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The Art of Eating Vagina

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Mad Villian, May 28, 2011.

  1. Never done it. Plan on doing it soon. I don't want to be too terrible at it, so I'm seeking out advice. Women in particular, what exactly should I do?
  2. look up some of Nina Hartley's guides. This will help you immensely.
  3. -Suck the clit
    -Slowly rub the area right above the clit in a circular motion. Firm and different paces.
    -Slowly start licking the clit with long strokes, eventually getting faster and shorter.
    -Use your finger when you start to feel her get wet. Slowly insert it, dont try just shoving it in haha.
    -Ask her what she likes

    Another tip is tease a lot. Make her crave you...
  4. Just become the supreme Mad Villain that you are.
    Like a brush to a canvas you have to release the man inside of you & you'll become a "Lickasso" of an artist.
  5. The clitoris is your friend
  6. spit on it

    once it's nice and wet bite the clit as hard as you can...

    I try to rip them off so I can add to me collection
  7. See, now eating vagina is no simple act. It is a well refined technique used by most "Gentleman of the evening", to acquire something from said women, weather it be fuckin or money, or crack or whatever else people eat pussy for.

    I personally eat pussy because i enjoy the thrill of satisfying my partner.

    Anyways, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS start SOMEWHERE ELSE other than the vag. Don't just go for it, that's not RIGHT! I usually start at the feet and take my sweet ass time getting there, sometimes 10 minutes. Build up the orgasm. Girls love that shit.

    As soon as you dive in, you should be going slow, building it up. Keep feeling around for the clit until you find it, then keep it in your back pocket until you start getting real intense with the licking, then go for it.

    DON"T EVER touch the clit. OR BITE. Just suck. You can lick too, but sucking is the best. When your sucking, pull your head back so that it stretches a bit and then REALLY suck on it before letting it go, think of it as a lollipop. Or you can keep sucking instead of letting go.

    ...Now listen carefully. Or read, i suppose. Read carefully.

    Right before your going to let go of the clit when sucking on it hard, put your fingers in, and just go slow, and AS SOON as you stop sucking just fucking finger bang the shit out of her, go as fast as you can, while being careful, and keeping your fingers straight.

    Do that for like 10 seconds, then start licking again (She'll probably be pulling your head down around the 10 second mark anyways) and lick slow, while fingering fast, while building the licking up faster and faster, then go to the clit for the grand finale...THE SHOCKER!

    Stick your pinky in her ass, just kind of stimulating the inner butthole, dont go all the way...Actually...Yeah...Go all the way in. While fingering her and sucking on her clit.

    Now, at this point, you have to brace yourself, mentally and phsycially, because this bitch is going to be in the fuckin zone, basically at the whim of her basic instincts of pleasure (IF YOUR DOING IT RIGHT!) and any amount of crazy shit could happen..You could get smacked across the face, queefed on, shit on, flurry to the solar plex, who fucking knows man.

    That's some dangerous shit. And then once you feel satisifed enough with the foreplay, start fuckin' her.

    Holy fuck i'm awsome.
  8. LOL that was epic!
  9. Idk how I eat pussy I just like pleasing the girl, it always pays off. I just fucking go animal instincts, kind of like having sex for the first time... just dooo it. Learn by trial and error. Fingerfuck while lickity lickity.
  10. pop in a jolly rancher, and do the alphabet with your tongue on her tart puss.
  11. Not after that one thread...
  12. Capslock Bandit is right about not just going for it, half the skill is just teasing and anything you do when you eventually get to the area will be better.

    It obviously depends on the woman as well everyone likes it done differently, but the basics listed here are good tips, except maybe the jolly rancher thing haha
  13. Nope. Not after reading that shit from the other day.
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    i think I missed out? what other shit? oh and by pop in a jolly rancher mean pop one in the eaters mouth, not in the vaginal like that other thread lol
  15. I'm officially and expert on carpet diving. Thanks CAPSLOCK!
  16. you gotta get this down: kind of suck on the clit, light pressure and lick the hood back, and continue to lick clit.

  17. haha capslock didnt that already happen to you but when u had anal with that 1 girl
  18. Make noise. Ladies love the vibration
  19. Every girl is different. You're just going to have to get in there and take a shot. Know where the clit is, but other than that, if you're horny, once you taste that magnificent pussy, you'll be easting it enthusiastically, and they'll appreciate that. Just gauge her reaction to things and do what she responds well to.
  20. Lick/suck clit... Finger pussy. Don't stop until she tells you too because that is the worst. If the girls a freak, stick one finger in her ass( get it wet first and make sure she's relaxed though.teasing helps) also my boyfriend likes to lick my ass but thats not for everyone lolz

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