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  1. Whats up guys,
    So today I got in my package from Attitude so I decided to start my journal. I already tried to do something this year as a few of you may know, but it was too early and the seeds ending up dying. We have ordered new seeds, found a new spot, and even setup a nice little indoor cabinet. I will be doing as much organic as possible, all if I can. Here's what I plan to use for soil:
    Promix bx
    Worm castings
    Blood meal
    Bone meal
    Dolomite lime
    Bat guano
    Epsom salt

    That will be my main hot soil mix. For the seedlings it will be just promix, worm castings, and some perlite.

    As for the strains I have decided on a few I've noticed were popular and then the obvious few freebees from Attitude. In no particular order:

    Super Sour OG


    Super Skunk


    Purple Haze


    I'm pretty excited about all of them, if I have a permanent indoor place by the time the purple haze shows its sex, and it does end up being male I'm gonna be making my own strain with a clone from something else.

    As for where they will be growing, they will be starting off in a cabinet under some cfl's until they get their 4 nodes then they'll be moved to our guerrilla spot. This is what they will under. All the lights are 23 watt, 6500k cfl, and I have more I can add if necessary. I still need to figure out some way of ventilation, even though I can have them outside all morning and the box open from 10pm to the morning, it will be closed from 3-10pm and I don't want it getting too hot in there. Well here it is.



    That's really all I have right now, pictures of soil pucks under lights in the next day or so, and then sprouts A.S.A.P. Hope lots of you are in for an exciting season, pull up a chair and enjoy!

  2. Awesome!!!

    Shouldn't get too hot in there, I had 5 CFL's in a area 1/3 that size. It got warm, but only around 70-75...Perfect for the girls and the soil
  3. I mean when I open up the top i can feel the heat but I don't have a thermometer so I cant really gauge how hot it is. It just sucks because the best reflective material I could find was insulator and the cabinet has a cotton and sheet lining for some reason. Well see though.
  4. resubbed!

    LSD and Purple Haze! Two of my best growing plants currently.
  5. Couldn't have said anything to make me happier man, glad to have you here.

    I threw a cup of water in the cabinet with the lights on, going to see how warm the water gets in there since I don't have a thermometer to throw in there.
  6. Dope set up im in
  7. subbed mother fucker:cool:
  8. Glad you guys can join.

    Def going to have to build some type of exhaust system for the heat. I put a cup of water in and within an hour the water was almost boiling. I think I'm just gonna cut a hole in the bottom and put a very, very quiet fan pointing down. Nothing too elaborate but I don't want to kill the babies so I need to get some of that heat out.
  9. def... lost a flat of two week old seedlings yesterday to heat and they were outside for only five hours from 5-10am with a little dome greenhouse thing that was ventilated pretty well... heat hits fast and hard!
  10. ANONNNNNNN this is sweeet im pretty jealous of some of your strains :p cant waiiit to see your Sour OG and as well the LSD you lucky duck, i wanted to get LSD with my ordewrs but they were out of stock grrrr :mad: :p
    and that hidden start up set up is pretty inconspicuous and very dope imo :)
    immm now sooo much more stoked for you man, sooo happy your seeds came when needed :p gahhh im pumped for this season for all of us :p
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    Yea dude real pumped for both of those thanks a lot man. I saw you got some Russian Rocket Fuel, I forgot the exact genetics but I remember that being some FIRE, quite jealous. Yea this is hopefully going to be a few great months.
  12. Lets hope for some killer germ rates. Good luck brother! Looking forward to some Purple Haze.. Mmmmm
  13. Yea I'm actually kinda nervous about the purple haze to be honest. I'm already late starting and I'm guessing that will be one of my longest flowering which may put me into November almost. Might mean personal greenhouse out at the spot haha. I definitely would like to smoke that though thanks for the high spirits.
  14. late starting but.... plants take about 6 weeks to mature right?? so bout 2 months?
    cuz the summer equinox is like in july 21 or some shit

    holy shit i needs to put some plants into the ground soon haha
  15. Maturation rate is really dependent on strain and even more on indica/sativ dominance. Most of my stuff is dominantly indica for that reason but I'm still pushing the envelope I think.
  16. ahh i see i was wondering bout that.

    i thought once it matures and light cycle is good then i just flowers right?

    cuz like if you grow a seed from start 12/12 its like not gonna flower right away might take maybe a few weeks till it start flowering
  17. Yea it can take month or two atleast with non-auto plants to fully mature before they decide to start flowering. Not too sure how a plant would respond to only 12/12 light, just cause ive never tried.

    Here's a question for everyone, concerning the seemingly controversial question of how to plant seeds. Do you guys plant your germinated seeds taproot down or up? Everyone seems to have a diff opinion, just wondering what you guys do.
  18. UP?!?! thats very odd. i plant it down always. cuz roots are going to go down naturally
  19. That's what I say. But some people say up so the root has to plant itself and flip around, not really sure the benefit of that.
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    Day 1:
    So I'm going to call today day 1, for obvious reasons. I planted what seeds have germed, which include:
    4 LSD
    Purple haze
    3 Super Sour OG

    What were still waiting on is the Somango, super skunk, and one more LSD that is cracked just not enough.

    Im starting them in the nuetral soil pucks for the week few days, then they'll go to clear solo cups, then cut 2 liter bottles or cut gallon milk containers. I snapped a few pics, but there's really not much to show as of yet. I'm only running 5 of the cfl's so to cut down on heat output, until they start wanting more light and I can setup a cooling system to allow more bulbs. Here's what I got.
    The freshly planted pucks

    A little reference to know who's who

    Under the lights

    Little aerial view

    I'm hoping they'll be popping up in the next few days, and I'm even more hoping I can figure out a good way to cool this box for when I need more light. Ive found a few DIY things online to make a portable makeshift AC unit with fans and ice, def going to be giving one a shot.

    Also have some pics of the spot before and after. They're taken from the same spot on the tree you have to climb to get into the spot that is about 6 ft up.



    Hope you guys enjoy, will hopefully have more pics by the beginning of the week.


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