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  1. What's good blades? Well I decided to start my own journal after watching and learning from all of you guys and gals out there. I don't consider myself a noob, due to the knowledge I have gathered over the years (limited, couldn't grow former Navy) and all growing experience has been successful (two grows, one bag seed male that turned into compost and a Auto Purple that got smoked), but all constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged.

    Grow space:
    Sterilite tote 20"L x 15"W x 12"H

    One gallon smart pot

    Grow medium:
    Terminal compost, worm castings, rock dust, coco, chunky perlite, and FFOF

    PC fan, passive intake holes, and a small desk fan

    Delicious seeds Critical Sensi Star (Feminized)

    CFLs 4 23w 2700k and 1 23w 6500k

    I hope I didn't forget anything, if there is any questions about the set up let me know.
  2. The grow is already under way, 3 days in so far. I germinated using the paper towel method three days ago and put the sprouted trap root in a coco-perlite mix, this is it now. WP_20150530_001.jpg
    Yes do you have a picture from your setup? :D
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    Thanks for dropping by @Weedle, yeah this is it. Stealth is not an issue just space.

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  5. From the outside WP_20150531_002.jpg
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    Day 2
    So my seedling broke ground yesterday and the cab is running about five degrees warmer than the room. The room stays around 72 so I'm pretty good with that. Not much going on yet but everything is running smoothly so far. WP_20150601_001.jpg
  7. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
    Looks like you have 3 of your 5 CFLs in use at the moment, so you need better ventilation if you are gonna add the other 2 CFLs.
    Also its better to make the box lightproof because light at the wrong moment can stress your plant. In this begin state its not really important, but once she go in flowering you need a lightproof box.
    I don't see the PC fan and desktop fan in your pictures so can't give you suggestions about that part. 
    Do you already thought about odor control? I know you don't have to grow stealth, but its for your own home environment. Its amazing how much a small plant can stink :)
  9. I agree with you 100 percent on the ventilation. With all lights on it gets up to 90 degrees. I threw this box together in about 45 minutes when my wife ,out if the blue, said we should just grow our own. This is after two years of saying no. So I guess you can understand the excitement, but I will definitely be light proofing the box. This is another shot of the PC fan. WP_20150601_004.jpg
  10. Day 3

    Same o'l same o'l other than thermostat and putting the fan in place.
    The seedling is looking a little droopy, but I am running the lights in the hottest part of the day, 24/0 right now. Once it gets 10 days old I'll run a 12/12 light cycle. 81 degrees is the hottest it runs. WP_20150602_002.jpg
  11. If I were you and had my own house to grow in I would dedicate either a closet or some basement space to grow in. You should check out some grow tents (you can get a tent for <$100 on amazon or ebay, do a bit of research). with a grow tent you could put a real light in that would be able to grow real big buds (such as a 400w/600w/1000w). As weedle said your box is not light proof which could cause your plant to hermie later in the game, also once your plant starts to flower there is no way your box is going to be able to contain it. i would say ditch the box and look into investing in a tent/big ass light if you want to actually pull a decent yield.
  12. Thanks for stopping by t, I will be light proofing the box, as for a tent, I just don't have the room. I working with the space my wife gives me. After hearing no for two years I'll take what I can get. I know how big theses plants can get and have taken that into full consideration. It's not my first grow, just the first time at my place.
  13. Well I have time to light proof my box thanks to my wife's cat. While make improvements to the ventilation the cat ate off one of two true leaves and destroyed the root system that had reached the bottom of the container. Since it already suffered a little bit of heat stress, I decided to put it outside and germinate a new seed (C99). If it last long enough to clone, I'll consider it a win. I'm not going to flower it.
  14. Day1
    Checked on the new seed today and it had broken soil. After ventilation improvements the box runs 79 degrees with all lights running during the hottest part of the day. I added a 25CFM PC fan as an intake.

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  15. Day2
    Temps are holding steady and its looking healthy. Ten times better than the CSS sprout. WP_20150610_003.jpg WP_20150610_005.jpg
  16. a new life come out , i like it  it owesome for me .
    Its alive! Let the ride begin [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. Glad you poked your head in.
  19. The stem looks so much stronger than the last. I'll update alot more once things really take off and I begin to LST. I think once the C99 is harvested the wife will let me expand like you did. It's her favorite stain.
    Great I hope it for you! Fingers crossed [​IMG] [​IMG]

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