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    There are 45 videos, each are 10 Minutes, and 55 Seconds long. If you have time, watch each and everyone. I thought this man was a fool when I began watching, but please, bare with it, and you will see. He seems like he doesn't understand what he's talking about. That is NOT the case. This man has done many years of research and work. He explains the basic aspects of life and the way we have changed. Nassim has changed my perspective on how I live my life. Please watch.

    1 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 1/45
    2 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 2/45
    3 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 3/45
    4 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 4/45
    5 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 5/45
    6 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 6/45
    7 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 7/45
    8 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 8/45
    9 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 9/45
    10 YouTube - Nassim Harmein 10/45
    11 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 11/45
    12 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 12/45
    13 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 13/45
    14 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 14/45
    15 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 15/45
    16 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 16/45
    17 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 17/45
    18 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 18/45
    19 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 19/45
    20 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 20/45
    21 YouTube - Naaim Haramein 21/45
    22 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 22/45
    23 YouTube - Nassim Harrimein 23/45
    24 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 25/45
    25 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 25/45
    26 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 26/45
    27 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 27/45
    28 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 28/45
    29 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 29/45
    30 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 30/45
    31 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 31/45
    32 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 32/45
    33 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 33/45
    34 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 34/45
    35 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 35/45
    36 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 36/45
    37 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 37/45
    38 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 38/45
    39 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 39/45
    40 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 40/45
    41 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 41/45
    42 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 42/45
    43 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 43/45
    44 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 44/45
    45 YouTube - Nassim Haramein 45/45

    There's absolutely no need to have 45 videos embedded into one thread. Please don't do this to your fellow stoners again. Not everyone can handle the loading time and effects. Thanks. *RMJL

  2. no way in hell am I going to watch 450 minutes of somebody talking :eek: I don't care if he explains the meaning of life, that's just way too much :p
  3. ^no shit. Can you summarize what he's talking about?
  4. TBH, it's pretty awful stuff, just pseudo-physics. 'Sacred Geometry' nonsense, trying to link it with everything from chakras to the Mayan prophecies. Another second-rate wannabe author looking to scam up his sales. Don't waste your time.

    BTW, posting all the vid's here slows the page down pretty badly, could you take a few off perhaps? Say, 44 of them?:)

  5. To MelT,

    I don't believe it's nonsense, I really believe passionately that there are many things to be learned. It gives an open sense if anything, and I don't enjoy that you would write it off so quickly without even taking the time. I do not think your approach was at all appropriate.

  6. one video+related video feature=good

  7. I think his approach was basically letting you know that some of our computers drag ass when loading youtubes and it's really not necessary to post that many...maybe just post one with links to the rest?

    I couldn't watch them if I wanted to because I have dialup and each 10 minute video will take at least a half hour to fully load before I can watch it...

    Maybe you could just post a link to somewhere we could read it?
  8. it's seven hours, man :eek:

    lsd can change your life in three ;)
  9. A different argument. I agree there are many, many things left for mankind to learn, but that has no bearing on this video or why anyone should believe what it contains. Not only is it wrong, it's misleading, therefore not something that should be regarded as leading us towards a greater truth or knoweldge of reality. If you think his physics are correct, then please post links showing where his work is peer reviewed in any sensible science journal.

    That's fairly odd thing to say, that you don't enjoy me writing it off? You've posted information in an open forum for people's comments - mine are 'people's comments', I'm not happy to have to disagree with you and I don't do it with any malice, but it IS wrong.

    You're assuming that I've jut discarded all of the above out of hand when that's far from being the case. The above is yet another part of a well-known scam to try and validate things like 'Sacred Geometry' and sell more books for a handful of authors peddling stories about it and other silliness, like 2012. Rather than wade through every single one of the above (I did 10), what I did instead was check out the website and history of the man who is speaking above. He is a complete and utter charlatan, and his 'science' is anything but.

    One of the things I do, part hobby/part work, is track the rise of spurious beliefs (like say 'Zeitgeist') and how they come to be accepted as real; it's something I've done for about 30 years now. I have a great interest too in the development of language and writing systems in ancient cultures going back to about 12,000 BC, and the development of Tantra and the key ideas within Hinduism and Buddhism (I'm a Buddhist). I am to some extent also an Egyptologist with particular interest in the early and pre-dynastic eras. The reason I say all of this silly guff is that one of the things that I have explored in detail, and am qualified by experience to explore and view objectively, is 'Sacred Geometry' which is one of the key elements of the whole theory - remove it and the supposed links to egypt and 'sacred energy' then there's nothing left.

    The science is wrong, the history is wrong, the symbolism is wrong. As 'Sacred Geometry is pretty much the sole invention of a well known chancer, anti-semite, anti-christian and with not a clue concerning the egypt he writes about a Mr Drunvalo Melchizedek Drunvalo Melchizedek's Personal Website - Mainpage I can tell you with absolute certainty, that it is lies.

    If you want to meet an angry man, he's your boy, leader of his own sect and the ultimate source of just about every one of the anti-freemasonry, anti-government conspiracies currently doing the rounds.

    Okay. Sorry to have to pile all that out, I'm quite sure that you belief the above in good heart and it is NOT YOUR FAULT. To a lay person it all sounds credible, but truly, hardly a word above - in the places where it counts - is true.

    Everyone else go to his website and read an overall view of what the whole theory is and what it concerns and make your own minds up. It is awful...

  10. You don't have to disagree with him, what he says isn't poisonous.
  11. Why would you ask us to watch 450 minutes of self-admitted nonsensical video?

    Bring up his most pressing points that aren't nonsense, and you'll have much more answers.
  12. Sorry, not with you? Do you mean that this posting should be left unanswered and not criticised, unlike all other posts here?

    Actually, 'poison' is exactly what it is. What else would you call nonsensical science and history, rewritten to deceive those who read it, purely with the intention of selling books that are purposely inflammatory and meant to cause people to hate each other? Mr Melchizedek has a lot to answer for on this count, this is yet another of his scams.


  13. I will second this.

  14. LOL!:)

    He doesn't get any better...or any more accurate unfortunately.

  15. I posted his work which has been peer reviewed. Which seems to be atleast some what accurate. And yes im aware that according to some of the existing theories this doesnt work but what he is trying to say is that this is bringing it back to the fundamentals. Also im sure that he isnt 100% right but that he is atleast on the right track and he still makes some serious connections.

    "I believe that I have really found the relationship between gravitation and electricity, assuming that the Miller experiments are based on a fundamental error. Otherwise, the whole relativity theory collapses like a house of cards."— Albert Einstein, in a letter to Robert Millikan, June 1921 (in Clark 1971, p.328)

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