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The Attitude Seed Bank Reviews

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Woodsmantoker, May 7, 2009.

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    PLEASE NOTE: We cannot respond to emails with any ref: to growing or gemination and cannot give any advice. We can only sell seeds as souvenirs or for storage incase the laws may change.

    This is posted to the site where you are to contact the company.

    Stealthy way to do business? Or sly way to shew off unsatisfied customers?

  2. Well I should first point out that a business with a web site that has such typos should consider hiring an editor. (gemination / germination) You're a seed bank; if not able to speak about it you should at least be able to spell germination.

    Upon my first attempt at a business relationship with this seed bank, I experienced an unsatisfactory outcome.

    Order: 5 Widow from Greenhouse
    Arrived: 5 White Rhino

    Germination: 2 of five survived.
    (Wet rock wool at 80F) typically 100% germ rate

    Now from Green House you would expect a quality product however, Green House Seeds can not take responsibility for poor handling by distributors like Attitude. I would say Green House has actually taken a step to protect quality that most seed banks have yet to introduce and that's the slider packet that the seeds are packaged in. I would also expect that Green House takes temperature and humidity into factor when storing their product. But what about a company that sells "souvenirs"? As I stated in an email to the company, satisfaction is what drives the seed business and if the customer can only expect a poor quality souvenir, I don't think that I can recommend this seed bank to anyone.

    Granted: They have the opportunity to reply to my email, (or call me "I included that info") and remedy this situation. If that becomes the case, I will report on it and be sure to update my opinion of this company and any recommendations I may have considering this was my first attempt at business with Attitude Seed Bank.

    Your opinions?
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  3. once you open the package, unless theyre crushed, theres not much to be done about it. they say its a souvenir and i would believe that means any attempt at growing the seed is out of their hands.

    sorry but it sounds like legitimate business to me.
  4. Well, thats funny, i am currently dealing with them as we speak, or trying to anyways...I am a repeat customer, my second order that i recieved about 4 days ago, lst Monday, i got 36 seeds in this last order and all were good except, all 10 Hashberry seeds..Well i sent them an email with 2 very detailed pictures, Showing the completely crushed seeds, in the UN-opened original breeders package..I was very polite and respectful to them, and actually told them that i am a very happy and loyal customer, I would just like for this small problem to be taken care of, meaning, please send me more seeds, of the exact order i paid for, or give me a store credit for the loss of those seeds, it was only 10 seeds that cost $30.00.......Well, 1 more email from me and 2 days later.....I finally heard back from them, it was a very short and not very helpful at all...The girls name was Rachel, she said "im sorry to hear you have a problem with us...send the seeds back to us, at the address below and we will send you new seeds."... Well, i thought that was absolutley ridiculous, That i would have to send illegal seeds that are completely worthless to anyone, half way accross the world, So i can get the 30 dollar seeds i paid for...So i sent her another email simply saying.....Is this really Attitudes policy with damaged seeds? Even though i sent 2 detailed close up pictures of the seeds in the original package un-opened....I told her, Still being very respectful mind you,that i have had other seedbanks send me the wrong order, and they told me to not only keep those seeds, but that they would send me the right order free of charge.... i really wasnt expecting a bank with so many good reviews to expect people to send back worthless illegal seeds that were crushed due to faulty packaging all the way back to them, at the customers expense...i asked her a few more questions about me sending the seeds back, such as, do i need to put a return address on the envelope? Do i need to send them priority, so we have a tracking number for it? Simple questions so everything would hopefully go smoothly, and i could finally get my seeds....Well I have not heard back from her or anyone from Attitude for that matter...It really sucks, cause i like The Attitude, but I cant do business with someone that doesnt care about customer satisfaction, and it is very obvious, The Attitude could care less... Customer service is not very good at all(SO far) and to be honest, SOUVENIRS?!?!? Really!?!?! LOL....What im getting from all this, is that when they want people to send 30 dollars of crushed seeds back to them,I think there reasoning is..... If we ask people to send back there crushed seeds, most people wont want to deal with the trouble, therefor, we can keep their money and we wont have to resend the seeds...Thats my opinion,, For a company that doesnt want people to talk about marijuana, or growing marijuana or germination, why would they want a bunch of idiots through out the world sending worthless seeds to them? It really doesnt look good on their part...I have talked to a couple others on GC about this very situation, and i have been told that 2 months ago samething happened to them, so they sent the seeds back, and still nothing...He hasn't even heard from Attitude anymore.....WOW! Pretty shameless.....I will certainly keep everyone posted on this matter, I already have a thread going on the front page named "Attitude seeds crushed in the mail....HELP"......SO ladies and Gents, Stay Tuned for some more bullshit from the Attitude! Hope this helps someone in the future, because there are banks out there that do "guarentee" delivery and even germination....So take it all into consideration.....If all companys would package the way that my Posoin Dwarf seeds from G13 LABS came in, customers would never get crushed seeds, Its a new way of packaging for them and it works..They are putting all their seeds in a small tube, something like you would get a sample of cologne in at the mall......It works very well and its impossible to crush them in it...Seed companies need to wake up and get in line....By the way, FYI, No breeder endorses The Attitude, so what does that say? Make up your own opinion, Im not bashing The Attitude or any other seedbank, im simple telling you my experience with them this week, the order before this past one was great, all the seeds were there and all viable...In all i've ordered 60 seeds from them, in 2 seperate orders, all was good EXCEPT the 10 crushed Hashberry seeds from Mandala, Im sure Mandala Mike would not be happy to hear how they are treating this situation, but like i said, The Attitude is NOT an official dealer for any breeder, in short......Its my fault for dealing with them......Live and learn:smoke:....Later folks:wave:....Hope this helps...


    P.S. WOW! This is by far the longest thread ive written about anything, Grass City is turning me into a nerd:D....HELP!!!! HAHAHAH
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    Jesus God man! Thats a book.............What the hell is wrong with me?
    By the way, if you actually read all of that, let me know, ill + rep ya......LOL..you deserve it...

    -Rusty :smoking:

  6. LOL, Really??? What are you their attorney?

    So you legitimately buy these for souvenir? You know damn well what the "legitimacy" is over. You also know how satisfied a customer you would be given the same circumstance. Can you tell me that you are a member of this community because your too a souvenir collector? And you’re comfortable with similar results? Well you must be! Hell that’s just good business, I’m sorry legitimate business. Right....

    Let me say this, how do you think Arjan feels about his souvenirs? Do you honestly believe he condones this type of business with his genetics and name for that mater?
    I think you don’t have the bias that I do "true". I think that you believe in keeping their "good? Name" for undisclosed reason and I also believe that you would never order a $200 packet of name brand souvenirs given your interest in the cultivation of cannabis. Just my opinion.....
  7. I just received my first order from them and have 2 (of 6) Kandy Kush seeds germinating as we speak.

    The seeds took 6 days from completion of order to my doorstep.

    Both have cracked within 24 hours and I'm just waiting until the tap root gets a little longer before the transplant, I'll let you know how it goes.

    So far, they get an A+ from me.
  8. After reading so many posts about the various seed banks, I don't know where the f**k to go now. I was going to use BC. Nah, too many problem posts. Then High Grade seeds. Nah, no good. Greenhouse doesn't ship to the Us. Mandala, Nirvana, seems like you may encounter problems where ever you go. I was just on Attitude, and getting serious, now this. I just don't know what to think? :confused_2: I'm not saying I don't appreciate the heads up, I definately do.

    Plus, I keep reading about gloves and tubes, pretty soon customs personnel will start to look for these items. Especially a tube, it wouldn't be hard to inspect packages for little tubes.

    Also, if everybody is using Attitude, do you think they might become more suspect with so many orders? Similar packaging, size, and mostly going to the US? If they snag one order they are clued in.

    I don't know what the answer is. I want some seeds damit. :smoke:
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    So you give an A+ for personal experience (I would too in your position), I am curious to know your opinion/grade on company policy however.

    "Personally I would give that rep point to the company that created the seed";)
  10. I have HGS genetics in my garden right now, so I can personally vouch for them. They take a long time to deliver, but they always come and they do make good on their Delivery Guarantee.

    I just got my first order from Attitude, so I can vouch for the delivery aspect of the seed bank.

    Any seed bank you review, you'll find good and bad experiences with them, that's how it goes with business.

    Customs has way too many packages to look over for weapons, drugs, anthrax, and whatever else they are looking for. Marijuana seeds are not at the top of their priorities list. I'd even venture to guess a seed package would have to stick out like a sore thumb to get snagged by them.

    Just make the best decision you can, it's always a toss up when your dealing with illegal seeds and the US mail service.
  11. It is possible Attitude has let success go to their heads, to the point that 1 customer is not that important anymore.
  12. Knowing customs is busy makes me feel better for everyone concerned. Sometimes I feel like we live in a small world and it's getting smaller all the time. I just hope I get my seeds, they germ, and grow. And that I get treated correctly.

    I always get really nervous when I do illegal things. :bongin: :D
  13. In Light of Buzzlightone's comments and questions:

    In all honesty, if ordering from Attitude it's very "I would even say most" likely that you would receive your item, have no problem, and do just fine. Or they couldn't sustain business.

    Like others have said, were truly not bashing anyone nor our beloved companies; it's more or less sharing experience and opinion. Opinions are mixed for good reason. Never the less, it's highly unlikely that you will see problems as a result of ordering contraband. It's more or less your choice of company that each one is fighting for, and thus they will rely on positive reviews. In order to change crap policies like those of the bank this thread is reviewing however, we must voice our opinions and sway folks like your self.

    Take your time, this is an absolutely wonderful community to be a member of and your choice to seek personal experience reviews of individual seed banks marks your ability to be a smart shopper. I am sure given time and a few tries you will be on your way to successful cultivation. God speed and good growin!
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    :D That would be a good thing! :rolleyes:

    Id like to think the illegal act was the act of illegalizing cannabis to begin with, but given that I dont condone acting illegally, keep your nerves in check they keep your ass out of trouble!
  15. I'm not sure. I've typed a few paragraphs over and over on this post now only to highlight and delete everything.

    Honestly, I can see where you both are coming from.

    Attitude doesn't want to be scammed or they may have a policy with the breeders regarding damaged seeds. If they send you another order without getting the first back, they just paid the breeder for 2 packs of seeds and only got paid for one. At least with the damaged pack, Attitude could return them to GHS or whoever and possibly get some sort of credit through them.

    You don't want to ship the seeds back for obvious reasons, but that's not helping you out with your damaged seeds.

    So obviously you two are at a standstill. I'd be pissed if I were you, but I could still understand where Attitude stands on this matter (seeing as they ship world wide and not everyone would have as much difficulty sending them back).
  16. I ordered 29 seeds from attitude a week or two ago and just got them today (don't know how long they were in my PO Box though.) Very happy so far, we'll see how they go.
  17. ive ordered from them 3 times and they got my order correct 3 times
    i know they fucked up amoril's order but they told him to keep the worng seeds and they sent him new ones... he wrote a thread about it
  18. If the first time I got pulled over and searched the cop let me off for the roach in the ash tray, would that constitute a reliable vouch for law enforcement not charging for simple possession?
    Your position is valid, your comments welcomed, and your opinion valued.

    Keep in mind however; first timers are one opinion to consider not a reliable source of recommendation.

  19. I never said I was a "reliable source of recommendation", but don't ask me condescending questions when I don't give you the answer you are looking for. You asked my opinion, I gave it. If you really valued my opinion, you wouldn't have questioned it.

    And if you'd like a condescending answer to that question, then yes, you could vouch for that particular officer, just as I am vouching for this particular seed bank. Nobody can vouch for "law enforcement", just as nobody can vouch for all seed banks.
  20. "Nobody can vouch for "law enforcement", just as nobody can vouch for all seed banks"

    Glad you understand my point.

    p.s. the statement was for viewers of your post and I am in the same position of being a first timer.

    As for my “condescending” question: Of course I wanted your opinion as to comment on it that's what this is all about. It was not a bait and switch attempt as you obviously feel. It's merely to get down to your opinion, without predisposed assumption. I brought forth a point that I felt needed to be made by asking you for your opinion "and I appreciate your willingness to do so" so that I could comment on just that. You obviously believe what I said was true (your quote above) but that doesn't make me better than you and that's what condescending means…(note: for those who don't know) sorry you feel that way.

    Please don't take opposition as a threat to your credibility. It's not my intention nor is it the fact of the matter.
    Again, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

    As for the community: I don't condone social superiority on my threads, please excuse me for any comments that I have made or will make in the future that makes you fell this way. It's not my intention.:eek:

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