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  1. Everything you wanted to know about seeds


    I could type out a couple paragraphs but a member did it in one.. so I'll just borrow from him

    I'm not too big on leaving a plastic bag over a branch for a week .. so 3-4 days is sufficient in my experience .

    also it should be noted that by only seeding one or two branches, You'll not ruin your sensimilla crop :)


    Seeds are best kept : airtight, between the temps of 34 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit ( your fridge works exceedingly well), with some sort of wicking agent. Desiccant packages ( those little "salt packs" you find in shoes and pill bottles to keep em dry ) or rice kernels work well IME.

    I have seen lots of growers say to keep seeds in the freezer. The same rules apply as keeping em in the fridge. Get em airtight and add something that can wick away moisture should it accumulate. ( personally, I've had bad luck with freezers and seeds, so I stick to the fridge)

    now feel free to ask any questions .. but please remember this is not a breeding thread per say, it is the thread for growers who simply want to keep their genetics alive, so question accordingly please.


    PS ..Yes, I'll/We'll answer the basic breeding questions, but let's keep this thread simple. TYIA
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  2. Ok i lets say I have Northern light and I want to cross it with Mendocino purple kush. The female purple kush is seeded and from there I plant 24 seeds. Lets say for example 17 out of the 24 where female. I want to add the purple color and high cbd to the n.lights high cbd. So what phenos should I look for, obviously other than the fastest growing/sexing and purple color trait. Should I look for only the indica dominant pheno?

  3. I'm not gonna be running breeding programs for members. sorry :eek:

    May I suggest you pick up these books. Marijuana Botany: Propagation and Breeding of Distinctive Cannabis (9780914171782): Robert Connell Clarke: Books
  4. nice thread...what's the longest you've ever kept beans and had successful germination?
  5. Do cotton balls work as a good wicking agent or should I find some sillica gel packs?
  6. that I've been in control of from harvest to germination? about 6 years.

    that I was given... 15+ years.

    But here is the thing.. I dropped 50+, and only had a handful germ. I used GA3 (10 PPM) and they didn't make it long. none of em got out of the seedling stage. they just "ran out of gas" 4-5 days afterwards.

    I try to get thru beans with in 2 year of acquisition. better all around.

    no,not really. I'm sure they can be used for short term storage, Rice works though & it's cheap.
  7. [quote name='"Wharfrat74"']
    no,not really. I'm sure they can be used for short term storage, Rice works though & it's cheap.[/quote]

    Cool, yeah I've got plenty of rice. Doesn't really matter what kind right?
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    no instant rice.
  9. [quote name='"Wharfrat74"']no instant rice.[/quote]

    Word thanks for the heads up.
  10. ive had no problems in the past with bagging the branch for 24-48 hrs....
  11. Next year im going to breed. Ok so heres my question in the past i collected pollen
    but when i stored it in a air tight little jar it clumped up an was useless. Should i put
    rice in with the pollen? Oh my method for aplying the pollen is to brush it on with a
    small paint brush.
  12. flour..use flour for pollen.

    A. it increases the amount of pollen you have to work with, as a cutting agent

    B. it is also a wicking agent.
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  13. how long until you can plant beans from a seedy harvest?
  14. A thought occurred in the past and was dismissed...this was pollinating females with the superskunk(ibl) male we have, then the females that are chosen from the pollination, the same male would pollinate again(his clone), instead of the usual... keeping the mom and breeding back to her...since the superskunk has been bred with itself since Jerry died...hella stable
    Well, to make a long strange trip a bit shorter, a male clone mustve got mislabled, and placed in the greenhouse. it was discovered, but at trim time, it was noticed that preflowers were pollinated.
    Its the same male that was saved for its distinct lemon scent,for breeding purposes, just somehow mislabeled
    My question is a rather simple one.
    Even tho it was thought of but the idea discarded, would placing select females of these beans in with everything to be bred...will they be any more stable...they were accidental, but their genetics are known and reproducible.
    They are the Superskunk X Vanilla Kush, Blueberry Headband, Superskunk, Lost Coast OG, and Bubba
    The plan is to use the following females: reserva privada OG , a cheese, a tahoe OG, a Lost Coast oG, a blue dream, a Jedi kush,and some purple kush. A tahoe male is available, but he may cross it again(w tahoe), and Then we will get a willbe like f3 or f4 by then
  15. this is how I store my seeds... bagged up in 50s with silica gel then put inside an airtight container and kept in my fridge.
    I'm still getting over 90% germination rate 5 years later on those

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    when I breed I breed a single male with a single female. usually the whole plant, not just one branch. but my plants are kept small. the two plants are put in in together, just them, and left there for a week. males are often kept somewhere cool for a couple of weeks otherwise he blows his beans too early.

    if I need to collect pollen its collected like this....
    and stored in airtight containers with a little flour and rice. its kept in the fridge but it only lasts a few weeks.

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    Fuckin sick, bro. Not planning on one plant pollination, or even collecting pollen, but a bunch of beans, for more selection for the next rounds. But that is a cool pic and grate idea

    damn, i didnt even see the other post on previous page...awesome that they are germinating 5 yrs later, and with such success. thanks for the inspiration, man
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    hi friends

    i´m planing on producing my own beans

    i want to make them feminized

    i will use a barney´s farm critical kush as hermye (colloidal silver) and ak 48 and northern light from nirvana , power plant from dutch passion and the last lavander from CBD seeds as mothers/girls
    all the seeds are feminized except the power plant

    as i understand from the first post i have to start flowering all plants at the same time and apply the polen in week 4 and wait 4 more weeks to get the seeds

    anny name for the hybrids ? :D

    anny advice is welcomed and apreciated

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  19. Hey MS
    As I understand it, before I read this, is that the seeds take 25-30 days to mature.
    I read on another forum that one dude pollinated his blueberrys w a blueberry male. An he wished he would have waited, as there would have been many more pistils to be pollinated, and some calyxes produced shitty seeds
    Im not sure how to use GA3 or colloidial silver, is there a thread on that?
    Is Gibberellic acid organic sourced? can it be? if not Ill stick to reg
    isnt critical kush a big bud hybrid? Possibly big guns(ak48), just a name I though of
  20. hi al k mist

    thanks for the name , it´s nice

    here is the info about critical kush:

    flower time:\t55-60 days
    harvest time:\tEnd September
    genetics:\tCritical Mass X O.G. Kush

    i will grow the plants for about one month from seed before switching them to flower and at the begining of flowering i will start to spray the critical kush with colloidal silver 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks. and in day 28-30 i will put the hermied kush inside the tent with the girls (1 male , 4-6 females)

    i will start the seeds on 12-15 november and i guess that i will make some kind of a journal in the breeding subforum

    all i know about GA3 is that is a plant hormone
    here is the info from wikipedia:
    Gibberellic acid (also called Gibberellin A3, GA, and GA3) is a hormone found in plants. Its chemical formula is C19H22O6. When purified, it is a white to pale-yellow solid.
    Gibberellic acid is a simple gibberellin, a pentacyclic diterpene acid promoting growth and elongation of cells. It affects decomposition of plants and helps plants grow if used in small amounts, but eventually plants develop tolerance to it. GA stimulates the cells of germinating seeds to produce mRNA molecules that code for hydrolytic enzymes. Gibberellic acid is a very potent hormone whose natural occurrence in plants controls their development. Since GA regulates growth, applications of very low concentrations can have a profound effect while too much will have the opposite effect. It is usually used in concentrations between 0.01 and 10 mg/L.
    GA was first identified in Japan in 1935, as a metabolic byproduct of the plant pathogen Gibberella fujikuroi (thus the name), which afflicts rice plants; fujikuroi-infected plants develop bakanae ("foolish seedling"), which causes them to grow so much taller than normal that they die from no longer being sturdy enough to support their own weight.
    Gibberellins have a number of effects on plant development. They can stimulate rapid stem and root growth, induce mitotic division in the leaves of some plants, and increase seed germination rate.
    Gibberellic acid is sometimes used in laboratory and greenhouse settings to trigger germination in seeds that would otherwise remain dormant. It is also widely used in the grape-growing industry as a hormone to induce the production of larger bundles and bigger grapes, especially Thompson seedless grapes, and in the Okanagan and Creston Valley, it is used in the cherry industry as a growth regulato

    to turn a female into a hermie you have to spray it with colloidal silver or gibberellic acid but you can also keep a female in flower much longer that it should and if you are lucky it will turn hermie
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