The Auto Option Thread...

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  1. It can be anything....

    from.. paint vs engine


    Christmas tree air freshener vs premium gasoline


    girl in the back seat vs on the hood



    All i ask is you answer the question and give the next person a serious option to anything what-so-fukkkin-ever to an automobile.

    So here it is for the first question?

    Would you rather have henry fords very first car before the model t made of hemp plastic and engineered to run off hemp oil or a 2007 dodge viper?
  2. Well that's easy, viper fer sure. Speaking of vipers:

    Viper or Vette? Assuming similar years w/ money out of the ?
  3. If we are talking out of the factory i'd have to go with the dodge.

    Would you rather own a hybrid car or a one ton diesel?
  4. One ton diesel all the way.

    AWD or RWD?
  5. RWD

    Camaro or Mustang?
  6. The new 5.0

    V6 or Inline 6?
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    More horsepower, or more torque?
  8. Torque. I want power off the line.

    22" spinners or no hubcaps at all?
  9. No hubcaps whatsoever.

    Drag race, or road course?
  10. Both.

    Turbocharger or Supercharger?
  11. Supercharger

    Speed or luxury?
  12. Going to go with both.

    For a supercar, V8, V10, V12?
  13. V12 Lamborghini aventador

    Lamborghini or Nissan skyline r34
  14. Depends on the lambo model.

    STi or Lancer Evo?
  15. Evo for the price, but I'd probably get a wrx sti.

    Rally or drag
  16. drag

    classic muscle or new muscle
  17. Classic all the way.

    Import or bonafide American.
  18. American for sure.

    car or truck
  19. Truck

    Skittles or Starburst
  20. skittles.

    big block or small block?

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