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the another bowl itch

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kindbudhero, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. have you ever noticedthat whenyou smoke whne yougotoputtheweedaway youalways havetheitch tosmokeanother bowl.....Just wondering casue i just had it happen a second ago
  2. their was a time when i would get so high that i couldnt take anymore, nowadays ive become so used to the herb i can take pretty much unlimited amounts, yea i get the itch but the hassle of packing and smoking another bowl cancels it out once i get high enough.
  3. is there a certain level of high that you can get where you just cant get higher?

    i always feel like i am really high and couldn't get higher so that usually stops my itch to smoke another.

    although i know thats untrue because i've been way more ripped before, but is there a maximum high level you can get?
  4. Ive had both experiences where i put it away and then like 30 minutes later i have a craving for another bowl.....other times i'll have a lazy high and just say fuck it.......
  5. Usually I just want to smoke more and more, and don't stop until I realize how truly stoned I am. Other times, yeah, I'm just too lazy or I just don't feel as 'compelled' to pack another. Whatever. : - D
  6. I figured
  7. Happens to me all the time. I want to conserve weed cause I know I won't get anymore (besides free shwag) for a week. I just toke and I wanna get more high so I keep tokin. Eventually I usually get way too lazy to pack a bowl, but when I don't I keep smokin. "The itch" gets everyone now and then.
  8. i never do, cuz im pretty conservative, but ever since i was in 7th grade i would smoke with this kid once a week or so, and we usually smoke a bowl and listen to 311, and always ends up getting all the weed outta me

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