The Anatomy of a Bong

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  1. Will someone please explain to me the different pieces of a bong in detail. I'm mostly interested in learning about the optional pieces such as diffusers and ash catchers for example. Thanks alot fellow tokers.
  2. Ok, so you've got your bong w/ no downstem in it...

    You have the option of either an open downstem(one big ass hole on the bottom) or a diffuser(several holes on the bottom).

    The diffuser breaks the smoke into smaller bubbles, which provides more surface area for the smoke to be cooled.

    An ashcatcher is basically another water filtered chamber that goes into the downstem like a bowl and accepts a bowl on top of it. So you get added volume and another level of water filtration.

    Another option is a perc chamber, which usually come in three designs, question mark, dome, and tree style.

    This is a water filtered chamber INSIDE the bong, usually in the neck of the tube.

    Anything else?
  3. You got it.

    Shown here is the downstem. This piece is usually submerged beneath an inch or more of water and deposits the smoke into the chamber. The water is what filters the smoke in a bong before it reaches the chamber above it.


    This one is a no-brainer. Your standard mouthpiece.


    All right, now pay attenion kids! This would be your very standard ashcatcher. What it does is act like a second filtration system for the bong itself so that the water above the downstem isn't the only method of cleaning out your smoke. You put a bit of water in here so that the stand-alone glass pipe's tip is completely submerged in water. Make sure of this by sucking on the mouthpiece. If you hear bubbling sounds coming from both pieces, you're ready to go. Load up the bowl and light up!


    Just like the ashcatcher, the ice notches on a bong are a very useful option to consider if you want smooth hits. What these do is create a place in the tube for ice to be dropped on top of, thus cooling the smoke as it passes through the chamber.


    Now, I don't yet have a diffuser for my Molino so I'm using a stock photo. What the diffuser does is, rather than letting the smoke come through a standard downstems single hole, breaks the smoke and puts it through a number of smaller holes, letting the water filter each bubble of smoke a lot quicker and more economically (if you will). This creates some seriously smooth hits and makes the overall smoking experience a great one!

  4. Ah, thank you very much.
  5. Hey where can i pick up a nice diffuser online for my molino, (yes i decied thats what i want.)
  6. Answered via PM.

  7. you guys nice, dropping that knowledge
  8. Looks awesome. I need one of those.
  9. This might be a little late on the thread but i already knew all about what Durchii posted, i need complicated answers. like for example on, they display a measurement for a bong joint and i dont know what the heck that is. i'm thinking it may be the width of the stem's glass on glass female piece. can someone help me on this?

  10. i starred at the Flash Umbrellas in this pic for almost 10 minutes before i realized they were reflections. Thought it was some crazy glass work. Alas, its just a reflection...:smoke:
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