The Bay Area this Weekend

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  1. Whats there to do in the Bay Area on Weekends with about 10 dollars in your pocket and a full tank of gas? I aint trynna get stuck @ my uncles pad on a weekend in San Fran! :smoking:
  2. Clubbin'?
  3. The local Indie music festival is this weekend...and it's exactly $10, so you're good. Here's the site to check it out:

    The Squid List's hard to do much in SF for like $10, they call it expensive for a reason. If you want to focus on the "full tank of gas" instead, try hiking in Muir Woods, it's quite awesome if you've never been.

  4. You could come to my house and I'll smoke you out all weekend and chill pick up some females

  5. how do i know your not going to skin me and wear my clothes as a vest or something? :p

    ill check that out, i just want to not be home. and hike. naaa. theres werewolves in SF!

    im only 19. i wouldnt be able to get booze unless i gotta deploy the Casanova skills.
  6. Lol Im just a friendly grasscity stoner
  7. Lulz.

    I'm not hating, but I would've thought the sameeee thing :D mostly because I'm a girl, though.
  8. Well, I was gunna say to go to a bar and watch the sharks rip the wild, but, youre only 19. I Lolled.:wave: Shit, go pick up the dude down there, then come down to SJ and we can match something up! Ive got some tasty early girl.

  9. aha woah woah woah SF to SJ is a helluva trek and heyyy 19 is the new 21 ;)

    ewww PLUR...............

    what part of SF you stay at? haha no homo
  10. lol wtf, youve got a full tank of gas fool. lol. Its like a 30/45 min drive.

    AND JVjr408 is in SJ as well sukka!



    I would smoke you out too, Coast.


    No, I wouldn't. I'm lying. :devious:
  12. Coast, meet Pwnt. Pwnt, Meet Coast.

  13. I'm pretty sure I know Coast a lot better than you do.

    But that's very sweet of you to stick up for your boyfriend like that.


    Sike. Coast is my loverboy. Puahahaaa. :D
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    why everyone so mean to us youngin's :(
    and im not your loverboy im just tryna get in yo jeans jk lmfao

    and wait isnt san Jose pass lake elsinore?

    AWWW WAIT time out... i just failed. thats san diego :(

    But yeah who wanna hotbox my uncles H2... lmfao i just thought of this right now. ill put in 5... and the other 5 for munchies haha
  15. 1. I was telling him he just got pwnt by you
    2. He just pwnt himself.
  16. its alright dev, she just likes to eat people out. she a mean girl.
  17. I like eatin females out...never been one to enjoy getting eaten though...:p
  18. aha you got madden 10? if you got madden im so going to pick your option for the weekend in sf
    im a madden fcken guru.
  19. ugh.. you boys are weird..

    and i'm not mean. [​IMG]

    but i do bite. ;) just a little. and not too, too hard.
  20. Nope, I have given up my video game addiction. Wanna buy a world of warcraft account? 3 geared 80s. lol.

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