The Attitude Seedbank is screwing me over!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Darksid3, Jun 2, 2009.

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    I ordered seeds from them about 6 weeks ago. This is my first time ordered seeds, and I was nervous to say the least.

    I ordered about $250 worth of seeds, so its no small order. Anyways, about 4 weeks goes by, and nothing yet. I email Rachel and she reminds me that some orders take longer than others. Ok, whatever Im in Florida, so thats a possibility. Her emails are usually about 1 day behind, which is about whats expected.

    Anyways, about 4.5 weeks after I order, my package shows up. All it has in it is a smashed bundled tshirt, and no seeds whatsoever. The package is about the size of my fist, so the shirt was really crammed in there. Inside the shirt is a little paper flare that says "inspected by 9" laying there. To me its a pretty obvious seizure.

    I email them about a week and a half ago, and I get no response. I send another email, and nothing once again. I am about to just say screw it and open a claim with my cc company. Bad idea?

    I highly recommend NOT ordering from these people. I am out $250, and I get no responses via email at all. They are a terrible business, and wont ever get another dime from me.

    Do you think calling would be a good idea?

    oh, and I need some lowryders, anyone wanna sell me some :)

  2. Get your orginal lowryders from sannieshop $25 usd thats where i got mine from...
  3. should of placed 2 orders each for 125 etc then probly wouldn't get ripped off lol small orders work better not their faulght they got ripped from customs
  4. They are supposed to guarantee shipments, thats why I paid $25 to ship them in a tshirt.

    Either way Im getting screwed.

    Has anyone ever tried to file a claim with their credit card company?
  5. That really sux! You are living what all of us that order through a seedbank are afraid of.
    I would probably have to let it go. Phoning them and getting the cc company involved might get you more hassle than your seeds getting confiscated.

    :cool: I've seen a lot of posts that divuldge too much information that should be kept stealth. I hope we don't start to see more of this happening to blades.
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    """"""Receiving Orders (Export)

    Goods in stock will be despatched within 1 to 3 working days
    Goods should be with you within 5 to 21 days. If goods do not arrive within 21 days please notify us immediately
    Please note we cannot guarantee international deliverys unless you opt for International Signed for delivery, as we have no means of tracking standard parcels internationally, However we do produce proof of postage certificate on standard deliverys. """""

    Took this quote directly from their terms and conditions page. Perhaps you misunderstood the tshirt option for the certified mail that you must sign to recieve?

    Seeds are illegal in the us, and sometimes orders get caught, you can't blame the seed bank for customs getting your order.

    For this One confiscated order( im sure its not the only believe me) I have seen so many other posts saying how much this seed company rocks, i myself did not have a problem with them the one time i ordered. And i even did it with my own credit card to my own adress. No problems whatsoever. Splitting your order up into two orders is wise advice, the extra 1 or two freebie seeds you get for making the more expensive order certainly is not worth losing your entire order if your mail gets searched.

    To second what i read above, people really need to watch what they divluge about seed companies. Websites like this are the best way for Cops to learn how to find seeds, because people talk :)

    Quick addition to my reply, I can't see how it would be wise at all to file a claim for not recieving an illegal order, just does not seem smart to me no matter what you can and can't get away with.
  7. maybe before you order 250 dollars worht of seeds you should have done some reasearch. theres about a millions threads on every weed forum saying not to order huge orders, instead order 2 or 3 smaller ones. i myself have ordered twice and i orders 120 bucks worht of seeds and they always came promptly. its your fault for not researching the how-tos of ordering illegal items into the country. your fault completly.
  8. P.S. i live in florida as well
  9. I have gone through many orders between buying for me and some friends because they get their mail searched by their parents when they are home in the summer and spring. Never once did I get more than 30 seeds at a time, because a box coming from the netherlands is quite suspicious. I didn't use the T-shirt method though, I got them like you normally would, and they came in a small envelope, which didn't even have a customs sticker on it, because they only search boxes.

    I know it is not true that they only search boxes, but searching an envelope takes much more time for them than boxes because all they have to do it cut a box open and look inside and tape it back up, a sealed envelope is not so easy to close, as it needs to be cut open. which means they need a new envelope, which means they need to rewrite the address and put on a new postage stamp. the process on boxes is much easier.
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    i doubt that any company guaruntees all shipments

    most will give you back half of what you spent as long as you can prove it was taken (which means the small paper that asks if you want to destroy or ship back the contraband - a small paper saying "inspected by" either means that he was a lazy fuck and just threw them out or you are not telling us the whole truth)

    i havent ordered in ages, but when i did, i lost a few orders

    it is the price of business
  11. I think the OP is being completly unreasonable here. Before you make purchases like this actually read the agreement. Atttude clearly states to check your laws before ordering and they aren't responsible you decided to make an illegal transaction. Atttude provided the exact service they claimed and should not be bashed on for something completly out of their control. You knew when placng the order that there was a risk involved, your stuff was taken deal with it because it isn't Attitudes problem you decided to break the law. This is like doing 100 down the highway knowing it's illegal and then telling the cop not to write you a ticket. Bottom line here is you knew this could happen and it sucks that it did but you knew so grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

    On a side note I have placed several orders with Attitude and have recieved them each time. Every time I have ordered I have recieved absolute excellent customer service to.
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