The banana trick what is it and how is done

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by katana2k9, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. hi all i have heard that a banana can be used to induce a female plant can anyone please drop me a link to this post or explain how its done much appreciated KAT :)
  2. collect the little banana's and smash them into a powder, then paint them on with a paint brush to your female where your wanting to induce
  3. Huh? That's a new one. Hadn't heard that version before.

    It's not a trick, it's actually a religion. Which, should give you some idea of the validity of its' claims. Basically, the theory is that all ripening fruit gives of ethelyne gas. Bananas are particualarly good producers of the gas. And, supposedly the gas enduces your plants to be female.

    So, to do it you just place a banana at the base of your plant while it is in the veg stage. Leave the banana there until it turns black and then replace with a new one.

    There have been some wild claims that people have 100% success with the method, but I have seen very little scientific evidence. But hey, if you want to try it more power to you.

    Good luck.
  4. Can you induce an already male plant to become a female? My only skunk turned out to have balls today, it was disheartening.
  5. well its worth a try isnt it i mean whats the worst this technique can do i mean it wont kill a plant will it
  6. Well, at least one scientific study has shown that marijuana plants treated with ethylene will have a higher rate of females.

    I tried throwing bananas in the pots but I didn't feel like it should work. The ethylene released by a bana in a paper bag is enough to ripen other fruits but I didn't feel like putting bananas out in the open in my grow room where a fan runs 24/7 was going to do much. On the other hand, I found female preflowers on one of the plants i put a banan under the other day. Haven't found sex on the other one yet.
  7. Never understood the terminology..

    To me when someone refers to a banana it is a female plant that goes hermie in the later stages. This is typically seen by a banana shaped male pollen sack coming out of a bud site. Forgive me if I am wrong.

    NOW if your plant goes hermie why the hell would you want to capture pollen from it? Unless of course your thing is producing more hermies.

    There are a ton of ways to capture pollen and produce seeds. I came up with this after getting a few ideas from other sources.

    As always use at your own RISK. Note this site is on its way out.
  8. hmmm thats interesting ahh hell to it ill give it a shot and see how it goes, while i got you i was wondering do you know much about heat stress i misted my plants earlier and didnt let them cool down got a little burn on some of the leaves any info on what to do
  9. Sorry to hear the bad news about the skunk....No, once its male, its male. That is determined by genetics.
  10. When you put the bannana at the base of the plant would you keep the peal on or off?
  11. hate to bust ur bubbles but high times did a study on this and found out it's just a myth.. google it for ur self
  12. haha thats great news to hear. i was gonna try that on my new plants just sprouting
  13. google'd it for a few hours with no it plz.

    how could this be false if ethene gas clearly increases female rates?
  14. Source?
  15. Thanks Rusty. That actually isn't the study but an overview of the topic and does cite a study where ethylene is found to have a feminizing effect on cannabis. It's only one study, though, and I can't find the original source. Good info, however I would need to see particulars of the study and, more importantly, other studies that corroborate the findings before I begin to believe it (key principle of scientific testing -- can you replicate the results?).
  16. I'm aware it's a review paper but it's from peer-reviewed literature which is as trustworthy a source as you can find and the cited study isn't available for free. All I said was that I was aware there has been at least one scientific study on cannabis the results of which were that ethelene has feminizing effects.
  17. Absolutely, glad you brought it to my/our attention, good info to have in the mix.

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