The amsterdam weed ban

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  1. For anyone not aware of what the ban is form 1st january only residents of holland are allowed to buy weed in the coffee shops, in order to get served customers will have to show a residency card.
    no card, no weed :mad: it breaks my heart.
    i cant see it working the country will loose so much money from tourism and all things tourist related, i really think it will affect their economy very badly. i know people go to holland for reasons other than weed but id say a good chunk of their tourists are going for exactly that!

    So does anybody think this ban will last?
  2. not entirely certain what that is supposed to get across...
  3. 1. go up to amsterdam citizen
    2. here's some money, buy me some kush
    3. okayyyy
    4. smoke that kush

    If it all passes and such, then it just reverts to a black market style. Silly Amsterdam.

    slowpoke. in essence, this news has been news for years.
  4. [quote name='"Streetsaint"'] not entirely certain what that is supposed to get across...[/quote]

    That op is slow on the draw when it comes to this subject. The slowpoke image is generally used towards someone who says something that's been generally known for a while.
  5. i know but its actually happening now, it was all only talk before
  6. What are they thinking? They don't want tourism?
  7. sorry excuse you im not slow iv known about it for ages, i only wanted to know if people thought it would last
  8. Nooooo I was planning to go there some day for that sole purpose! NOOOOO! :eek:
  9. I thought it wasn't happening now? At least in Amsterdam. Due to the government collapse or whatever. This was a few months ago though
  10. Once they realize how much money they're losing from less tourism they will appeal it. The revenue that they pull in from tourists annually will decrease greatly I'm guessing..

  11. Agreed that would be the right decision in the end.
  12. My dream vacation is to go to amsterdam and enjoy some amazing quality herb right in the coffe shop!

    I would be spending around $2000 there and they don't want tourism????

    They must be insane!!!!
  13. what is the point in all of this? i just dont get it. people go to amsterdam to smoke a wide variety of weed. i would have been planning a trip there but i just dont see a point anymore.
  14. its definitly happening its already in in other parts of the country such as eindhoven but its starting in amsterdam on january 1
  15. its the best vacay, me & my friends have been going at least twice a year for the last 4 years, weve spent a fortne between us over there, it just make so sense at all does it

  16. oh rofl i forgot the name of that pokemon....thanks
  17. Oh well... I'll just go to Canada instead.
  18. Why can't you smoke weed at home or just go outside on a hike and save yourself the time and money? Depending on where you live and if you get medicinal dank then don't even bother going over there just to buy overpriced shit with fake names.

    And there's way more to Amsterdam then weed.
  19. If the only reason people came to my country was to buy drugs, I'd fucking ban them from doing so too.

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