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The awsome Mold!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Canadian, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. This is it, i have found the craziest token tool ever! The pure Ice bong. Basically, its a mold of a bong, you put water in it and freeze it, getting my point? When your ready for a toke-e-smoke, bring out the mold, take it off, and voulua! a nice icy bong! and yes, you ahve to have a bowl or your own to put in it, cuz common, you cant toke outta a icy bowl! anyways the bowl should be glass of cource, less conductive to heat and taste much better, cuz you dont want the ice to melt. Best useful in room temperature.
  2. ill just stick to ice in my bong.. cause when you take a hit you would have to keep wiping off your mouth.. and while holding it or whaterev it would melt all over the place... but it couldent hurt to try
  3. Well he lives in canada with the polar bears and escomos and such, its always cold up there so his ice bong wouldnt melt, doncha know eh?
  4. Corectoss, , and yes, it does get really annoying when after like 3 hits, theres a hole in the chamber, but its all good, just add water and refreze.
  5. I'd be afraid that my lips would be wet and get stuck to the ice!

    But like I always say...

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