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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by afganman1, May 14, 2010.

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  1. Ok, I am not hating, I am passing on info. The Attitude does not send you what you order. They send you junk. I know my strains and only in my first order did I get a strain like the one I think I got ordered, get that. Not a bad one but colas are not big enough. Have ordered now 2 times from them and both times the free stuff is either male or is just plain trash and will die or never sprout or take 20 years to finish.. Sorry this is truth. I ordered White Russian last time, Serious Seeds, three of six planted one no show. Others not at all like the discription of the strain. Very leafy, small colas, no trics almost. This strain is said to be 22+ % and uniform with few leaves let me tell you only the crappy NL they sent me had more bud leaves in them. a nightmare to trim. When you write them all they do is send you a letter in like a week saying send them back, like how do I send a male "fem" plant back and why would I want some other crap to waste my electric $'s on.. Please someone give me a strain with great colas and great trics and where to get it... Thanks..... Also Nirvana if you send cash will steal it. So don't like crooks so won't do bus with them either.. Thanks again.....:(
  2. In many cases it is not so much the reseller, but the breeders they get their stock from. I'm sorry, but the Dutch are becoming more and more shady IMHO. This is why I work what I have to get my own seed stock.
  3. of course this has nothing to do with your rez temps running about 98 degreee does it .......
  4. I haven't recieved my order from Nirvana either last year, and I got my seeds from Attitude.. shit I hope they aren't bunk lol. lessismore, what seedbank do you use?
  5. ok maybe their freebies suck sometimes but lately they have been giving out good freebies like the dna genetics.

    they dont have anything to do with the breeding of the seed though..their the middleman.they come in original breeder packs.

    this def has me buggin though cuz i been having problems with my grow but never thought about the seed bank being for fault..just kept thinking it was me fucking em up.
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    I got my order from nirvana no problem. Got it in about a week. Got my order from attitude in early april although I haven't started those yet.

    I will not send cash. Who knows if someone else stole it or steals it before it gets to them. You have to figure it gets passed through a lot of hands on the way.
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    I have no need for seed banks. I get test grow seeds often, and I have over 30 strains, plus about 15 or so of my own creations. IMHO, most Dutch genetics are inferior, and getting worse. I use to buy alot of seeds in the mid 80's, and often get seeds from breeders for test grows, and/or gifted to me to try to get my business, but I usually make my own seeds from most strain that impress me enough to put effort into.

  8. And if/when you go commercial less... I think you would have more than a couple customers from this site, yours truly included. :smoking:

    What is that in your avatar atm?
  9. So if Wal-Mart sells GE toasters and they suck, thats Wal-Marts fault? Gotcha.

    You do know that yeild, potency, etc are tied directly to growing conditions, right? The posted info is based on certain conditions and its potential if grown correctly. Even using a lower wattage bulb but everything else the same will affect every aspect of the grow.

    I feel your pain though, nothing in life is a guarantee. I have had the worst luck with feminized seeds from any breeder. I think I am 2 for 11 right now getting them to pop and sprout into a seedling. I am 100% on all regular seeds. All conditions are the same otherwise. So I am no longer going to buy feminized seeds. I dont mind growing a few and pulling any males or maybe even selectively breeding them to make more seeds.
  10. Well, that is my ultimate dream, however our present laws prevent me from doing so at this time. I do have a couple I feel are ready now(Thai X and Kushmore). I also would like to get some of my outdoor varieties out there for I feel most breeders have lost touch with the outdoor growers. Most of my strains are very durable and very forgiving for I select very carefully for strength as well as potency and flavor. Colors really do not impress me, however a potent stain whih possesses that nice flavor that sticks with you is always a pleasure to smoke.

    Avatar: That is from a Northern Lights #2X5 which I made many seeds. The original genetics came from The Seed Bank in 1986; I never crossed it, only used well selected parents to keep this version of NL going. Although the yields are not as good as most NL's on the market today, IMHO it is the most potent version.
  11. Yeah. You keep seeing all these perfect cola grows with so many uniform full big colas but what strain will do that I don't know. Have tried 11 strains to date and only have three of them going now but none make that christmas tree big main perfect beauty I want. Tried to get Jack Herrer from attitude but they were gargage. I want to find the perfect cola producing, not self flowering or lowryder. Thanks?>>>>>????

  12. All I can say is those perfect grows come from perfect conditions and care. You have a thread about your rez temps being in the upper 90s, that alone will wreak havoc on a plant.

    I could grow a bag seed into a beautiful plant, it just takes the right conditions and a little TLC.
  13. I bought some seeds from them that were bunk, too.
    Right around December 09.

    3NorthernLightsxAfghani + like 4 freebies.

    Of course they give so many freebies, they're all bunk.

    Find growers in your area who have plants going, and get clones off of them. Alot of times people with good strains end up just throwing out their trim and shit, see if you can't talk em into it. Thats the work you have to go through the make it work.

    If you get bunk seeds, always report it to the city!
  14. Don't mean to change the subject or hijack the thread. But how do you like that nirvana ak-48? Checked out your pics. Man that looks killer. I was thinking about ordering some of that from them in the near future. I got nirvana white widow going at the moment.
  15. That was a VERY good grow and I enjoyed the hell out of it afterwards smoking it. The only issue is that I added the Bushmaster too early and stopped the growth a little too much. Also, watch your PH real close in hydro with BM. I let mine go 2 days and PH went almost to 8 and you see the damage it caused. It recovered beautifully just shorter than I wanted. First time using the BM, next time I will let any plant get to within 4 inches my total planned height before adding it.

    It yielded almost 3oz as it was, but if it got 12" taller (double the size it was) it would have been outrageous. Still have 8 of those beans for future grows.
  16. Yeah man like I said, it looked like it was some killer. The AK-48 has some pretty looking buds. Sounds like you still got a pretty good yield from it. Still must have been pretty big? I definitely got to get some of that.

    I am in soil using liquid organic nutes. And I still have 4 beans of the WW. I just did one so if I screwed up that bad I would only loose one seeing this is my first grow. Next WW grow I plan on doing 2. I only have a 150w hps so 2 is about all I will do at one time.

    I have an Afghan Kush Ryder that I think I am going to do next.
  17. I failed to mention that my question was to figure out if I really needed to lower the light cycle rez temps for yield. I did always know that the higher temps were not ideal but it was a short lived issue. Just did not think it time to bring out the a/c just yet... My plants are well taken care of and looking at picks online of one month flowering buds mine are mostly better. Just want the best and with my set up that is possible, and bye the way my rez is now cooled off. The strains I have kept are killer smoke but just not the strain that makes the best single killer sized colas. Heard that Jack Herrer does but I tried to get those as I said. Also my ak is as good and better than the ak-48 pics in the post the guy has here. I am a perfectionist. Also going around trying to find a clone from some dumbass that I don't know, and by the way you never say you are growing remember, would not be wise for me. I want a christmas tree cola strain and you should know that not all make colas like that but there out there. Anyone know which bank and strain to get for that is my last question.... Thanks
    [quote name='Calehedron']All I can say is those perfect grows come from perfect conditions and care. You have a thread about your rez temps being in the upper 90s, that alone will wreak havoc on a plant

    I could grow a bag seed into a beautiful e not the very bests I have just arnt, it just takes the right cond
  18. All I've read from you in this thread is whining whining whining. Just because YOU can't grow a "perfect" cola plant, doesn't mean that the attitude is at fault or even the breeder of the gear you bought. Once you germ that seed the rest is up to you.
  19. The shape has a lot to do with how you prune it. If you cut all under branches except for the main you are going to get the monster baseball bat you are looking for. The more side branches, the more the plant divides its growing potential around. I prefer FIM and topping combined with LST to make ugly shrubs that put out a lot of combined weight. I dont care if its one 3 oz cola or 4 colas that add up to 3oz. My Northern Lights grow was one ugly ass looking plant with 12 mains. I got 6oz total off that plant for as ugly as it looked. I kept 3oz to smoke and used 3 to make butter and hash that blew my mind.

    How a plant looks really has no bearing on what it will produce. Sort of like the Purple strains everyone wants just because its purple. I dont give a shit if the plant is Hot Pink, if it gets me high as hell I am fine with it.
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    Bingo...Right on the money bro!
    BTW...Calehedron, I see you use that Bushmaster. I always use Eco ferts from Eco Enterprises in Seattle.. There bloom dose the same by limiting vertical growth while filling out the plant and is far site cheaper. When I flower the plants don't grow taller...Great stuff!!
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