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  1. Hey atheist blades.  As most of you know, the previous Atheist Lounge was locked (what appears indefinitely) due to being unproductive, which I'm guessing means it provided nothing worthwhile besides offending believers who happened to stumble into a place not intended for them.  In an overly politically correct society, we must remember that insults/harassment not only come from direct person to person confrontation, but can come from publically exercising your 1st Amendment rights even in a semi-private situation (I'm not attacking mods here, just pointing out how our society runs in these times - it is universal).  
    I miss the Atheist Lounge.  I miss having a place to discuss the oppression and harms that come from belief in gods and how it affects our jobs, family, regions in which we live, and our basic daily lives.  If nothing else it is a nice place to talk about general living with likeminded people, which obviously is the original reason for GC in the first place. 
    I do hope that everyone who posts in this new thread will remember to tread lightly and be respectful to other GC members so that we can retain it for our pleasure and the company of future atheist blades who venture here.  I also hope that theists who engage in this thread, that isn't intended for them, realize that we do not hate them personally, or seek to offend them, but that we have no faith in deities and see the religions tied to such deities as often being harmful for humanity and society as a whole.  Likewise, that moderators don't punish a thread because of a few "bad apples" who are out to offend directly, and realize that this thread has good intentions and that offending posts should be deleted rather than killing the thread, which is important to many long term members of this community. 
    Post away my fellow atheists.  Let's pick up where we left off, within the standards expected by our active mods. 

  2. Hopefully we can laugh in here without being reported. :devious:
    Don't taze me, bro!
    Oh, I'm sure we and the thread will still get reported.  Whether it lasts of not will come down to whether or not the moderators can tell the difference between criticism of powerful, worldwide institutions and blatantly offensive content meant to get a rise out of people that shouldn't be in this thread in the first place.
  4. Sometimes I cringe at how people (including myself) mention that we're the least liked and least trusted group of people.  I don't want to be seen as trying to generate undue sympathy, because that's really not the idea.  But then we get shut down for basically grouping up to commiserate over the state of the theist-dominated world, written off with the flick of a wrist and barely even another thought.  It's amusing to see someone validate our complaints, if also a bit sad.
    I pull myself back from posting in a lot of threads, because I know I'll be accused of harassment even though no one sees it that way when they do it to us.  I feel like I have to walk on eggshells here, on the internet - ANONYMOUSLY - of all the fucking places.  Theists dominate us, and a little bit or a lot, it's not enough for them.
    Oh well.  They can close a thread on the internet, but they won't beat time.
  5. It was odd to see it closed down. Didn't make sense to me.
    This is now the new version, and no different to what was there before, just less previous pages. You can create as many Atheist Lounge threads as you need. This one should now remain here, being productive, until you need another.
  6. So is this going to get trolled to the point of closing via some special snowflakes who already have all of the universes answers?
  7. I shall bless our new home with some good luck dank

    To clear the air...

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  8. Good luck dank ftw!! 
    You would think a site dedicated to the legalization and use of a plant that is illegal throughout the entire world would contain far more freedom loving people who wouldn't want to troll Lounges and report everything that disagrees with them.  Especially people who are supposed to "turn the other cheek." 
  9. I don't really know what these "blades" are, other then the ones from the elder scroll series. Anywhosies, I am all for this lounge.
    "blades" is a common term used for members of this community. 
    Ahh I get it now, like blades of grass, I am a fucking idiot lol. Well I'm new here so ya know not really good on all this lingo.
  12. You'll catch on man.  Welcome to the community, it's a great place filled with pretty good people from all over the world.
  13. Never really was a poster in the atheist lounge but I wish you luck in keeping this one around. 
  14. A place not intended for them. Lol this is the religion, beliefs, and spirituality sub forum. Atheism is the lack of all those things. Why dont you go to a place intended for you, say the science section or something. Kinda hilarious how fitting this is though for the typical atheist mindset. You guys are such geniuses, you:)
    you are not being productive..
  16. Can God create a rock that he himself could not lift? Because if he can, then he is not the almighty but if he cannot then he is not the creator of all things
  17. [quote name="Jack Klompus" post="19362933" timestamp="1390058053"]A place not intended for them. Lol this is the religion, beliefs, and spirituality sub forum. Atheism is the lack of all those things. Why dont you go to a place intended for you, say the science section or something. Kinda hilarious how fitting this is though for the typical atheist mindset. You guys are such geniuses, you:)[/quote]But why would a religious person come to a thread like this? If they have truly already been enlightened with their religion they need no more answers.
    We actually worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, we are all infact Pastafarians. You mind your tongue peasant, for his noodly appendages will seek wrath upon those who do not believe.
    So it begins.
    This subsection isn't a place for people with beliefs, who are spiritual and/or religious.  It is a place for GC blades to discuss those topics, just as the politics section is a place to discuss politics.  Everyone is capable of discussing religion, spirituality, belief, etc... including atheists.  Lounges have existed on this subsection for many years and atheists, who have a right to discuss these topics, also deserve their own lounges and deserve avoidance (according to the rules) from trolling theists who don't like our presence nor our lounge.  

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