the autoflowering experiment

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  1. ok so what im doing right now after 2 harvests of feminized jack 47, ice cool, cream caramel, other sweet seeds, SLH, and hawaiian snow ive decided to see for my self if autoflowering is better then normal.

    i had 5 red dwarf, 5 deimos, 3 big devil, 3 pakistani ryder, 3 afghani ryders, 5 green o matics, 1 auto tautenkaumen of pyramid seeds....i have all those seeds.....all will update when i get different ones like easy ryder and purple jems.

    all 5 red dwarfs have sprouted ........ all 3 afghanis have sprouted....tautenkaumen sprouted....1 big devil sprouted and the other 2 have germinated(prolly sprout tomorrow)....1 pakistan was dead inside and never germinated...1 needs to be germinated....and the 3rd succesfully germinated.

    out of the 5 green o matics only 3 successfuly germinated and only 2 sprouted. 1 red dwarf sprouted the same time as a g o m but the red dwarf is way more aggressive and already has a good amount of bud on it. the g o m is a 3rd of the size of the red dwarf with no bud.

    conclusion: green o matic is one of the worst autoflowering seeds on the market today. i cant believe greenhouse would lower themselves like this.

    sorry i have no pics just wanted to guide you guys into the best seeds.
  2. I'm trying out some autos atm myself. I have a few you mentioned. My Red Dwarf is kickin ass, Barney's Flower Power looks great. Both are showing female at less than a month old, nice structure.

    I'm germing Big Buddha Automatic and GHS Green-o-matic, I hope what you say about green-o-matic isn't true for all the seeds :(
  3. It isn't true that green-o-matic is the worst autoflower *EVER*, I've seen a grow report on another forum of someone having 100% germ rate for green-o-matic and a very very very succesful harvest from it. Might be RIU or IC.
  4. Yeah some good experienced with it in other forums. I'll have to judge for myself, that's why I have one of each strain!
  5. dude that sounds like a killer line up man you gotta do a journal. as far as the green o matics i ordered 2 from the single seed centre and 2 for 2 germinated and they are gonna get the chop in like 10 days. they are in the vegg thread in my sig. they are keeping up and they smell really good bro. sorry you had such a bum experience. but i had the same happen to me on the 2 el diavolo's i got from wws:smoking:
  6. update.........

    the second g o m has been over a week on light and hasnt shed its shell.....really weird. its not growing its just sitting there in seedling form. the only g o m that made it lol is extremly senstive to watering compared to all others and still has no bud.

    3 afghanis successfully sprouted

    2 paki´s successfully sprouted 1 needing germinating ....took 1 of them 4 days to germ lol...but it did.

    3 big devil´s germed and sprouted at an accelerated level compared to all of them except red dwarf. and the oldest is growing like a beast. ive never been let down by sweet seeds except for their green poison.

    i will be germinating buddha seeds deimos in 5 days when i harvest my hawaiian snow and SLH. im expecting big things seeing how great red dwarf is.

    im aware of the other grow journals on g o m on the other forums but from watching it grow and 4 out of 5 pretty much trash......its an extremely inferior to all plants i have ever grown. 2 of the seeds were brown in the inside from the start

    i wish i could upload pictures but until i get enough money to get my own computer i cant do it lol.......but mabye by the time winter rolls around ill have lowryder purple gems in and ill be able to post pictures. computers are really expensicve here in europe.
  7. make sure you let us know when you got pics for us i love auto bud porn bro:smoke:
  8. quik update:

    caution: it seems like one of the pakistani ryders from world of seeds havnt germinated and is dead (black inside). and another thing that pissed me of is when i got the seeds my packet wasnt the scratch and win type. lol by the time the promotion stop ill be getting they scratch and win packets.

    caution: the one sprout of g o m that couldnt shed its shell just died. it was really bizarre. greenhouse wtf. the only 1 out of 5 that did make it just started flowering and looks good.

    big devil likes to stretch but its kind of my fault lol with the light.

    i am now germinating a deimos of buddha seeds.

    all of them are really doing great and my oldest red dwarf is a frosty mug.:hello:
  9. i thought it was just my green-o-matic that wasnt growing at all, glad to know that others are experiencing the same problem. I started barneys farm, flower power and ghs green-o-matic at the same time, the fp, has by far surpassed the g-o-m.
  10. for sure bro i just harvested my g.o.m. and its ok but the red dwarf produced more. all the rest of my other plants are halfway there. by far the best plants i got are the pakistani and the afghani ryders. i live in spain and the temp in my grow room is 33C with the air conditioner on. the red and white dwarfs from buddha seeds are alot more sensitive to the heat and pests.......the afghani and paki are are just monsters...producing more then my super lemon haze right now and are super heat resistant. 3rd place goes to sweet seeds big devil which is a sative auto but is also really nice.
  11. what hapend whit red dwarf and deimos? Wich day they show her sex? Yield? I grow right now some red dwarf and deimos. You can watch my journal. Give me some advices please
  12. I have Pakistani and Afghan Ryders, not germinated yet anyone have any details?
  13. Right now I got Fruit AutoMatic Dinafem Growing and one Auto Haze Dinafem germ hope it sprouts today or 2morro and 1 BUDDHA SEEDS QUASAR germ waiting for sprout and one big buddha chesile germ and waiting to sprout.:hello:
  14. I had 2 fruit automatics do that 2 weeks ago They couldnt shed em
  15. The bhudda seeds freebies from attitude all died. 7 out of 11 autos didnt make it past 5 days. the 4 surviving haze autos are getting huge very quickly
  16. the budda seed freebe still has n ot cracked its chell and all 4 haze freebes have not even made it pass germ and i got one haze left hopefully it dont die this is bull shit..:(

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