The Auto-Experience: Unstealthy PC Grow #1

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ET said WHAT, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Thanks! Got the seeds from attitude seed bank. Never had any problems in the 4+ orders that I've done. Always ordered guaranteed shipping though to make it through customs easier.

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  2. looking good ET!

    times are definitely getting exciting for sure.
  3. Ok good, thank you. I was planning on getting some from there. Ive been doing a PC grow for some time and I wanna invest into some decent seeds. What type of lowryder should
    I get? I wanna get a lowryder strain. But don't know what ones best.
  4. Honestly, this is the only Ryder I've grown so far. I think they may still be doing the freebies. I got a sugar mango Ryder and a Pakistan Ryder a freebies from there. So maybe check the deals and buy from there.

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  5. Damn it looks so good. Makes me wanna grow indoors, but I am only allowed to grow outside. Ah well, I guess growing outside is better than nothing.
  6. I would rather grow outdoor tbh. Idk why but I just love outdoor weed.

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  7. So the top still isn't showing much of anything except clear trichomes. There's a little amber in there. Around the other parts of the plant I'm finding milky and amber in some spots. I've been checking constantly, what has me concerned is the top is sprouting a second pair of white hairs everywhere. Is this normal for an AF plant? Did it go to long and did I miss the frame to harvest it?

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  8. How many days are you at? Like how long have you been going?
  9. A couple days past 2 months. The rest of the plant is starting to catch up and I can see some milky on the other bud sites. I did find some on the top but it was pretty scarce.

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  10. You should get some more pictures up!
  11. Damn, those look good, i'm going to do a little inside grow in not long (a box one, but bigger than a pc case (about 90cm hight max.), and this thread just showed me the possiblitys ! Really looking forward to seeing your final result !
    I got a question although, how much nutrients (and that kind of stuff) have you used?
    Defo sub'ing this thread!!! :D
  12. I used floranova grow during veg and floranova bloom with bud-XL in the middle of the flowering.






    Took these last night but forgot to put them up.

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  13. Your girl looks great! Your lst is perfect for what I am wanting to do. Subbed for it! let us know your yield!
  14. Plant is hanging up to dry.

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  15. Good! How did it go with harvesting? Overall was it worth it and was it fun?
  16. It was worth it. Only expenses I had was the case building supplies. Everything else we already had around the house. It was fun, I'm getting ready to start a Pakistan Ryder seed. The amnesia auto takes 80-85 days whereas the PR takes around 55 days. Sounds much better to me!

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  17. Yeah I had the same thing for my PC case, so easy to make. But my firstgrow ended up to be a male... Sadly. I just ordered 3 easy ryder seeds just waiting for them to get here!
    Can't wait to see your next grow! Maybe I'll start one too.
    When you gonna have the pictures up from your harvest?
  18. Not too bad IMO.


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  19. Not bad at all, how much for wet weight?
  20. I didn't weigh it wet, just wanted to hang it and get it drying. A lot of other work going on around the place.

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