash. Anyway, whenever we bought a sack, he'd always hang onto it, and we'd smoke it together, but he'd always take it after the session was over, and he'd smoke the shit out of it by himself.

    This pissed me the hell off, because i always paid half and usually by the end of it i'd smoked like 1.5g's out of a quarter.

    It seems like a no-brainer, but when i confronted him about it he didn't realize he'd done anything wrong, so i thought i'd add it.

    So, when going half/half on sacks, always be courteous to your "business" partner:smoke:
  12. Thanks for the input guys.

    Juan: I'll definitely add that when I get the chance, didn't even think about that when i thought about my list lol. But yeah that is pretty annoying.

  13. I'll add this in too. :cool:

  14. The smarter move is to split it immediately after you pick it up and before smoking. That way you can both take a sack and smoke it as you wish.
  15. always offer the owner of the weed greens, i usually don't care, but ure smokin their weed, they get special privileges. If ure at sumones house, control ure munchies, nothing worse than wakin up the next morning to a near empty fridge and pantry. If u break sumones piece, offer up some money for compensation. thats about it for me great guide
  16. This is what me and my mate do when we buy bags together, one person splits the bag in half then the other person gets to pick which half they want. Seems like a fair way of doing it:D

  17. Hahahaha i laughed for 5 minutes on this......really.

    Great guide bear +rep
    Im stoned :smoke:
  18. If your blazed at someone elses house, being high doesnt give you the right to tear through their kitchen and eat everything in sight.

    ^^which i could explain this to a friend of mine
  19. respect the glass!!

    i cant tell you how often i have people beign clumsy with my glass, and then i never let em use it again.
  20. A general rule is always pass to the left. But right on friday. Also, if a bowl is cached on someone, they should get greens next time. And never never never screw with the rotation.

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