The Auto-Experience: Unstealthy PC Grow #1

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ET said WHAT, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Congrats man. Yeah the 7th was my birthday lol. Glad the plant is still going good too. How much did you work on it when you were waiting? :p
  2. I only came home to feed it when I would come to shower! Haha. I'd check water levels, ph, etc. and that was it. :p It's done pretty well for itself. I've been feeding every other night after 7 when the lights come back on.
  3. Damn. I've lost track of all time since the baby is home. Figured I owed you all an update though. Plant is growing real nice still. Just been hitting it with flora nova bloom and some H&G bud-XL.


  4. looking good ET.

    glad you had the time to keep us posted.
  5. I'm going to try more. Just hard to have any free time with work, baby, and full time schooling(shits getting real!) but I'll be doing another one right after this plant as well, but this time it'll be an amnesia auto.
  6. dont worry about it man.

    you just do what you have to do!

    im interested to see how that amnesia will go.

    dinafem auto original amnesia? -- got the same seed freebie! (attitude)
  7. Yep! For a few of them actually. We order a lot from there.
  8. Subbed, Cute baby and great grow cant wait to see how it plays out!
  9. Subbed.. I'm interested in doing a pc grow soon and this is a great example.

    Quick question though. I have done a lot of research on growing and not very many of my sources talked about training the plant... I see what you are doing to train it, but is that something I would definitely need to do if I did a pc grow? I can see how that would definitely help it fill out more space instead of growing straight up.

    Congrats on the baby as well :)
  10. I did LST with the expectation that the plant would grow enough to train it around the pot. This would have been the case with a photo period plant, but with the autoflower it just didn't grow as much as I had expected. I am doing it because of space, as my case is really small. I know there is another method called screen of green but I had a giant box of paper clips at my exposal, so that's why I went with training the plant. Also since there's not a whole lot of light with the CFL's, I wanted to train it to get as much light as possible to the bottom bud sites. I'd recommend doing it.
  11. Removed all the paperclips holding the branches down, with the exception of a couple that were stretching a little too close. I thought it would help open the plant up itself and get light to where it needs it most. I noticed a huge change in growth since doing this.




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  12. Wow! She is looking amazing! Can't wait to see the end result! How much longer are you thinking?
  13. Honestly I have no idea. I have a feeling that the rest of the plant is behind in growth compared to what would be the top cola. I think by having the branches held down for so long it stunted the growth.

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  14. This look like a magnesium deficiency to any of you? Not my plant, one of the mothers we have.



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  15. [quote name='"ET said WHAT"']This look like a magnesium deficiency to any of you? Not my plant, one of the mothers we have.

    Using the Grass City app for the iPhone.[/quote]

    I hold my breath because I love the taste

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  16. looking good ET.

    sorry i cant help you with the deficiency -- hope some more experience growers will help.

    have you tested the ph out of the soil at all tho? -- hope youre not getting a ph lock out.
  17. Looks like a sulphur def based on looking at the chart
  18. So I just realized that I'm not even two months in since I started germinating the seed. Plant is looking mighty frosty!




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  19. Nice dude,. nice
  20. Wow man! That is looking good!
    Where'd you order your seeds from?

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