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  1. So I have heard many positive things about Attitude seed bank. But however I have heard some negative things also that didn't sound legit. Was wondering If any one could talk from experience to give me there opinion on it. I plan on using a pre-paid visa card. This is there web-sight. Cannabis Seeds Attitude Marijuana Seeds
  2. I've used them several times and have ZERO complaints!

    www.allaccessgift to find somewhere to buy the gift card and you are off.

    Good luck and be patient!
  3. What is the point of buying a gift card verse a normal credit card? Credit cards waive all false transactions if that is the concern...or is there something else going on there?
  4. nope you are right 100% but some people get sketched out a little. we are stoners so paranoia may run a little high first couple orders. me myself i took the plunge with my own credit card first and 2 dozen orders later still no problems using it. but some blades just dont want a connection between them and the transaction, and this is understandable considering not everyone is in a legal state like me.:smoking:
  5. Good deal, thanks grasshumper. Yeah that makes sense, I am now legal, amazing how stress-free things are now ;-)
  6. if your in a legal state.. just use your own credit card and attitude will ship it to ya faster on future orders after your first.. that's just how i do it and get my orders in literally under a week to the coast
  7. I have had no issues with The Attitude in terms of paying, shipping, or customer service. I have placed 4 orders from them and 4 orders from HighGrade Seeds. All have arrived within 10 days and no worries at all. I have used CC, Cash, and Paypal.
  8. leaves paper trail
  9. if you are worried about a trail of paper getting you into trouble then you shouldnt grow :D
  10. I've used them plenty of times with no problems, although they could make cooler t-shirts.
  11. While I don't have anything to say about the prepaid gift card I will say attitude is great. During the whole 420 promotion the site said you specifically had to add the mug and t-shirt to your basket. I was just ordering for the free seeds and didn't really care about the extra shit comen to my mailbox so I didn't add. About a week after I received my seeds, my gurl checks the mail and bam a mug and shirt. While I didn't care enough to add it to my cart they took the liberty to send it for free later anyways.
    Granted they could of thought it was an ordering mistake, they could of thought lets send him one anyway, or they coulda even been like damn we got a lot of extra mugs send him one anyways. Any way you look at it they're about customer service.
  12. I would normally just use my credit card. But with all the stories I have heard recently about the security of their website I would only order with a pre-paid giftcard. Granted that credit cards are secured for fraud, who wants to deal with all that nonsense and the threat of identity theft if it can be avoided. Thanks for the person who posted the location finder for the gift cards.:hello:
  13. To OP, if you do go with Attitude I would wait till june 4th
    They are running a promotion for every order 20 Euros and up you get 7 free fems (sensi star,chronic,sour kush, motavation,wappa,warlock, and sour cream)

    Check there newsletter,
    and I think you'll still get regular UFO's
  14. Have had three orders from them. All came on time. No shipping issues. Only one of the freebies out of 7 was worth any trouble it was called pure gold. But it is gone now because it was not good enough. Don't waste your time with their freebies! Ordered Jack H from them, all died or did not spout. Bummer. Ordered White Russian and what I got has in no way any of the characteristics of the plant they discribed when i bought. One strain AFgan Kush, no longer carried, was, is good. All the rest were are junk. I don't like their customer service much either. Though after waiting five or so days inbetween every email they do sometimes get back with you, they just tell you to send back the items, like that is possible after planting, and then say we will give you a discount on your next order. Not really the best way to go. Why would I want more crapy stuff and have to pay for more and shipping back... Best choice, find a clone from someone that has a great strain, hard to do and they will know you are doing it so good luck but also stay away from any cash to Nirvana, They Will Steal It..... GL....... I don't actually grow anything, just like to pretend I do.....

  15. That and attitude is known to selectively charge credit cards.
    I cant believe no one here heard about that.. They bought an apple ipad with some dudes CC, a lot of complaints were coming up about attitude for awhile.
    If you deal with these sketch artists use a prepaid.
  16. I'm happy with them!:hello:
  17. Placed an order Jun 2nd with a allaccess visa and I received it today in the US, 7 days stealth skipping without the guarantee thats pretty good in my book. Also all the seed looks healthy.
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    use attitude all the time, and love it... though i do now have a box of crappy t-shirts:smoking:
  19. what a helpful and constructive reply.
  20. Attitude is great. Many orders, always perfect. Dynamite selection. Very nice people, Rachel and the call in staff. Excellent stealth. Rating: Excellent!

    Highgrade is my other favorite. Solid outfit and good hearty "classic" strains. Good prices. Always extra seeds. Slower than Attitude but never fail. Rating: Excellent!

    And no, I don't shill for them. I just want you all to rest easy. :)

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