The art life style- for Stoners and Psychedelic users

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  1. is it possible nowdays to make your life hood out of self created art ? I can't think of anyone that would buy random pictures except at a festival

    I feel like I should spend more time drawing but I wonder if i can get anywhere with it.

    these are two pictures i drew over the summer in a day or three - not that they are anything special (I don't know anything about drawing really) :smoke: i use my psychedelic intuition


    music is another good form of art- but i haven't had any luck meeting other like minded musicians yet.

    anybody invest their time creating art/music?

    I feel like art would be the ultimate lifestyle as a psychedelic/marijuana user but obviously it requires a shit load of work and good art doesn't always pay the bills
  2. Those are some nice scribbles. :smoke:
  3. thank you. I wish art had more of a place in our modern society...............

    the corporate world sucks ;/
  4. Take some life drawing classes. If you can draw the human form you can draw anything.

  5. I've thought about it- but I'm not too interested in drawing naked men- that is the only art class i know of in my college + I prefer not to have my style messed with by a college professor :mad:

    i find a bst rac t art more interesting anywaY
  6. music for sure.....nothing like trippin on acid, taking a hit out of the bong and keeping the pen flowing.

    keep working on the art, who cared if you cant get far with it....a hobyy is a hobby and as long as you enjoy doing it then do it damn it
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    true ...... you have a point and we only live once i guess- may as well create some shit

    (not my picture--> )[​IMG]

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