The Attic

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Chrysamere, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Well I decided that I would bring my camera and take some shots of my buddy's attic. I love this place, we blaze here just about everyday. Tell me this isn't chill? Haha.


    he just got a qp of this fine bud

    that's all for now, peace guys.
  2. If i knew your friend i would give him a handshake, and i would toke their anyday.
  3. Yeah, I mean its the same story every day, i head over to his house, he grabs his huge bag of headies, and just pack a couple bowls in the bong and just chill to some music, nothin better.
  4. I'm pretty big on aesthetics myself. That place would be chill as fuck to smoke at.
  5. Sweet Attic!
    Lovin' the Bob Marley!
  6. thats what stoner heaven is like but there a taco bell also in heavens room...
  7. Hells to the yeah. Taco Bell is a beautiful place man.
  8. yah stoner heaven is only reachable like the vikings valhala (its actually next door to it) but you must be slain while high to reach Stonertopia . the top and best place ever...

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