The Area We Stoners Use Most On ''grass City''

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. <TABLE class=tborder cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width="70%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=tcat>Message</TD></TR><TR><TD class=panelsurround align=middle>
    You have entered an invalid username or password. Please press the back button, enter the correct details and try again. Don't forget that the password is case sensitive. Forgotten your password? Click here!

    You have used 1 out of 5 login attempts. After all 5 have been used, you will be unable to login for 15 minutes.


    I SWEAR I'LL BE BUZZIN LIKE A MO-FO,,, and hit the wrong shit,,,, which i just did again a while-ago,,,,????????? and got to thinking,??? am i the only one that will be buzzing,, and go to the city, and hit the wrong shit,, from being impared,,,,,,,

    it's it just me,,, or is this a regu;
    larrly occurance for some blades ?
  2. not an issue for me, firefox saves meh username/PW for me >_>
  3. Nope my shits already in there so I just click it. But I do have problems typing when I'm stoned.
  4. My grammar turns to complete shit when I'm baked.
  5. never im always logged in . i see it my profile on my comp already has a password that is diffrent from all my others so no one could get on to here to see this is my home page lol
  6. damn maybe i need to go to ''automatic'' shit with my setup,,,,

    all this username and p-word sometimes throws me for a looop''''''''':cool:
  7. Actually, thats a daily screen for me. I have too many fucking different passwords online, that I sometimes put the wrong one in on Grasscity..
  8. Same here, but it also depends on what i smoke.

    chicken, just check the box that says "remember me" and you wont have to log in
  9. God Bless Mozilla.
  10. Amen.:p
  11. Used GC is my homepage :smoking:
  12. not a problem
  13. i never get that, i get a time out alot for some reason

    if im high i have a tendency of rambling with the typing...i dont know why...i dont talk more stoned, but writing i stop making sense...maybe i should smoke a bowl and ponder on why that is...:rolleyes:
  14. I save my shit on here, this is my computer, no one besides me uses it.
  15. Me three! (looks down in shame)
  16. shit ive checked the ''rememvber me'' but each time i close,, i logg off,,,,

    oh well it aint nio thing,, i justr log in each time,,,, but ive seen this screen a lot,,,,,:cool:
  17. same here,,, but i live with my dog and cat,,, and chickens,,,,,,, no-one toches this computer but me,,, but i got to log in each time,,,????????????:cool: the day my dog is on-line im freakin out,,??????????;)

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