The ballsyist thing you done involving weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Atlas, May 27, 2009.

  1. I.... I just sit around. :(
  2. put a hp of it in my car and drove home
  3. me and my brother robbed my girlfriends x boyfriend of 5 pounds and 3 grand
    she had the key and he was gone so me and my bro walked right up in there
  4. buying hash from a rickshaw driver in delhi
  5. Passed a bong around while driving a car in a crowded neighborhood in the middle of the day with people outside in plain view of us haha.
  6. 3 years ago me and a friend robbed a garage for beer, hopped in my buddies car, crashed the car, cops came and got us for possession, spent 2 nights in juvie
  7. we do this shit everyday in houston, we'll smoke in plain view in neighborhoods, populated highways, etc. i wouldn't really call that ballsy at all.
  8. Good for you lol, but for me that's an easy way to get caught, especially in the neighborhood we did it in. I can't think of anything else either.
  9. Lit up a joint as soon as I walked out from work, started a session with my co-workers too, hopefully they don't look at the parking lot cameras
  10. got sprayed in the face w/ pepper spray. lol. Guess that would be more "stupid" than "ballsy"

    or doin deals in public, like in front of McDonald's w/ my buddy walkin up to my car w/ a pound in his hand like it's nothing lol. Glad i don't do that shit anymore
  11. Pooped a cornish game hen.
  12. walking on the avenue smoking joints like cigarettes?
  13. Use to spark up with a friend at work and walk around the block smoking
    Smoking on the front of my porch
    Robbed a kingpin of 3ozs
  14. I was in a riot during Spring Jam at the university of mn. We just got done smoking my buddies bong and he heard that there was a riot so we walked to where we heard it was. When we got there it was only a fire in the street but after the first cop came there people started throwing shit like bottles and rocks at the cops. After like 10 minutes more cops came in riot gear and stood there for like 10 minutes then it sounded like fireworks went off and they fucking tear gassed us! I left right after that but you could still hear them shooting off more tear gas for an hour
  15. um.... walkin to class with a joint or a blunt... or driving a couple hundred miles with a few lbs in the trunk.

    Oh, and i smoked a joint last night at about 2am walking home from my friends (literally like, 200 yards down the street) and 2 foxes crossed my path on the street, scaring the shit outta, me... when i get back home, i see the light in my garage is on, which means something walked infront of the sensor within the last 5 mins... I was like, wtf? nobodys awake... i approach with caution, and a skunk literally runs infront of me, so close i coulda kicked it, and it just ran away... damn lucky i didnt get sprayed, that was some scary shit.

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