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  1. Just tried to order from Attitude.. I bought one of those Greendot refillable cards from walmart just for this order.. Well I put $160 on the card and proceeded to place my order.. The order was declined so I tried it again and at the end of the ordering process all the sudden the screen jumped back to my shopping cart.. I thought the order may have gone through so I checked the balance of my card and there where two transatcions made one from QI for $102.98 and another from UOL Jono online for $1.00.. I contacted The Attitude and they said they have no affiliation with either companys... now I'm out 104 bucks which is not that big of a deal but what really pisses me off is how am I gonna get my seeds... Is this a common occurrence with The Attitude and would it be wise to just send cash??
  2. I have been reading around and a lot of people say the same thing. Someone got charged for their order and an iPod that someone ordered from Apple in the U.K. but their credit card company detected it and denied it (which would be a scary call to get).

    Is it possible you could do a chargeback with GreenDot? I know a regular credit card can charge it back, but I am not sure if they allow that on pre-paid's.
  3. I contacted greendot and they said I have try to contact both company's and have them return the money lol.. If they won't then I have to send out a written statment on why I was disputing the transaction along with all types of other shit.. I figure fuck it $104 isn't worth all the bullshit.. I just want to know how to order some seeds from Attitude... I've used Nirvana for a good minute and other then my anti virus not allowing me to go to check out (which I fixed) I've had no problems but they don't carry the strains I want for my next grow..

  4. your money isn't worth it huh...

    sheeple just take it in the arse and won't fight back these days.

    I had an order that did not arrive when it was supposed too (next day) so complained, argued and got the entire cost of shipping refunded since the vendors chosen delivery service failed to honor the terms (next day delivery)...for 17 bucks...

    I do the same for false charges as's my money, not theirs, until I receive a service or items I chose to purchase.

    fight for what is yours or take it like a sheeple...

  5. That is really Sketchy sounds like the attitude have a serious problem keeping hold of your card details, or maybe they are having internal problems with people having access to the card details you entered, and others are having the same problem!

    I always buy my beans at grasscity, they seem to always have the best prices and quick delivery these days. They have just launched a shed load of new Greenhouse Seeds too.

    With some new autoflowerers and EXODUS CHEESE the long awaited cheese form greenhouse.

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    Honestly it's not the cash that bothers me.. It's the fact that I really wanted to try certain strains only available to me through the Attitude... $104 really isn't to bad but I did go ahead and file the paperwork to see if I can get it back. If not oh well I guess I gotta just chaulk it up to a loss.. I think you really have to expect some loss when purchasing illegal items off the net...

    Do they ship to the US??
  7. Attitude Seeds has had an ongoing problem of having customers credit cards hijacked and billed with items the customers never ordered. There's a whole bunch of threads on this very topic in these forums. Attitude is definitely NOT secure.
  8. Hasn't been a problem for me.

    And honestly, I haven't heard of problems with them for a while now, are these old threads you're looking up? I used my personal card this season and there was no problem. Actually I screwed something up and they were completely awesome with the customer service to get it cleared up.

    Statistically speaking, you're in much more danger of having your credit card info stolen when you hand it to your waiter then use it online.
  9. Yes of course they do, and quickly too. PLUS free shipping..... I buy my beans there all the time and apart from one little problem which was ironed out immediately I have never had any problems.

    I steer away from Attitude because they got hacked about a year ago and by the sounds of it they are still having major processing issues.

    Its all about trust with me and I trust EDiT every time.

    Indica Rules! :hello: get that couchlock feeling!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Yeah, roommate told me about that, when we were talking about people hacking websites... I thought these guys were secure! :(
    I personally would pay the extra for not going through all the bullshit with credit card companies! I think I hate them more than fraudsters! lol
    Still not cool :(
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    I used green dot 3 times with attitude in the last year and have had no such problems.Sounds like you got jacked by a hack...
  12. How much was your order ?
  13. $280..
  14. Whenever I have made purchases from Attitude and Sannies Seeds, you are directed to another site to pay with CC . Both have shown that I bought something other than what I purchased . I also was nervous at first, but always got the items I paid for .
  15. They're redirecting you to a payment provider who specializes in making secure credit card purchases, it's a whole industry unto itself. TONS of internet commerce is done that way, only big companies handle their own credit card transactions.

    They give the provider an amount, and a product description, which obviously can't be "Marijana Seeds" or somebody might get upset.They usually call it "Gift lot 2457" or something like that.
  16. My order was only for $100. I figured I'd start off with a smaller order just to check them out first.. I've ordered from Nirvana on several occasions using a greendot card and have had no real problems. There sending me a new card now so I'll try it again as soon as I get it but this time by phone and hopefully I can finally get my OG kush seeds...

    I think I'll give them a try also.. Thanks for the help bro...
  17. You may want to run malware and trojan scanners. Someone getting and using your CC# might have nothing to do with a particular vendor you tried to make a online purchase through.
  18. that sounds about right, you said the page didn't even load for you that time.
  19. If that's the case then Nortons owes me 114 bucks lol... Fuck it Either way all I can say is shit happens and I'll find a way to get my seeds:)...
  20. I used to test out free RATS (remote-assisantance-tools AKA Trojans) for contributing to my corporations anti-virus i once messed around with a co-worker running Norton on our work laptops. He knowingly opened the trojan file and then he did a virus scan and Norton said "No threats detected" and I took the screenshot remotely from my computer and i made it his background with an LOL caption.. But RATS are no joke, if someone you don't know has access like that on your computer they can tell that your growing and doing something more illegal than what they are doing.

    Because we were purposely pentesting the entire corporation we were allowed to install RATS on all of the work computers.. what I then found out about co-workers the next few months is what gave me the courage to start growing... People were using their work computers to visit weed forums, buy growing equipment off ebay and post grow pictures. I also found cheating spouses and weird fetish crap.. but thats aside the point.

    Fact of the matter is that you should probably spring for a better anti-virus, Microsoft Defender is free for all windows 7 users and is actually extremely effective..

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