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The Average regs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Grandfather, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Would someone be generous enough to post a close up picture picture of some regs. Nothing special type weed. I don't want to start another thread so I will just ask here, how would half a gram look in a bag?

  2. [​IMG]Here is a pic of regs compared to dank.  Not my pic btw, and way over half a gram
  3. are you first starting?
  4. #4 Iluvatar, Jun 3, 2013
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    A half a gram of regs would probably be about the size of a quarter(currency).  Perhaps slightly larger
  5. no my friend he said reg not tree bark
    regs look better than this thats just some straight up brick weed. who in there right mind smokes that
  6. Brick weed is regs.  Anything not brick is usually called mids
  7. But yeah that is some dirty weed.  I've seen brick regs that actually was nice and green
  8. #8 Jayohe12, Jun 3, 2013
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    nah man. anything not dank is reg. in the hood all dank is kush anything diff is regs. this is why kush is straight popular. some even call regs fire but its still not kush. but yeah.
    Edit: or dro. dro is dank to even if its not grown hydro.
    today's smokers are dumb and categorizes all great weed as either a strain or method of growing 
  9. There is a huge difference between schwagg and decent mids.  Idc what you may call it in the hood but there are different scales of non-dank bud
    Calling all dank kush is just ridiculous, too
  10. I personally don't call all dank kush but I do agree with calling all mids ref though. What mid can keep you lifted for 2hrs off one bowl? Beasters maybe but that's 15-20 a g over here same as Dank prices.

    DowntownClownFrown DowntownClownFrown

  11. #11 smokedietcoke, Jun 4, 2013
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    the reg I get:
    it's not anything awful and unsmokeable ...just nothing compared so some loud or even mids. it's just decent reg. 
  12. How much was it
  13. ^ reg is $5/g around here pretty consistently 
  14. This post is so full of fail.
  15. wtf im just telling it how it is in michigan. why are you starting sht?
  16. It's not like that where I'm at in MI, bud. We speak like we know what we're talking about where I'm at. 
  17. It's not like that where I'm at in MI, bud. We speak like we know what we're talking about where I'm at.
    </blockquote>Ok and who wrote the rulebook stating what shit should be called.?

    DowntownClownFrown DowntownClownFrown

  18. Dayum that brown on the right looks like it was scraped from the bottom of a compost bin!
  19. Yeah thats some of the worst I've ever seen lol
    I've had some brown stuff before but nothing that nasty
  20. the people who grow it? if its not hydroponically grown, its not dro. if its not a kush strain, its not kush... wtf?
    i thought i twas obvious lol

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