The Attitude shipping really slow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by xGUCCI, May 4, 2011.

  1. I live in Ontario, Canada. I placed my order on April 2, 2011 and shipped my order out on April 5th. Its almost a full month and i haven't received my order yet.
  2. Probably got lost then. They ship from UK goes via USPS and they inherently suck throughly.
  3. Yeah id ont understand how an order can take over three weeks???

    What does the post office intentionally pile the mail up?

    It must sit in the same spot for weeks on end.

    Three weeks is enough time to travel around the world 50 times.

  4. dude... i orered some 2days ago and now the site isnt even runnung this is my first time and i feel like i just got ripped off
  5. ordered..
  6. relax its a database error. server got overloaded and its now a weekend in the uk. you didnt get ripped just chill.
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    Thanks man.. I was feeling sick...
  8. Yeah attitude is pretty sweet....i've ordered a few times and they've always shown up....

  9. received anything yet?
  10. I ordered a week ago and got an email saying my payment was processed. This doesn't seem the same as a shipping email, are they the same?
  11. Relax people they are for real. I don't even follow the shipping/tracking info with the Tude for years now and they always do me solid. Just got another order in yesterday rock solid.
  12. if it has been 21 days, after, your order was sent, call em and get a new order on the way..... You, did get insured shipping right ?
  13. Attitude is a very respectiful seedbank. They have great customer service if you contact them.

    Give it time, this time of the year is especially busy for them;)

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