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The Bachelorette?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. My spousal unit and female offspring have been watching this drivel, plastic, false, crapola on Wednesday night for the last several weeks. I've not seen one realistic thing to recreate the things you'll need to know in a long term relationship.

    Trips to Vegas, San Diego, candlelight dinners on the beach?

    How about the one where Trista gets PMS and calls the guys mother a fat overbearing cow?

    Or, where the dude has to hold a damp cloth on the back of Trista's neck while she heaves her guts 'cause she had a little too much tequila with those enchaladas.

    Or where the dude tries to hide that really stinky fart under the blankets cause he knows that one is gonna wake her up.

    Ya want reality TV, then dammit, let's make it real!!!
  2. dude i totally hear you that show is so bogus. all television does now is brainwash you and make you stupid. well most television anyway
  3. i laugh my butt off at joe millionare, and I HATE that guy, Hate that show but i cant stop watching it.

    oh, back to the sounds like YOUR the one hooked on the bachelorette. :)

  4. NO WAY! I'm getting nailed by second hand exposure, I need to move the 'puter out to the garage.

    It's kinda like a bad car wreck or a really fat woman in shorts bending over in the supermarket, ya don't wanna look, but you do, and then you REALLY wish you had'nt!
  5. it sounds preeety firsthand
  6. Dammit woman! You doubt my word? I shall reign o'er thee with the pain of a thousand Tennesee Leg Hounds!
  7. I have no idea where that came from, must be the medications.
  8. aaw,
    an i wanted one of those scraggley mutts.
  9. BTW, Thanks for turning another thread away from it's point.

    You are soooooooo goooooood!

    I'm trying to get back ahead of you in posts!

    But I can't compete with your deep replies,


    "I know."

    I'm still get goosebumps over the implications of that one!:):p

  10. LMAO he said Tennesse leg hound again! LOL

    BTW I agree with Highya.. Sounds like first hand experience!
  11. Ah phooey. There's just no tellin you two anything!:p
  12. we could just straighten this out her an now mr. im sure it was you , lemme check again......

    yep you!...
    Dammit woman! You doubt my word? I shall reign o'er thee with the pain of a thousand Tennesee Leg Hounds!

    oh, back to the sounds like YOUR the one hooked on the bachelorette.
    hhm i think it was YOU :D that pulled a higha


  13. our deep replies, eh?

  14. You know so much about the show. You can't honestly say you weren't paying attention!
  15. At least it was more than two words!:p
  16. Oh, I see now that I have to react more quickly.


    Just can't do it.
  17. haha you even counted the smiley.
    topic changer!
  18. I must go sleep now for the meds are taking over, I may even return to the great pastime of a job tomorrow. So I can't play with you all anymore tonight.

    Night y'all.

    Try and behave.
  19. about the "i know"
    quite honestly nothing else needed to be said.
    um, its not how deep you dig before you reach the worm :)

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