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  1. I decided instead of buying cheap seeds (white widow, northern lights, ice, crystal all for a little over $100) I would get some quality genetics from Attitude's pick n mix. The following seeds are what I am planning on getting and then cloning.

    G13 Labs Northern Lights X Skunk Feminized - 1 seed
    World of Seeds Afghan Kush Feminized - 1 seed
    Greenhouse Seeds Himalayan Gold Feminized - 1 seed
    Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Feminized - 1 seed (want for a mid summer harvest)
    Greenhouse Seeds The Church Feminized - 1 seed
    Green House Seeds White Widow Feminized - 5 seeds

    I'm also going to get another 5 seed pack of Greenhouse Seeds but am debating between Big Bang, Lemon Skunk, A.M.S., Alaskan Ice, or Trainwreck. I'm leaning more towards Alaskan Ice or Trainwreck (loved dankohzee's trainwreck from '08) . Any thoughts on that?

    Has anyone grown these strains? (I know oldpork grew the GHS white widow which is why I'm getting it) Does anyone have any suggests for different strains from the pick n mix? Any info/tips?

    I'm also located in Maine so keep that in mind as we get our last frost between April 20th to 29th and our first frost between Oct 15th and Nov 1st.

    Thanks for any information guys.
  2. Alaskan Ice sounds good so i ordered it and trainwreck sounded good too, too bad here in alaska Alaskan Ice doesnt have nearly enough time too flower out. but if you got the room you cant beat a good sativa.
  3. get some great white shark amazing high and you can get a lot off the harvest.
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    nice variety, but you wont be able to choose from the different phenos of those strains. also the white dwarf is autoflowering which makes cloning a not gonna happen. maybe you could stress it to get seeds but idk..

    i have an afghan kush bean too. big ol juicy bastard.

    i ordered violator kush[barneys] & sensi starr[paradise] from them and received 8 free seeds. 5 power skunk, 1 fem white widow, one fem purple power, and one fem gigabud i think.. all from g13 labs.

    it pays to make decent sized orders for the free genetics. we could probably sell one of the fem'd beans for 20ish around here. lol.
  5. What do you mean?

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